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Why don't Christians follow Jesus's example

Updated on March 3, 2012

AdsenseStrategies wrote....

Naturally, my title is designed to raise hackles (and interest... ). Aren't most Topic thread titles on this site!

What I mean is this: Jesus, as depicted in the Gospels, spent most of his time:

a) denouncing people (Pharisees, etc) who got wrapped in this or that doctrine, and religious debate, while ignoring the spirit of the message...

b) ministering to the worst off: the poor, the lame, the sick, the blind, the outcast.

In a world where there four billion people struggling to get by on less than the equivalent of ten dollars a day, is it not an enormous waste of time to focus on these miniscule doctrinal details? Is that what Jesus did?

Is that what Jesus would do? Or would he be in Latin America, or India, or Africa, tending to the poor?

Must say that even though your intent is to cause dissension, I agree with you, and besides, Jesus Himself came here to cause dissension and He still does. 

Let's go point by point: 

a) denouncing people (Pharisees, etc) who got wrapped in this or that doctrine, and religious debate, while ignoring the spirit of the message...  

I'd disagree that Christ spent MOST of His time doing this, he just knew that where he saw Satan's hand at work in peoples lives, he needed to take the authority back from Satan and demonstrate Gods authority and power. 

Neither Christ nor modern Christians need to actually 'do' anything to be attacked by the Pharisees or anyone else who see them for the threat they are, to the worlds self willed attempts to run their lives, either in or outside any religious system. 

Some folk get enticed to run their lives without God, others get enticed to run their lives with the god of their creation. 

Christ chose to let God run His life according to Gods will. 

People who decide that Christ is the answer, rather than a problem to be dealt with, do the same. 

Detractors will always need to be dealt with, and one of their prime ploys is to mither "Is that very Christian" or "Jesus would be proud of you" and Christ had the same problem with Pharisees attempting to trick him into saying something they could use against him. 

Jesus of course was perfect, whereas we believers are still human and therefore flawed. 

b) ministering to the worst off: the poor, the lame, the sick, the blind, the outcast.  

Again, agreed most of the instances recorded about his ministry do show Christ healing the sick, freeing those trapped in sin and generally taking care of other people, and again most believers will also be doing that in their daily lives. 

But when you live in a location where the poor, lame and sick are all taken care of by the's easy to shrug the obligation off 

In any case the definition of poor is vastly erroneous to the actual reality of poor, you quote living on $10 per day, I know pastors in Africa who feed families of 12 (including the children they 'adopt' when the parents die from AIDS) on $50 per month! 

It's easy to see how armchair Christians can say that their tithe and taxes cover their obligation, and their free will offerings to charity is more than sufficient, or that the local poor are all they need to deal with. 

And they are correct in part. 

Our body support DIRECTLY indigenous African pastors, childrens orphanages, street kids in Haiti, two missionary's working in New York with the 20,000 children of the dysfunctional Brooklyn children's families and local need cases, the local homeless (we feed 35-50 each week) and anybody who turns up at our door needing... and yes Matthew 25 is the 'rema' verse for our body, indeed it was started for that exact purpose. 

We are a 'core' body of about 50 and when we meet we see about another 100 souls join us, and believe me we are not rich and some of us would love to know we could guarantee $10 per day to live on!. 

But BEFORE Jesus dealt with peoples WORLD conditions, He first dealt with their SPIRITUAL problems. 

Take a look, in most records of His ministry, Christ STARTS by casting out the demons, loosing the bound and taking the ground and authority back from where the afflicted have lost it. 

Christianity is about taking back the ground that Satan has stolen from people. 

If we feed the homeless, they still need feeding next week, when we set them free (and where they want ot be set free) they can get off the streets and into a life again, but the KEY is in dealing with the SPIRITUAL problem before you can start dealing with the PHYSICAL manifestation of that problem. 

Our enemy, all of the worlds, is Satan who seeks to destroy and cares not whether it's by making someone destitute and hopeless or rich and powerful without God. 

His 'mantra' is; any way works as long as it keeps us away from Christ, and for as long as he can keep us doing it 'our way' he's winning against humanity, and the world gets to be worse each day. 

So the answer is clear and simple. 

Stop doing your will and start doing God will, and God's will when last recorded was to obey Christ. 

If we do that, then slowly but surely Satan will lose his grip on humanity and we could win them back soul by soul, street by street, town by town and finally country by country. 

But most reading this will make no change in their lives, unless it's a button on the remote control, so the world will continue to decline and when we get to a certain point, Christ will come back to deal with the problem. 

Until then, do as you will seems to be the way, rather than do as He wills. 

Our choice, choose wisely.

Will you be able to watch this?

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If you click off before the first 20 minutes, your decision has already been made for you.

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    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      9 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Thanks ShalahChayilJOY,

      I like it when folk comment on hubs I wrote a while back, as it also give me the chance to revisit something that I tend to forget I wrote!

      Glad we could share this together.


    • ShalahChayilJOY profile image

      Shalah Chayil 

      9 years ago from Billings, Montana

      Great points in this hub. I admire those that do research and then put it all together into one clear, coherent article. Just popped into my mind that HP gives us the opportunity to 'midrash' that is to discuss YHV [God to most] and to learn more about Him through our discussion. He says He writes us in His book when we do:)

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Winsome, Good quote and so true, but then I guess when someone's walked for that long, they have the wisdom!

      I miss DP greatly, even though I still watch, listen and read him lots!

    • Winsome profile image


      11 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Hi Aquasilver, I respect Derek Prince too. My favorite quote from his friend Bob Mumford is that between the Promise and the Provision, God always puts a Problem so we can handle the Provision. Like promised land--wilderness--taking possession. Blessings

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Dusty,

      Different Bill Wilson, the book links are at the bottom of this article, or on another article of mine:

      Which needs reviewing anyway and I must edit it!

      I guess at heart I'm a KJ man myself, I need to use the NIV for forum posts and hubs when the language needs simplifying, but only when the context has not been changed.

      Working away here, so more later.

      Thanks for dropping in!


    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      11 years ago from Arizona

      Hi John, this hub seems to have slid by me. I've caught it now as well as the forum read. It is an interesting point of the order in which Christ moved. I had not given thought to this before, but I will now and refresh my reading of the Gospels.

      I find interest in the versions of the bible, the King James is what I grew up with and have stayed with, I do have multiple others and as I compare I find certain changes in wording seem to give a different meaning to some verses. The NIV I have was a gift, and decried a superior version by the giver. It is a study version. In the introduction it gave a description of the number of translators who worked on it and it said "if an agreement could not be reached as to a words meaning, it was omitted"

      That right there was reason enough to me not to rely upon it but only to refer to it for a different angle to the verse I was having trouble wrapping my mind around. You referred to a couple of books in your comments and Bill Wilson, I didn't get the books you referred? Were they on the site you gave link to? Bill Wilson seems to ring a bell with AA, same Bill? I know this is more to the comments than the hub but I often find good points in the comments as well.

      Thanks for the morning read and sparks of thought on my part.


    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Sara, It gives me pleasure to hear that you enjoyed the hub and found it productive in our mutual search for truth and reconciliation amongst all humanity!

    • Sara Tonyn profile image

      Sara Tonyn 

      11 years ago from Ohio, the Buckeye State

      Great hub! Wonderful advice, information and explanations for believers and non-believers alike. I wish more people (on both sides) would take your approach to handling differences. Thank you for this hub. :)

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Steven,

      It was Derek Prince that told me about the 400 'found errors' in the KJV, but I would need to research a bit further to id them all (which I will do if you want).... as one listened to Derek, many of them were revealed in his words, as he corrected a word here, a sentiment there that he and others had discovered over the years.

      Where that occurred I marked up my bible with the error and correction (if I agreed it was correct, but with DP I never found error, so they were marked) so I COULD just read through my KJV again to id them.... :o) or maybe :o(

      I'll do what I can and get back to you off comment!

      As for the seven churches, I will be presenting a hub based upon a study that a good friend of mine produced, which is stunning in it's depth, just need to find the time and understand it sufficiently to 'own' it (i.e. let it sink into the spirit)!

      Thanks for reading,


    • Great Wide Open profile image

      Great Wide Open 

      11 years ago from The Astral Plane

      You know Aguasilver, I really love what you are doing here. When you discussed how flawed we are it sort of reminds me of how Jesus found most of the seven churches in the begining of the book of Revelations:) Left its first love, blind, naked, luke warm, dwelling in the seat of satan ect. Though not all seven churches were in terrible shape I notice that Jesus had some convicting things to say there. What are your thoughts on this. Also What 400 errors in the KJV are you talking about, can you set me up with this info or direct me to a reliable source?

      Steven Randall

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi TL,

      Well obviously the point of first contact will normally be when we tell a homeless guy that we can offer food and a shower, with fresh clothes, and that's where we can start talking to them and identifying the problems. Then comes the prayer, then comes the day when they may want to know more, then comes the prayer for them specifically, then comes the deliverance/spiritual intercession that will break them free from the curses and authorities they have over their lives.

      So the practical goes hand in hand with the spiritual, but my point is, until someone is released from demonic interference, its like dressing a wound without cleaning out the pus and infection.

      Thanks for reading and welcome to the hub!

    • TLMinut profile image


      11 years ago

      The point you make that we must deal with the spiritual problem before worrying so much about the physical manifestation of that problem is a great one! I think helping with the physical problems at the same time makes them more amenable to hearing the spiritual solutions though.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Westpointfb20,

      I have best used a King James bible for study purposes, there are about 400 errors of translation (Oh great I hear you say) but the good news is we know where they are! - some of the more 'modern' translations have errors as yet not found or even worse now accepted.

      So read a New King James alongside a modern version (like the NIV or similar) and compare, but trust the 'old' version more if they vary!

      My 'teachers' when I started were Derek Prince, who was a man of God that I never found error in, and that makes him the ONLY man of God that I never found error with!

      Derek is dead now, but he has a fine collection of downloadable mp3's, videos/dvd's and tapes to buy and teaching letters for free from his site:

      He's site is loaded with free material, which is the mark of a genuine man of God, he lets God provide for him and serves the flock for free! - Of course the folk who run the ministry now need to keep the fire lit, so they look to make some cash, but that must happen when the man of God dies, for God has no management buyouts!

      Both the Bill Wilson books (listed above) will teach you what it would take you years to find out.

      Bill is a powerhouse of true Christian ministry and if you find yourself at a loose end, his Metro Ministries in NY is a good place to learn in three months as an intern.

      Another good book for a newbie to read would be 'Torch of the Testimony' by John M Kennedy, which you can find on Amazon (and I list it in a couple of my hubs as well).

      This book traces the thin and sometimes obscured line of faith that links us to the original church. Unfortunately the 'torch' of faith has been taken and abused many times since Christ walked the earth, but fortunately God has always had His remnant hidden amongst the errant false church bodies, ready to serve Him in given times of need and deed.

      As a Marine you understand selfless service and obedience, so being in discipleship to Christ would not be a problem for you, and serving Christ will in no way conflict with your service requirements to the Marine Corp.

      Just remember in everything you do, do it as unto the Lord.

    • westpointfb20 profile image


      11 years ago from California

      For two persons just beginning to truly delve into religion and Christianity is there any specific Bible and a book or two you would recommend? Thanks : )

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Absolutely, slowly slowly catchee monkey was how Kipling put it!

    • cheaptrick profile image


      11 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Hello my friend.I heard this the other day"Satan's favorite weapon is the wedge.With gentle taps he separates us from God"...peace...

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi OnLooker,

      Good name BTW, presumably from 'see more of the game'?

      Good point also, but you have mis read the article I think.

      This hub was written to answer Adsense Strategies, who had posed a forum question designed to cause dissension, and his quote at the front of the text is what I was refuting, I made it into an article as it was simply too long for a reply on a forum...

      I also stated early in the text:

      "I'd disagree that Christ spent MOST of His time doing this, he just knew that where he saw Satan's hand at work in peoples lives, he needed to take the authority back from Satan and demonstrate Gods authority and power."

      I see that as relevant to the world we live in daily, this afternoon I was talking with one of our homeless guys who wants to believe, but hits the wall of unbelief when he listens to what the secular world throws at him.

      He has difficulty seeing that we believers, with our nothing lives and no assets or wealth, are provided for by God, and live healthy and contented lives in most cases.

      The need is to break him out of the spiritual chains that the world has locked him into. It doesn't happen instantly, it needs time and debate and dealing with his demons, but Christ WILL set him free, when this man is ready to reach out and take his freedom.

      Went off a bit there, but Hey! it's my comments board!

      Hope that answers your query, feel free to comment more if you want to.

      ...and thanks for reading the hub!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I'm not sure your point here but if youre trying to say Jesus debated the religion people you might want to read your bible again. He rebuked them on occassion but he spent no time bebating them because he knew this only gave them more opportunity to make hateful remarks about God in front of the other OnLookers.


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