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Wicca: things to start doing as a beginner

Updated on May 27, 2015

The Mind

When studying Wicca the mind is the most important tool you will use. You will train your mind and explore it as well. You will learn new ways to use it in visualization, grounding, and shielding. All of these will involve using energy in different ways. Energy, or commonly known in Wicca as deity, is in everything.


To be able to study Wicca you will need to practice feeling energy and how to direct it. There are a few well known techniques for beginning to feel energy.

The first one is the most simple. You will need to have a quiet workspace, like for most Wiccan practices. Sit down, many find it more effective if you are sitting with your spine straight, but just make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Bring your palms together and rub them against eachother gently until you feel a warmth between them. Once you can feel the warmth slowly serperate your hands a few inches apart. While doing this try to feel the energy between your palms, it will be subtle and tingly, it won't feel like some crazy magical force like many hope and expect. Now slowly push hands back together and see if you feel any resistance or further energy. Remember, this could take a lot of practice and not everyone feels it at first, keep trying!

You can also try this activity with a partner if you know someone else willing to work with you. Sit across from each other, rub your hands together individual and then but your palms together once you both feel the warmth. Finish with the normal steps.

Once you have mastered the first energy feeling skill you should move on to lively objects such as crystals or stones. Sit in a comfortable quiet place and hold the object in your hand. It helps many to close their eyes and focus. Try to feel the energy or sensation from the object. You can feel it in your mind along with in your hands. Don't just try one crystal or stone, try different types and sizes.

If there are any that stand out to you in a good way, try to get more of those kind for they may work well with you and your magical work.

Next you'll want to take it one step further with plants. This could be any kind from weeds to flowers to grass and even trees. Find a quiet relaxing place, Hold your hand a few inches from whatever plant you are trying to read, close your eyes and try to feel the energy and you more slowly towards the plant. You do not need to touch the plant but that is personal preference. For some, it is easier to start with smaller plants and work your way to bigger objects and energies.


Once you are comfortable feeling energy, you can start using it in circles and rituals. Visualization is necessary if you want to practice Wicca. This consists of putting a clear image in your head of what you would like to happen. To to this you will need to be able to fully picture whatever object you are working with in your head. You are going to need to picture every detail of something happening in your head over and over and force it into your mysterious subconscious. The subconscious is the part of your brain less related to skepticism where you can make things happen and you are going to use it a lot. The subconscious works with images because if you can really picture it happening and believe it in the subconscious it will become more and more real in your head. Practice with regular at home objects you see everyday. Practice seeing every detail, word, or scratch on a small familiar object until you can 100% see it in your mind. Practice! Practice! Practice!

There are further in depth techniques you can look up for practice once this is mastered


Once you can visualize you can start grounding. This is one of the most powerful sources of energy. You can use grounding to take in energy for rituals or put energy into the earth or objects after rituals/circles. When most people are using energy they ground and draw it from the earth instead of using their personal energy. Along with taking in energy, you will take any negative energy or feeling you may have and ground them as well. Most do this before any ritual or magic work so they can work relaxed with an open mind. Having to much energy can be a hazard to your health, if you fee lightheaded or dizzy, or even wound up and over energized try grounding some energy to get back to a normal level. The most common way that many begin grounding is by using visualization. Sit up straight in your quiet work space, close your eyes and relax. Now picture your body, visualize and feel a root coming out of your back and going through the floor and even further down into the earth. You'll need to visualize it flowing through you to all your fingers and toes and down to the earth, you need to be able to feel it. Now feel and visualize the energy from the earth slowly rising up the root and flowing into your body completely. Your whole body should feel amazing earth energy and your connection to it and the energy everywhere. Once you are done, take any excess energy and see and feel it go back down into the earth.

Practice this many times before doing any further energy work


Lastly, know that you know how to visualize and ground you are going to want to be able to shield yourself. Your shield will help you control what energies you receive and keep unwanted ones away. Shields aren't just used to keep unwanted energies away in ritual, they can be used simply at a mall or restaurant. To create your shield, you have to pick what you want visualize it as. The easiest for beginners seems to be just a bubble that you are inside, some use more complex things such as rings of fire or suits of armor, but it can be anything that you feel comfortable in. Ground yourself, get comfortable, and visualize your shield. Watch it harden and become real. Visualize unwanted energies bouncing off, walk around and visualize it moving with you. Practice whenever you can no matter what you are doing. Keep doing this until your shield feels real and normal and common to you.

Once comfortable you can practice with someone else and see if you can feel their shields.


Please give me any feedback/comments/questions! If you have any other topics you would like to know about I'd be happy to help as much as possible. Expect more hubs soon!


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