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Why would God punish innocent people?

Updated on October 4, 2012

It is said that God is a merciful, kind, and a loving father. That is why it becomes difficult to understand why he would punish innocent people. Yes, it sounds unusual and some people will claim that it is not the fact however it all depends on how we see it and because we respect his decision as the almighty God.

For instance, God said in the Old Testament that he will visit the sins of the fathers to their sons not only their present sons but to that of other generation about four generation. Then is it fair that a child would suffer for what his or her parents did? That is, is it justified for a child to be held responsible for what he or she knows nothing about? God, certainly, would punish the parents for such a sin yet he said he would extend it further to their children. In as much as it is in the Old Testament, and the New Testament may have different concept on this issue yet it’s all same bible and, it is said to be same, God. However, just as it is in the Old Testament so it is in some other tribes.

There are also cases in The Old Testament were God punished the Israelite for the mistakes of their Kings even when the people knew nothing about it as was seen when King David counted the Israelite.

The points still remains that these people are not directly the offenders and it may be wrong to punish one for what one does not known about. Yet, we will always say that God is justified no matter his action or how we feel about it because we do not understand the ways of God.


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