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That's Weird... Why Doesn't My Personality Match My Sun Signs Description? Here's 5 Reasons Why

Updated on January 11, 2018
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Coach Carter is an avid Astrology Geek & practitioner. Now she's reaching out to share what she knows!

"When I read about my sun sign, it doesn't seem like I have any of the traits described. The same is usually true when I look up my partners sun sign meanings. Why is it that my sun sign doesn't seem describe me?"


Do the descriptions of your Sun Sign seem to fit your personality?

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What in the world is a "Sun Sign" anyways?

As the resident astrology geek of my social circles, I constantly get asked why someone's sun sign description doesn't fit their real personality or doesn't describe them at all. Often times this is just for personal clarification and confirmation bias, though there are a plenty of budding star-geeks in the world, who are interested in the deeper meanings and energetic signatures of astrology in their lives.

Knowing what your sun sign really represents and the reasons that it often is up to 55% incorrect in describing a persons inner or outer personality, can help you get to know yourself and everyone around you on a much deeper level. Something that most astrology fanatics find becomes an indispensable bits of info. The kind of info that really helps them secure better professional statuses, maintain healthier relationships & pursue their own deeper fulfillment.

Sound interesting so far?

Good! Let's get start then!

Below are 5 reasons that descriptions of your sun sign seem totally out of alignment with your actual personality.

ALL of Me?

Your Sun Sign is just one Puzzle Piece...

While it certainly is an extensively oversimplified way to think of it, many folks find it easier to think of their Sun sign as being the "Sun" of their birth charts. In the same way that our giant star is the center of the solar system our dear planet calls home, your Sun sign is the shinning star that creates a centeral gravitational point that the rest of your birth planets can use to keep them from spinning out of control into cosmic voids.

Using this line of thinking makes it easier to understand that your Sun sign is just one part of your personality and life journey, both in this individual life, and also in the infinite other lives your karmic soul has and will experience in the multiverse. More specifically, your Sun sign is the beacon that lights up your souls current "life objective". It has major influences over various aspects of your current life journey, such as; the speed to which you'll figure out this life's purpose, how quickly or easily you'll be able to manifest your desires, which karmic lessons you need to learn most this time around, and what you're all about on the most vulnerable and primal of levels.

Example: Say you're a Capricorn Sun sign. Your friends will definitely notice your elevated social or material status in some way, but you might not come across as a gold-digger or socialite, especially if you have any dominate chart rulers in social or intellectual signs like gemini or virgo. Likewise, you might seem like a really reserved or prudish person to new people, but depending on the other signs in your chart and the circumstances to which you met the person, they might actually find your more open than just about anyone they've ever met, both in terms of chattiness and also of open-mindness. It will likely only be your parents and super intimate friends that will even be able to recognize any of your sun sign traits, as they will have been around long enough or will have been allowed to know enough about you to see that while you can be an intimating yet open, aloof, helpful and standoffish, they know that when the mask comes off, you're a total geeky goofball whose emotions are so deep and fresh from moment to moment, that they swirl around like paint on a spinning frizbee.

This is true for most people. Scorpio sun signs are more recognizable by their lifetime habit of falling into or looking for risky and taboo situations to get into. Virgos are often plagued by various anxieties and surrounded by books. Taurus's have a reputation of coming off as overly self-indulgent and stubborn after you've known them intimately for many years. Leo's, while definitely concerned with the emotional health of those around them, will still naturally revert to their dictatorial nature once they feel safe enough to do so.

Your Moon is Showing...

In most cases, the part of a persons personality that you are most likely to first experience, is their MOON sign, not their sun sign. This is the side of ourselves that tends to shine through others, especially on first meetings, largely because our moon sign determines a lot of our emotional needs. Anxieties, traumas, secreted needs, imagination, etc...

So when you next find yourself playing "what's their sign", keep in mind that if you're guessing sun signs, you're likely to be wrong 90% of the time. At least, that is, until you've had ample years under your belt, learning the art of recognizing someones sun/moon combinations.

The Masks We Wear...

As we've already learned, your sun sign is only a piece of your personality and life journey. We also know that your moon sign is another part of your personality; the emotional side. Yet another set of planets that rule over our personalities, are your Venus and Mars signs, which work in tandem with your moon and sun signs at all times, but which present themselves more clearly in different situations; two of the most important of which are your Love Life and your Work Life. Your Mars sign alone, dictates things like your sexual nature, business instincts, inner drive, fighting styles, and more. Your Venus sign has much to do with your views about what love is or looks like, what it's purpose is and how you need to give and receive it. Together, your Venus and Mars signs help to make up your "Love Language", and it's these signs traits that you are much more likely to see when you find yourself enchanted by a potential new partner or falling in love with someone you've been with a while.

So next time you spend time diving into their Sun sign, make sure you compare that with their moon, venus and mars signs. You'll start to see the bigger picture of their personality in all of those sign descriptions, which will help you understand them on an entirely different level. One that will likely make them feel more comfortable and safe with you than they ever have with anyone else. Something that is true whether you're looking to sweep your lover off their feet, or just to secure that small business loan with the strange Aquarian banker you ran into and can't seem to get around.

Our Moon signs often make up a large part of the "outer" person we are. The side of our personality that we show to strangers or people we don't feel open enough to be ourselves around yet.
Our Moon signs often make up a large part of the "outer" person we are. The side of our personality that we show to strangers or people we don't feel open enough to be ourselves around yet. | Source

Cookie Cutter Horoscopes...

Beware of Astrology Subscription & Interpretation Scams!

The fourth reason you'll find that descriptions of your sun signs are not fitting your true personality, is because most websites that hit the first page of google, are the Cookie Cutter websites that could care less about giving you high quality information about your sun sign. Their goal is to get "traffic" (that's how they think of Humans, as "traffic"), and if they can swing it, more subscribers to their spam mail programs and more buyers for their hokey "chart interpretations".

These sites and the folks who create them, are not in it to provide you with any truly digestible or authentic information. So they spent their time getting the same articles 'spun' into infinite others that are close enough to make their information seem factual by association, yet just different enough that they don't appear to be complete ripoffs - even though even a monkey could see that they use all the same textbook describing words, syntax and lack pretty much any 'Joie de Vivre'.

Sadly, it's way to easy to be lead right into a bajillion cookie cutter sites like these and get so tired of seeing the same thing that only the most dedicated of astro-geeks persevere long enough to get the truly good info. This is exceptionally sad to see happen when decent information is not that hard to find, once you learn to recognize cookie cutter sites by their search engine meta-descriptions and domain names.

Painting the Bigger Picture...

It just cannot ever be emphasized enough: Your Sun Sign is such a miniscule part of your current personality, that there will likely never be any generic or even detailed descriptions of your sign that will truly describe who you are as a whole. Your moon sign, rising sign, mars & venus signs, north & south nodes, mercury sign and chart rulers are just the 'basic' 9 that you'd want to look into and learn about, if you truly desire to understand yourself or anyone else on a soul deep level; the level where things actually start to get real juicy and interesting!

One of my first & still one of my primary "Go To" Astrology books for getting to know more about a persons planetary personality...

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Growing into Your Sign

The deeper you dive into your own sun sign, the more often you'll find that a persons sun sign is more often the person they are actively growing into, rather than a cemented set of personality traits that you start with and keep throughout life. When people talk about how a person "can change" over time, they are subconsciously recognizing that there are parts of our personality and energetic makeup that will only show themselves with time and experience; especially the sun sign.

© 2018 Satisfaction Life Coaching

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