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Join Me to Pause...and Ponder!

Updated on January 25, 2019

Go with me on a journey:

A mum gives birth to the cutest little boy in the world, Showers him with care, spoils him with lavish love, Protects him all she can and he repays her with terror. He becomes a pain to her heart, a spear in her soul, a failure to his generation and an abomination to Society. Everyone wishes him dead because they are benefactors of his deadly largesse. Somewhere along the line, their prayers are answered and he meets a terrible end.

And mum's heart still breaks because she lost a son - not a criminal!

What kind of love is that?

Mum's hardly give up on their kids no matter how they turn out in life (I know you will say there are mothers who have abandoned their kids due to one funny reason or another - I agree. But there is a difference between being a woman who gave birth and being a mum! It really is not in the name as much as it is in the action and the personality). Mums are not mums because they gave birth to children - they are mums because they TAKE CARE of their children.

Recently, the government of my country granted amnesty to militant groups who were willing to surrender their arms and give up their struggle. Among those who laid their arms down was one who had terrorised his own Community more than others. He usually went on recruitment drives in his Community and took many sons away from their mothers. The kids were not given a choice - they either joined or were killed before their mums (many of whom were widows). Today, the terrorist has the protection of the Government and he is paid a hefty sum of money to keep him on the side of the law. Meanwhile, some mums have been rendered childless by his evil works and they are without compensation - not even an apology from him or the Government. 

If this man had died in the creeks while a terrorist, nobody would have cried - except his mum! Even knowing he was evil, his mum would have wept for her son without making excuses for his crimes.

Let me bring this home.

God sits in heaven and mourns over every soul that ends up in hell because this wasn't His original plan for anyone (Jeremiah 29:11).His thoughts are of good but He will not force us to follow the right path. No matter which path a man follows in spite of where it ends, God loves him -  the only problem is that we, the extension of God's arms - refuse to see them through God's eyes and therefore we let them die. There are many souls in hell that will point accusing fingers at us if they are given the opportunity because we condemned them to an eternal judgment of torture and pain by not giving them the benefit of the doubt and doing to them what we expect others to do to us.

I believe that the world is a small place. We meet and part to meet again somewhere in another year, decade or century - either personally or through our offspring. I once met a boy in my primary school days who was suffering from the first signs of Polio. I had compassion on him and helped him as best I could (carrying his school bag to school, getting him a place to sit in class, taking punishments for him and such) and I finally introduced him to my parents when he was strong enough to walk by himself. I came to discover that his dad served in the Army and had an encounter with my dad in the 60s when we, the kids, were not even thought of. In their children, these two were reunited and the friendship grew and even though it didn't end well, the point I am making is that we need to be good to one another and take care of one another's things because we do not know where life will bring us together again.

A lecturer in a University in Nigeria orchestrated the failure of a brilliant young student in his faculty. His reason was that the young man was on course for a first class honours and nobody had ever made such a result in that entire faculty so he decided to taint the result of the student in order to make sure he never got first class. He succeeded and the young man wept bitterly but accepted his fate. Years later, this same lecturer answered an advert from a reputable oil Company and among those who applied, his credentials were the most impressive. But on the day of the final interview, he discovered that his former student was the one who sat at the head of the table to interview him. Remembering his wickedness, he left the interview hall without sitting for the interview.

That is what happens in life. 

I joined Hubpages in October when I was searching for a platform online to write and dull the pains of November and I found in hubpages a treasure of a find! I have met interesting people and I have resolved to build up as many as I meet and to learn as much as I can because I believe we will all meet somewhere someday and I want to be able to know that I did good by you.

May God help us all to do the best we can, whenever we can, in the best way we can to as many as we can - until we reach our final "can" (Coffin/Casket). Thank you.


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