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Why all this interest about "ZOMBIES!"

Updated on April 18, 2015

Will someone please explain to me all this interest about "ZOMBIES".

People coming back from the dead...

so they can kill the living...

and they die...

and then they come back to life...


I guess if you think about it, maybe it is scary.

Your ex comes back to life! As if you weren't "haunted" enough when she was alive!

Maybe your in-laws are knocking on your door? Just in time for dinner!

Damn! This is getting scary!

And not just just your ex or in-laws...

What about your neighbor's - "The Belfords"?

Remember when they went on vacation and you used their house to throw the best party you've even experienced in your whole life!

I know, not quite...probably more like this...

Don't forget all of those pranks you pulled in High School...

You know, the one we pulled on cranky old Mrs. Watson? Putting that brightly wrapped present on her desk for her birthday?

Remember how red her face got?

None of us said a word - even when she kept me after class, asking if I knew anything about it! Of course I said no. Funny, I never did ask why sometimes she let me slide if I "forgot" to do some assignments. And a A for the course?

Maybe she did know it's me!

Maybe she wants to change that grade from an A to an A+? Augh!

Our Football Coach was cool though...It was his personal advice that got me on the straight and narrow - that to this day, I still remember those special words he gave me back in 10th grade after fumbling an easy 10 yard pass...And if that wasn't bad enough, I cracked up my dad's Buick later that night!

So, ZOMBIES...what's the big deal? Let's never have to take a shower - EVER!

You get to eat at the finest restaurants in town...

And I bet you thought just because they're dead, they weren't romantic.

Of course they are!

But how do ZOMBIES make love? They eat each other!

Now, did you know that there's also a secret process as to how some "victims" are chosen to join the ZOMBIE GANG?

And then, there's the initiation...

Now, when it's all over and you're officially a ZOMBIE, with all the glamor and mystique that comes with it - there's still some that no matter what they do...


So, good luck you ZOMBIE fans and remember - Once you're in it?

You're in it for life. I mean death.


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