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Why We Need God: Wisdom of Kahana

Updated on June 9, 2014

For those of you that share my faith, my convictions, my beliefs, this article will probably not reveal anything additive to your already strong foundations. But my purpose, my role and function in this world is not merely to guide those that think similarly to myself but to help others that are struggling to find their way. So I dedicate this article to them; the lost, the wanderers, the doubters and nay-sayers. Those that have lost any semblance of a belief system and see life as nothing more than a daily struggle with no purpose other than to survive and hopefully to do so without hardship, pain and suffering. It is a terrible way to view life, yet so many see their existence within this context and framework, unable to break free from the spiral dragging them downwards. After all, their childhood awe and wonderment was lost as soon as they came of age and the fa├žade that masks this world began to crumble. Our histories were contrived, our politics were bogus, our heroes were shams, and our beliefs in truth, justice, liberty, and do I daresay the 'American Way' or that promised American dream were nothing more than a delusion that the majority would never achieve. How could you when you place your faith in false idols that shout "Yes We Can" in 2008 and by 2014 you realized, "No You Can't". But let's not place all the blame on deceptive politicians, liberal PC'ers that won't let you express your opinion or your mind, television advertisements that say you should look like this or drive that but most of all you 'need this' in order to share in the benefits of that elusive dream. The reality is that you gave up your individuality the same day you gave up your belief system, the day you swallowed the lie of a 'Mancentric' universe we are in control of everything and mankind is responsible for his own destiny. The day we distanced ourselves from the 'Theocentric' world is the day we began our downfall. There are no fallen angels, only fallen people that have lost hope, lost desire, and most of all lost the capacity to love.

The Mancentric Universe

What have we gained since we've placed man at the center of the universal creation? Carbon taxes for a rapidly changing climate, carcinogens in our foods, chemicals coursing through our bloodstream, radiation in our water, our air, and pumping through our neurocells each time we hold the mobile to our ear. We threaten our unborn children, willingly or unwillingly, by pro-choice or no choice. We allow ourselves to be blackmailed by those rich in oil, because our civilization can not exist without their black crude. We gaze sunsets through a smoky haze, unable to distinguish the colors of nature because the layer of grime is too thick to remove from the glass panes that separates us from what was once reality. We no longer walk, or stand, our thumbs and fingers glued to a little black box that draws us into the nightmares that we can control on our 60 inch screens, But that keeps us off our streets where we don't want to be because they are unsafe and we dare not permit our children to walk to the local confectionary store with change clanging in their pockets because we fear they may never return. We can no longer speak, far easier to simply text a word or two to the person sitting no more than a meter away. It is no surprise that every movie regarding our future world paints it with a zombiesque palette of horror and disaster. It is merely the reflection of what will be because we will make it so, for that is the inheritance of man when mankind believes in nothing other than themselves.

Finding Harmony in God

Though some will argue with me that faith in a master creator brought nothing but disharmony, it was only because the nature of mankind to follow rather than to think permitted others to lead them in directions contrary to true faith, in the singular belief of a Creator that was, is and will be always as He represented Himself by his own words. "I am that which I am", Our failure to understand this autobiographical statement is not God's fault but ours. The Hebrew can be interpreted in two ways and I prefer to translate it as "I exist because I am that which does exist." In other words, God is clearly defining His role in the universe of physics and science that many prefer to call their religion. The existence of a viable energy, that created all matter as the singular transmutable source or origin that even science acknowledges existed at or just prior to the Big Bang is clearly defined in this statement. Why should we have any doubt that such energy could also be sentient. Our own thoughts, memories, and creative processes are nothing more than neuroelectrical impulses and chemical pathways. And once again God freely acknowledges this when he admits that He created us in his own image, a misunderstanding where failed religious leaders believed this meant the physical form rather than a recognition of our consciousness, further exacerbating the aforementioned disharmony brought about by men that so many of us choose to follow blindly rather than think for ourselves. If we had only done so, followed the inner spirit that speaks to all of us, mankind would have found universal harmony a long time ago, a harmony brought about by a singular and strong belief in the Creator, something we will never achieve as long as we place our faith in 'man'.

Turning Back the Hands of Time

We must visualize ourselves as newborn babies, learning to see once again the amazing world that surrounds us, permitting the scales of cynicism and skepticism fall from our cataract clouded eyes. We must learn to talk to one another once again, stare into each other's eyes as we speak rather than focused on the LCD screed affixed to the palm of our hands. We must find the rhythm of life, immersing ourselves in the river of energy that embraces us as soon as we stroll through a countryside free of fiberoptic cables and wireless frequencies. In order to understand the unifying force that is God, then you must liberate yourselves from the bonds that our mancentric universe has bound us with. The Almighty did not abandon us, the Creator did not desert us, it was we who ran as far as we could from the world that He designed purposely for us. We broke our covenant with Him. Here, now, is the time for us to restore that which we lost so long ago. Not through the failed path from some Galilean priest belonging to the guild of carpenters, not via a caravan driver that promised glory through bloodshed, but by means of the only direct intervention when the Creator came to face to face with a heretical Egyptian prince and handed the instruction booklet by which we could achieve this goal as long as we abided by it wholeheartedly. On the mountains of Sinai and Horeb, we were provided the manuals by which we could achieve his harmony, the elusive peace that we seek constantly, but only if we are willing to commit to it wholeheartedly. It will not come via any other means. Our future will not descend upon us from alien spaceships, or giant atomic cyclotrons that now whiz through parts of France and Switzerland. If you seek answers, then find them at the beginning of time, when they were laid out simply for us to appreciate. Karaism finds that individual truth in those ancient scriptures because it refuses to cover them with successive layers of plaster that the religions which followed insisted upon doing. Return to Sinai, return to Horeb. Stand upon those mountains and engage face to face with the Creator and embrace that which was always evident, which had always been revealed to us. True wisdom is knowing when it is time to turn to the past and recover that which has been lost.

Shalom Aleichim

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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