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Why We Worry

Updated on March 7, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!


Worrying is not a natural consequence of the aging process nor is it the result of being Faithless. Worrying results from not having Personal Control. When we lack Personal Control over circumstances we tend to worry as to the outcome of that situation. Faith enters when we relinquish Personal Control to Divine Intervention. Being able to surrender authority to a higher power takes practice. Also knowing when to relinquish to that authority takes wisdom. Some situations are man-made and man-controlled. Other situations may be man-made but require Divine Intervention. Knowing how to differentiate between the two is crucial when combatting worry.

When we come to the realization that Personal Control must sometime give way to Divine Intervention, we are on the right road.
When we come to the realization that Personal Control must sometime give way to Divine Intervention, we are on the right road.


First, let’s look at the man-made situation that is also man-controlled. Most individuals over the age of 18 years have worked on a job whether it was voluntary or paid. There have been opportunities to either stay with the present position or move on to a different one. The position may seem lucrative however, the outcome could be dubious. What should you do?

This is a man-controlled situation. You have a choice that can be made when you weigh your options. Will the new position allow you more or less personal freedom? Does the new position carry with it responsibilities that you feel confident in fulfilling? What is it about your present position that causes you to want to leave? Is it possible that this will manifest itself in the new position?

Sometimes, we crossover from one job to another only to find that what we left was better than what we have now. As a result, we become dismayed. What would have influenced the decision favorably would have been doing an investigation of the cultural environment of the position or the company

  1. Find out what the current employees feel about the department or company.
  2. Find out how this job differs from the one you now possess.

The information you find should assist you in making better decisions. Be aware that some people may be reluctant to discuss how they feel about their job or their company. This reluctance may be an indication of a problem. Unless there are security issues involved, people who enjoy what they do don't mind letting others know it.

You can apply this illustration to other aspects of your life as well. Take for example, acquiring a new credit card. There are some variables you need to consider BEFORE you decide to either apply for or buy with a credit card.

1. Is having the new card/item necessary?

2. How will having this card/item improve my quality of life?

3. Can I really afford the additional debt or item?

4. Is there an acceptable alternative to this card/item?

Remember, you do have choices. This is especially true when there are man-made/man-control forces involved. Yes, we should acknowledge our heavenly father in everything we do. However, we are endowed with "free-will." Use it wisely!

Sometimes when we are at our lowest ebb; that's when help comes!
Sometimes when we are at our lowest ebb; that's when help comes!

Man-made/Divine Intervention

Now, let’s look at a man-made situation that requires Divine Intervention. You decide to take the new position at another company despite nagging reservations. In the beginning, all seems well. You buy a late model car and move into a beautiful home in a coveted neighborhood. Life seems to be wonderful. However, unknown to you, one of your co-workers is siphoning money from various large client accounts into a personal account she created. This procedure continues undetected for months until clients begin to notice the discrepancies.

After an audit is done by an independent organization, it is discovered that thousands of dollars have been moved into the personal account. This discovery causes embarrassment to the company, resulting in many lawsuits. The company declares bankruptcy and everyone loses their job.

Your family's bank account and personal assets are quickly exhausted. Your daughter must find temporary employment to ease the financial burden of college expenses on the family. Your son is being teased by other students because of the company scandal and your husband suffers a major stroke leaving him disabled.

The medical bills are increasing, the mortgage is now four months behind and the dealership is threatening to repossess your car. You have been looking for employment. No one seems to be hiring and you feel as if there is no hope or help.

Then one Wednesday night, you visit a small church you've passed many times on the way home from work. They are having Bible Study and you sit quietly and listen. The pastor talks about a loving, caring God that sent His Son Jesus. You cry uncontrollably and shake your head. When the pastor calls you to the altar for prayer, you tell this tiny congregation of strangers your present situation.

The members begin to earnestly pray for you and your family. They give you words of encouragement and raise a few dollars for you to buy some food for your family. You thank them, go to the store, and return home with food for your husband, your two children and you.

That night, you first insure that your husband and children are comfortable in bed and fast asleep. Then, you go into your Den and close the door. You look around at all the material things that your husband and you have accumulated over the years and you start to cry.

Suddenly, you remember what the pastor of that small church told you. You close your eyes and say, “Lord, I surrender to you. I have tried to remedy this situation but I can’t. I need you and I need you, now!” Feeling better, you wipe your eyes and nose on a tissue from your pocket and go to bed.

The next morning the telephone rings. The pastor of the small church gives you information regarding mortgage assistance for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. You thank him and proceed to inquire about this.

That same day, you receive another telephone call from a member of that same congregation telling you about an opening in her company for someone with your experience and skills. She promises to bring you an application and tells you something about the company.

The man that comes to repossess your car happens to be a friend of your husband from high school days. After talking with your spouse, this man happens to have a car that he planned on selling but will let you use it until you are on your feet again with the reassurance that you will take good care of it.

Your daughter has been offered a special scholarship and will no longer have to work those long hours at Bob’s Burgers. Your son is learning to not let the cruel things that people say bother him as much as previously. Even your husband seems to be doing better.

You know that this is not just a coincidence. There was Divine Intervention at work. When you relinquished your Personal Control and allowed Divine Intervention to take place things begin to happen.

"More than a conqueror ..."
"More than a conqueror ..."

Final Comments

There will always be those who believe that things “just happen.” This unfortunately is the way of the world. Some people cannot see beyond the physical. These people refuse to relinquish their control to a higher power. If they cannot discover the answer; then there must not be one.

There are others who believe that there is a force beyond the physical plane. There is a reason that things happen and there is a divine plan for us. It is those people who will find the consolation they need in prayer. It is those people who will “knock” and find an “open door.”

To these people, I dedicate this article.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2017 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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