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Why call the name of God in time of trouble?

Updated on November 24, 2012

It is easier to understand why those that belief in God would call the name of their God for help in time of trouble but it becomes difficult to understand why an atheist, agnostics among others that do not belief in God or supernatural powers or think God is incapable of helping man would call on the name of God in time of trouble.

Does it mean such people do not really know what they belief or do they do it unconsciously like the writer witnessed? The writer never really thought about it until an incident happened in which someone that claims to be philosophical and not religious. The guy said he was once a Catholic and loved/ followed the Catholic doctrines but after considering some things especially after he read some books on philosophy he changed his mind. In his own word, he said “Catholic is selfish” however his explanations or reasons suggested to the writer that he simply means all religions are selfish in that each consider themselves better than others but he used catholic because that was the placed he heard it most moreover he is still a young boy of about 20 yr old.

The boy’s attitude to religious issues and his thinking/words made people to conclude he is agnostic so those that are religious counted him out as one of them. The boys loves to read and he reads a lot. One day, he read so late and decided not to sleep but to rest a little before he gets back to his reading business. He slept off from there and so left some appliances on. He was so fast asleep that he did not know when a reading table in his room got on fire and some of his books burnt with smokes everywhere in his room yet he was still asleep definitely he was tired. The writer and other neighbors perceived the situation and rushed to help him as it was early in the morning. He was called from outside and immediately he woke, without answering his callers, he shouted, “Jesus! Jesus!!!!!” Then he managed to come out of the room and rushed to get water still shouting, “Jesus!!!!” The fire was stopped easily because it was still burning the table and the books so it was yet to get to other areas.

Someone asked, him after the incident, “So you called Jesus. I did know you belief in God. At least you are happy now that God saved you.” He replied, “He did not save me. I wonder why God let the fire to burn my books. I mean why the fire started in the first place. He should have stopped it.” Then the writer asked him, “But you did the wrong thing which started the fire yet you want God to prevent it. Well it does happen at times but even at that God still used us to save you or do you think he would come down and do it?” “I am not happy that he allowed my books to burn,” the boy said.

The important thing here just as others may have noticed is that those that do not belief in God unconsciously call on his name when they are confused or need help. This is usually true in situations where such a person was once a believer just as the story here confirmed. It follows that even though people openly claim there is no God or his existence cannot be proven, they seem to reveal their true and inner most stand when they are tried and they seriously needed help from any source even from a source they do not know or believe in. And, perhaps, they get help in most cases just as it is written “I made the sun to shine on both the good and the bad.”


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago

      Thanks for your contribution, Yourhighness.

    • yourhighness profile image

      yourhighness 4 years ago from

      Hi David

      I enjoyed that. I've often asked myself thoes questions being raised in a strict religious family.