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Hypocrites In The Church?

Updated on May 28, 2014

 When people say there are too many hypocrites in the Church. I hate that!

Have you ever heard a non believer say that there are too many hypocrites in the church? If so, doesn’t it make your skin crawl? It does mine.

When I first got saved I used to admit they were right about that and try to make jokes about it. Like, “yeah but go ahead and join us anyway one more hypocrite won’t kill us.” Or I would be more serious and tell them “I’d rather be in church with a million hypocrites than in Hell with one demon.”

But then as I matured in Christ I realized I should defend my brothers when being slandered by the world. Now I rebuke any unsaved outsider that would ever dare call any of my brothers or sisters a hypocrite! I say “How dare you call someone a hypocrite who is at least trying to serve God by going to church? You ain’t even doing that much!” I only wish more Christians would realize who’s team they’re on and stop jumping on the bandwagon every time they hear someone badmouthing the church.

Just between you and I, there are some hypocrites in the Church

With all that said and just between you and I, I want to admit that I do see where the world is coming from when they say that there are a lot of hypocrites in the church. I mean lets face it, the church isn’t always the shining example of morality that we would like to world to think we are. Divorce, addiction, and other such failings are sometimes just as rampant in the church as they are in the world. In fact there are cults that are usually more moral and self controlled than most Christians.

I remember when I worked third shift at a hotel. We would sometimes have large religious groups rent several rooms. One thing that used to confuse me to no end was that fact that if the large religious group was a cult such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses or some other, I could be sure they would be polite and considerate guest’s and I was going to have a good night, but if they were Christian’s I could almost be positive that their kids would be loud and misbehaved keeping my other guests awake, the adults would complain to me about things they knew neither I nor the hotel had anything to do with and they would demand discounts below the already discounted group rates.

Why are there so many “hypocrites” in the church?

Why do Christians seem to have a harder time with righteousness than cult members? I said this used to confuse me but not now, because now I know the answer. We don’t look as nice and clean as the cults because we are at war with the Devil! Cult members don’t have as much of a problem with temptation because the Devil is not constantly trying to tempt them and lead them astray. Why would he fight against his allies?

Matthew 12:26
if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

We are at war with the Devil!

All those outsiders that keep saying the church is “full of hypocrites.” Don’t know that the reason those so called “hypocrites” are having such a struggle is because they are fighting against a very real Devil! And once more they don’t realize that they’re fighting that Devil on there behalf! If it weren’t for us so called “hypocrites” they would be living in a world of total darkness! The church is much like American war veterans who come home to find themselves hated and condemned by the very people they fought to protect!

Mocking Vietnam War Veterans is not cool.

(And neither is mocking spiritual veterans.)

Pointing out blemishes in the church by outsiders who ridicule it, is like mocking a Vietnam Vet for his scars. People who would do such a thing don’t care that the vet may not have gotten his scars if they had went with him and fought by his side, but instead they ran to Canada with their tail between their legs! The very people that are supposed to be in the church helping there brothers fight the Devil, are outside mocking them for every battle they lose! Not man enough to join the battle themselves and do something about it.

The Spiritual Warfare Of Prayer

I once asked my pastor Rob Rotola of Word of Life Church in Wichita, Kansas why so many other people die in gangs, yet, while I was in the same type of life I saw my life spared time after time until I was born again. His answer was simple. “Prayer.” He said “you obviously had someone praying for you.” I realized he was exactly correct. I had a praying grandmother. I had a member of the church fighting the Devil on my behalf and I didn’t even realize it nor appreciate it!

Why Satan and the World Hates the Church

This is why the Devil hates us. He knows that we are in his way. That’s why the tribulation of the end times will be so horrible. Not because the Holy Ghost will be removed, people will still get saved during the tribulation and that couldn’t happen if the Holy Ghost wasn’t still active in the world. Not because the Devil will be unleashed on the Earth he is at work in the Earth now. The tribulation of the end times will be so horrible because just beforehand the rapture of the church will take place. In other words because the Devil will be free to go about his business without the resistance of the church the world has so long been protected by without appreciation.

Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

A Call to Action

We in the church more than ever need to submit ourselves one to another in accountability. Willing to rebuke one another while praying for repentance so as to forgive one another. We don’t have to be the so called “hypocrites” the world so loudly and proudly proclaims we are. We can lift one another up having mercy and patience on each others shortcomings. So that together we can grow in Christ to shine as the lights He said in His Word that we are


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The Lord gave a ministry to teach children ages from 5-8 for approximately 4 years, and my leader's wife influenced her husband who is a leader of the Sunday school, and conspired with others to used little excuses to push me to resign God's ministry, my spirit was very low and I suffered for a few days, till the Word of God spoke to me in Deuteronomy 31:8. The sad part is that; this people "brothers and sisters" were the ones to induced me to find the Lord 4 years ago, then they presented my baby girl, now as my baby's godparents, as congregation leaders they should not disrespect, and treat members as unsaved people do, I know the devil as a lion, is trying to eat us and destroy God's church, I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and let the Lord of lords and the King of kings do his righteousness in stead because He is Holy and Just, He is my Savior and my Redeemer. I lost respect and I feel not the same for them anymore. I ask the Lord for forgiveness over and over and to give me peace in my heart. Please pray for me. Josie from S.A.

    • blondey profile image


      10 years ago

      Your main point, as to how the devil attacks the church is totally correct. The devil does Not want to see anyone go to Heaven and will try especially to get good people to stop being good. He doesn't care about the ones who are going in his path, they are already with him, so it doesn't matter.

      You also point out us Christians being hypocrites, yes I believe many or most are hypocritical, it's very hard to be "perfect" or stand by all your beliefs as it is very difficult with temptations from the devil as well as our fallen human nature. Yes there are some Christians, saints, who also struggle but are better shining examples but these are few.

      God chooses certain people to do certain things, it isn't karma, it Is prayer and His will and protection. We all have a purpose and we rest safe assured His will , will be done, either way.

      Thanks for the hub!

    • Jack West profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack West 

      10 years ago

      Thank you tadizu I didn't understand some of those responses either. :)

      Marliza what a great compliment. God bless you sister.

    • profile image

      Marliza Gunter 

      10 years ago

      This was the best revelation that I got from another person besides Jesus or God...many blessings to you.. :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This was a great article. Thank You so much. I don't think I understand your other responses, but as for me, your article really made me think. God Bless.

    • Tammy Bruner profile image

      Tammy Bruner 

      11 years ago

      If you are a sinner isn't in the church where you should be? You can study the Bible and pray and Worship God anywhere or time you feel like it but the Bible also says we are Christs Body and should worship together as one. If you have sin in your life, as we all do, then what better place to be than Church, repenting and letting your brothers and sisters pray for and with you, you know "Where two or more of you gather I will be also there"? So I guess I will choose the sinners(hypocrites) in Church over the sinners(hypocrites) of the world who will eventually be the sinners(hypocrites) of HELL.


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