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Why is sin so enticing?

Updated on August 27, 2012
Glass of Juice
Glass of Juice | Source

The glass of Juice

It was my third day straight in prayer and fasting. I had had such a great time reading the word and being in the presence of God for the previous two days. Towards noon, I left the house to go for the lunch hour meeting at the town centre campus of our church. Traffic was all over the streets and the sun was up and hot. If only it were a different day, then I would have grabbed a cold glass of juice. And oh that refreshing feeling at such a hot hour it would have been…; what was I thinking? I am on three day prayer and fasting program. I brushed the thoughts away and walked straight towards the campus building. Then, suddenly I bumped into Morris. I couldn’t believe it. It had been five years since I last saw him. Before I could even compose myself, we were sited in a cafeteria with two glasses of cold crisp juice on the table. He had ordered them to keep me busy as we caught up with the happenings of the last few years. Now was he heaven sent or was this the twisted, evil arm of the devil? But it was right there, an arms length away from my yearning mouth. In any case it was only one, single, innocent glass of juice, and the weather was hot anyway. I was sure God understood that it can get hot at times. What harm could it do to three long days of fasting? Armed with these convincing facts. I drank it! Then the conscience struck. Why couldn’t I wait for the day to end? Why didn’t I tell Morris I was fasting? Didn’t the Holy Spirit warn me? I was head over heals in repentance that evening. Why is sin so enticing?


The Glamour of Sin

The architect of sin, Satan, disguises himself as the angel of light (Heb 3:13) He will rarely come to you with guns blazing and order you to give in to his whims. No, he will use very convincing tactics that are so well organized to ensure you fall for them. He will even quote you scriptures just incase you think he is not religious. He will make you think he knows the will of God for you and all he wants is for you to fulfill it. He is the father of lies (Jn 8:44). You have to understand that sin is his lifetime career which he chose even before we were created as the human race (Ezek). He gave Eve all the right reasons why she should eat the fruit. It is also common knowledge that the longer you stay in a career or a vocation, the better you become at it. He, Satan, has been at it for 2000 years plus or longer. He understands literally every trick in the book to get you swimming in sin. That is why the Bible warns us to be vigilant for the devil is always roaming around seeking whom to devour. Sin will always take you further than you expected to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay and cost you more than you were ready to pay. It is always gold coated and bears no ‘caution’ labels for its users. The glass of sin always contains this beautiful colored drink inside, but it is always poisoned. It is easy to fall in love with sin, but it ensures it breaks your heart and shames you in broad day light. The devil makes the road to sin ever so easy but it suddenly becomes slippery down the slope. You need to understand that this is an art the Devil has practiced even with the greatest of God’s men. The Bible says that, “Satan rose up against Israel and incited David to take a census of Israel”, 1 Chronicles 21:1. David himself fell prey of Satan’s schemes.

Close the gap
Close the gap | Source

The End Thereof

It is until we reach the end of our evil actions that we realize how vain it is. The man dying of AIDS in his death bed wishes if only he had a second chance. The man in prison for life knows how pay-less his actions were. The young girl carrying a kid knows why she ought not to have given in to fornication. The man stealing just to get one extra dose of cocaine wishes he never started it in the first place. But all of these people did enjoy when it all began. Think of the end before you begin. You need not wear out your knees on the concrete floor begging for forgiveness. Don’t listen to the Devil, he will free and laugh at you once you are knee deep into sin.


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