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Why we are created?

Updated on May 28, 2014


Bodies are water bubbles and the mind is a mad monkey!

Watch the world as a continuous cinema without any intervals. This is the way to escape from the worries, grief and pain that is associated with the phenomenal world. It is also the basic truth about the universe, perceived by the ephemeral senses which have no inherent existence apart from the Self. Even the so called mind cannot exist without the reality of the Self. The mind has emanated from the self as the smoke emanates from the fire. The smoke is an illusory phenomenon. During the day time, when we walk along the streets, we find that our shadow falls on the ground. If we are facing the sun, our shadow will fall behind whereas, if we go in the opposite direction, our shadows will fall in front of it.

We may walk through the streets but our shadow sometimes falls on dirt and dust. Are we affected in any way, if our shadow falls on filth and drainages? No! None in the world bothers about the shadow falling on dirty things. There is a great philosophy behind this. Our real Self cast a shadow on this illusory world as different bodies and environment. The bodies may go through many changes; modifications etc. but they are the shadows. You as a real Self is absolutely unaffected by the various experiences the body undergoes!

This is the reality of the existence. Sathya Saibaba, a recent incarnation has told once that the ‘bodies are like water bubbles and the mind is a mad monkey! But we all identify ourselves with the perishable body and the entire life is spent for the comforts of the body. We follow the whims of the mind. What a terrible error in judgment? Our ancient sages, saints and philosophers have reiterated only one thing which is reflected in the philosophy of various religions. It is only this. ALL ARE ONE, BE ALIKE TO EVERY ONE! We are all part of the supreme self and not the perishable bodies and evanescent mind. We have seen children playing with bubbles. How long they exist? It is only momentary. Even in between various bubbles, some are big and colorful. Some are small with no colors. Some bubbles last few seconds, whereas some bubbles burst, very soon. This is an example of our life on earth. We rarely come across people or hear about them who live until their 110 years. Most of the people pass when they become seventy or eighty! Many leave in the middle ages. Some children live only for few years. Hence our life can be compared to the bubbles.

We pamper the bodies throughout our life, as though they are eternal. At any time, it will develop leak and drown in the ocean of life. Peculiarly, the mind owes its existence to a body. It is like a vehicle for the mind. Without a body, the mind can never exist. The mind is always concerned about the well-being of the body, its comfort and happiness. The mind feels that the senses can offer pleasures to the body. The fact is that man never enjoys the senses but the senses enjoy the man. The mind becomes a slave to the senses and drags the individual to abysmal depths! The mind can never uplift any individual self; so long it is under the control of faulty senses. The mind must obey its master, which is the intellect. When the mind follows the dictates of the intellect, the individual is on the path of freedom from births and deaths. The intellect will guide him to the realm of the Self. This is the ultimate aim of every human being! We have not born in this world to enjoy creature comforts. Hunger, thirst and mating is common to all species from insects, birds, fishes, animals and men. In what way, the human being is superior to other species? He has got thinking and reasoning capacity. He can choose the good over bad. He can choose moral life over demonic existence.

By using his inherent wisdom, man can raise himself to the status of Divine! Man alone has the capacity to reach the highest pinnacle of life’s aims. It is merger in the Divine Self! As water mixes with water and oil mixes with oil, the individual self must merge in the supreme self. Our entire existence must serve only this purpose. Earning, eating, drinking and acquiring properties are incidental to existence and they are not paramount. One day or other we will leave all the properties and wealth, for earning which we toiled day in and day out. Nothing is going to accompany us except our merits and sins (mistakes). These again decide our future birth in this world.


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