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Why are Dreams so Powerful?

Updated on October 21, 2008
Your bed. The ultimate dream getaway you don't have to leave home without.
Your bed. The ultimate dream getaway you don't have to leave home without.

When you dream, you can take a mental holiday without having to leave your house. They allow us to be ourselves without any limitations or pretense. Thanks to your dreams, you can experience a mini-movie in your sleep that you can control subconsciously.

Dreams are the guide to someone's subconscious thoughts that they can't think aloud. When we sleep, our dreams allow us to experience thoughts and emotions we are too afraid to talk, or even think about. We can fall in love, get married and have sex in our dreams. Our personalities can change within the coarse of REM sleep. One dream can cast you as a Bond Villain or 007 himself within an overnight period. Think about having the ultimate unfiltered fantasies. Sometimes dreams allow you to deal with any unresolved issues such as the loss of a loved one you didn't say goodbye to. The dream is never as good as the real thing, but whatever delivers any type of closure is worth it.

My dreams range from the adventurous to the absolutely weird. The strangest dream I've had involved some television celebrity coming to my middle school for a piano recital. The event was really strange in itself, but that's not all. The said celebrity then invites me and friends to his house to party. When I think of it now, the dream borderlines a Law & Order: SVU episode than a funny dream. Since then, my dreams have adjusted to reflect my personal preferences such as a successful career or an ideal husband whose face is conveniently blurred out. Go figure.

In the end, dreams allow us to be free and easy. Our dreams make us reach for greater heights in our sleep that sometimes carry over when we wake up. That's happened to me. I'll get an idea for a story through a dream that I've to jot down as soon as my alarm clock goes off. A few of my best stories actually came from dreams I've had. Logic might not have been part of the first draft, but a little editing goes a long way thankfully. Without dreams, life would only be about logic and not about a passionate idea or plan. That would be the greatest travesty of all.


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