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Will God forgive the devil, if he asks for forgiveness?

Updated on April 18, 2012

Will God forgive the devil, if he asks for forgiveness?

Some people claim that God did not forgive the devil (Satan) because he did not ask for forgiveness. They think it is pride that made the devil to sin in the first place and it is also pride that made him not to ask for forgiveness.

We know that pride can be dangerous but it is foolish for one to pride when one has nothing to show for it. That is when one is certain to have lost a battle. I often wonder how possible it is for one to fight or battle with his creator. That is if God actually created the devil then how can the devil fight his creator? Funnily the battle is said to be on till date, may be the only difference, like some people claim, is that it started in heaven and God won and forced the devil to earth. Is that why heaven is now said to be peaceful while the earth is not? Then again, one can wonder why a good and loving God would send such trouble to earth. A trouble he ought to had solved once and for all but he allowed it to persist. Is that the case? Was it impossible for God to completely defeat the devil that his only option was to force him down to earth? If yes, then how did God expect the mortals to handle what he could not finish?

The truth has always been that people came up with religious theories which they do not really know but which they had to believe because it was written or said by someone they see as an authority. Whatever is the case, I wonder what will happen to those the devil is said to have deceived if the devil finally makes peace with God. No wonder someone once said, “It is foolish to fight over religious issues because we can be here fighting and we won’t know that the devil has made peace with God…”

So do we think it is possible for the devil to make peace with God? That is will God forgive the devil if he repents and asks for forgiveness.


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