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Why I love Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Updated on May 4, 2016
Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith
Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, my guru :)!

It was a cold day in Los Angeles, if you can believe that…My life in L.A. had been rough and I was in a place where life wasn't so great. I had been told about a spiritual center that could get me on the right path. I was willing to try anything. With my hair in tiny braids all over my head and my rock n roll outfit, I made my way to Agape (now known as Agape International Spiritual Center) in Santa Monica. I wasn’t sure what I would find but I had been told about the center more than once. As I made my way through the chilly streets, I had a feeling inside. This was a feeling that I was on the right track. Was it guidance? Was it my guardian angel? As a musician, I had experienced altered realities but I wasn't really sure of any of it. Arriving in the moderately sized building, I noticed right away that this was a very diverse community. Phew…being raised in Kentucky where we all had blonde hair and blue eyes (well, almost), I actively was seeking out multi-colored, multi-faceted communities. I sat next to a beautiful lady who told me intimately of her mother’s passing. I was all teary eyed even before the Rev. came on stage. But then he appeared. I literally felt like he materialized from thin air onto the stage (but I digress). He began speaking quickly and intelligently about a power and a presence within all of us that could turn our lives from sad and hopeless to joyful and miraculous. He began speaking things that I had thought all along but was never sure of…He began to shake my core essence into a powerful vibration that I didn’t know was within me. I felt powerful, magical and free for a second. A second! That’s all it took, for I was completely amazed with his message. I was amazed with his connection to all of us seated in the room but more importantly, his connection with Source. It was as if God was speaking right through him and directly to me.

That’s power! While some of the things I didn’t understand yet, I knew I had to come back again and again….that was over 20 years or so ago. He would teach of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, grace, meditation, prayer, yoga, right nutrition and right action. He would teach of letting go, stepping out on faith, trusting inner guidance, freedom, love for all beings and more. Basically, he became my forever guru. And the inspirational music that filled the room only added to this feeling of freedom. The music was so compelling that I found myself singing along to songs I didn't even know. I found that the music became almost as powerful as the message.......or that they were really one in the same. Yes, they were the same and they blew me right out of my seat.

If you are a fan of inspirational messages and music, you will love my article on about Rickie Byars-Beckwith, the Rev's wife. It can be found here:

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Andrea Lane


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