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Wicca /Witch/Pentagram

Updated on June 11, 2015


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A friend of mine was asked to remove her pentagram whenever she would come into her daughter's school to pick her up. When she told me this I must admit I was furious. Pentagrams for us,( wiccan, witch) are a religious symbol as is the cross for christians, catholics, etc.

I wanted to try to clear something up about this symbol. Yes there are those who have taken this beautiful symbol and turned it in into something evil or bad ,but you have those kind of people in all religion.

First off nothing bad happens when it is worn into a building, it won't come crashing down and a dark cloud will not cover the building. It is a wiccan symbol, that stands for protection as well as the four elements.( Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and spirit or energy.

If you think about it you see the pentagram(star) and other symbols we use everyday. For instant a sherriff's badge is a star inside a circle, does this mean you will not call them if you need help or in trouble? ( I hope not).

As for the Four elements, every single person on this planet uses them everyday. You have Earth, this is where we plant our food, build our homes, Soil, rock,trees, Etc. Not to mention live.

Next Air, without this vital element we as well as all living things will cease to exist. That's pretty cut and dry.

Water ,again something we need to grow things not to mention drink to replenish our body. After all our body is made up of it.

Fire, this we use to cook, cleanse the earth by control burning of dead trees and debris that can otherwise be a hazard if not taken care of. Not to mention to all you smokers out there, without fire you would not be able to get that stress reliever of a ciggarette.

Last we have Spirit. This is the one thing everyone has as well as every living thing. This is our higher self and energy, the one thing that is not earth bound or tied to our materialistic world. It is also the only thing that continues in the universe once our body has completed its ride here on earth so to speak.

I have to say I am proud to be a wiccan/witch. We have feeling just like everyone else. Why is it that we get judged? I am not saying that other religions don't get judged but we seem to get the brunt of it. First of all I love how we don't judge anyone. We don't try and force our beliefs onto you and we don't say our way is right and yours is wrong.

I guess what I'm saying is before you judge why don't you do research before you cast judgement. Why let someone tell you what to believe. With all the information out there on various subjects and many different ways to get information.( books, internet, libraries, etc)

As a closer I would like to add, I do oracle card readings and yes I do ask for donations but not to me. When I do a reading for someone I ask them to donate to St. Jude's, Diabetes research,( 1 of my daughter's was diagnosed with type 1 last year, she is 9) or cancer research. I guess this would make me a big bad ugly trying to take over the world, right? I say it like that because when it is brought up into a conversation, ( what do you believe or religion do you follow) that is actually the look I get sometimes when a person finds out.

They almost start looking for something dark and evil,( tail, horns,), sometimes I laugh and sometimes I just let it go, but one thing I don't do is judge them. Second of all We, ( wiccans, Witches) actually don't believe in the devil. Yes we know there is evil and good, in our world but it is the person no the place.

Please before you start to judge us or for that matter anyone, take the time to get the proper information to learn and then make your mind up. That way when you decide whatever it is you are going to believe you don't come across as ignorant but an individual who actually used their Freedom of choice.

I'm sure I will get possitive and negative responses but then again, that is what makes us different. I would also like to close with blessings to all, peace, love, and light.


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