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Why are successful people successful? They don't sit and talk about other people.

Updated on April 17, 2017

Success people actually put plans in motion. They don't have time to sit and talk about people.

I have to keep surrounding myself with thinkers and do'ers and not complainer

First, I refuse to be unhappy if other people are ever unhappy with anything I do in my life.

In learn my own life lessons, I learned that in my own past my happiness could possible make others unhappy about themselves. That had nothing to do with myself and I was made to feel guilty because they were unhappy with themselves.

So in learning more about myself, if your around people whom only talk about others and bad mouth them, there is something seriously around those people you are around.

In my own life I have met people whom are successful and a lot of people wish to have their lives because they made it in their own way.

What I did learn about people that are truly successful:

Truly successful people never sit and talk about others in a bad way or write on social media about others in a bad way. Of course it is different when your taking a stand for the greater good.

But, I think that if people are constantly complaining about others those are not people I should ever be around.

Basically whomever you surround yourself with, subconsciously your not aware of it but this can happen, you slowly start to become like your surroundings and the people around you.

If you want to evolve and become better and say for instance this is an example,

if you want to work out and you only know people whom do not work out at all then there is more of a chance you will NOT be motivated to workout because of whom you surround yourself with.

Now this is not a put down but stating facts that you surround yourself with your own environment and if it is NOT a positive one than more than likely there will never be a change and you will stay the same.

Some people can be motivated to work out and push themselves but more than likely the majority of people need someone to help motivate them and if by chance they are surrounded by people whom don't workout more likely they probably will never get support from people whom don't workout and might be torn down because they want to workout and take care of themselves.

If you see people constantly writing bad about people and talking bad about people then that truly means there is something seriously wrong with people whom do that.

Once again when your taking a stand and doing something worth while then that is a positive goal but only to sit and talk bad about people means your not happy with yourself.

I am lucky but did not get lucky like this to be surrounded by successful people.

Now when I say the people whom I know, I can shut down social media and be off all electronic devices and not have to worry about people talking bad about other people.

This helps me to go forward in my own life.

I just had to go through things in my past to appreciate the people I have in my life today.

I do not think I ever want to go back and relive anything from the past but only to keep going forward.

I learned not care what other people do in their lives because only what is part of my life affects me and not what is NOT in it.

I honestly think people get lost and are "programmed" to only live a certain way in life and think that is what works best for them and hey, once again not meaning to talk about other people's lives but you see what I am getting at?

If I am to better myself, to always keep going and be surrounded by people whom talk about their life experiences and how they got to their success because then I am more focused with my own life and not anyone else's.

Sometimes in life I had gotten lost on my own path but have found my way back.

I think we have to go through a lot of crap and just like flushing crap down the toilet, we can flush bad people out of our lives and cleanse ourselves.

I see more clearly now then I have did and that is not cause I am surrounded by sloth and greedy people but people whom are made of action, are thinkers, are do'ers and actually people whom make it happen. They do this by working hard and not using people but actually by working together while not tearing each other down.

Not everyone in this world will be in my position but it is because I woke up.

Envy people are NEVER happy. It is like make believe. They can put a mask on a fake facade but deep down inside are truly unhappy with everyone else because no matter what they do in life, no matter what they buy, wear or having to rely on things for happiness means buying happiness is only a moment in time but must rely on things to keep going to be happy.

Of course money can buy a little bit of happiness but quite honestly the best happiness is being happy for no reason.

Ever get up and your just happy and have no reason? That is the best feeling because after that when getting up, even a cup of coffee is like the icing on the cake already.

In life I think that learning from the past with some bad apples taught me whom I should be surrounded with today.

Plus health wise, usually when you do surround yourself with people whom focus on what they are doing in life, sometimes you even feel much healthier with your mind, body, heart and soul.

I rather be where I am today and would never change shoes with anyone else.

Sometimes I am just comfortable in my own shoes because my own 2 feet can take me further than I ever possibly could dream.


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