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Why are so many people afraid to run for office.

Updated on July 26, 2010
Shoot for the top by giving your locals the best
Shoot for the top by giving your locals the best


Does this sound familiar, is this the preamble to hold office in your town ? Why do the American people tolerate this kind of behaviour from the people we place in office

Why is it that that religion plays such a major role in politics and clearly the Constitution state of a separation of church and state. Did someone forget to tell me that only people that attend a popular church may run for office and decide for the rest of us what we need or like as far as community services and projects.

I know that you have heard the same politics from the older people in the community , well that's the way it is around here and there's nothing you can do about it. This isn't your grandfathers world anymore a man honor is for sale every day in almost every community around the USA.

Know that we have this out of the way you have to ask yourself one question, am I an American, do I have the right to hold public office, is there a base of people that will support me. Sometimes just average people have more walking around sense that a dozen college boys. Appealing to the people is what gets you elected ,you can say anything you want and don't have to keep your word these days, well that's crap.

I want everyone of you to realize that this public office, not private office and it belongs to the people of the community not the community of the rich or religious.

Please don't get me wrong my friends, I have nothing against church or its people however like any other organization that gets to much power they have a tendency to govern as seen fit. The office of any political appointee only has power from the people and the people can take it back. Our churches bring a lot of peace to the community and support to its people.


If you want to run for any office just because your mad at a single decision  or program that upset you, maybe there a better plan of attack. I really don't think that holding office is for everyone. Supporting the right candidate for office should however be at the forefront of any political race weather you like the person or not is he the right person for the job.

If you don't have a truck load of money to purchase signs ,air time and maybe your not a very good speaker  or outwardly person but you have ideas and no one will listen to you than maybe you shouldn't run. Running for office is very demanding on your personality and on the loved one in your house as well. There are better ways to solve this problem.

Get involved in a civic group or political party function this could save you lots of heartache. Having a platform to speak out to people and learn that maybe others have the same opinion could help you in the process. In being politician with honor is usually not very popular in the political arena. If this doesn't denture you from running for office and you feel so strongly that you can make a difference than go for it. Just remember it ain't all that nice at the top and you think you have family problems now wait until you support or make a mistake and just watch all those people who didn't have the balls to run themselves fire at you as if you were a dog.


This is a very hard part of running for office and maintaining your integrity through it all without selling yourself to special interest groups or individuals. Utmost of all, you need to keep your wits about you and know there's always someone who will take advantage of your kindness.

Having a fundraiser or personal contributions are fine  as long as they are within state guidelines. Limit yourself to minimum donations rather than larger ones. Allow people to help so they are also partners in the process, this makes people feel like they have a say in there local decision making instead of being left in the dark.

 Allow people to participate in your decision making process is healthy, remember only you can make the final decision for what you think may be the correct answer. Stand tall and always take responsibility for your actions and never blame your constichuants for a bad decision. Always be faithful to the reason you took this great undertaking and always stand tall.


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