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Have The Real Christians Stood Up Yet?

Updated on August 7, 2013


People have long complained about the "glass ceiling," which is the way the rich prevent everyone else from attaining the same economic strength and spending power that they have. They want to keep that power for themselves, yet they say this isn’t greed. They claim its capitalism and the free enterprise spirit of competition. Call it what you will, it’s a mindset that says that "these privileges only belong to a "select" few."

It's evident in the difference in education of the rich versus the rest of us, an education that only Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are just beginning to reveal to us. If it was a level playing field, then the rest of us would be equally educated about the financial world, and how money works, but we are not.

I have no issue with people who work and make money. My problem is when these same people use lobbyists to solicit people in congress and other government positions to change laws to their benefit, so that they keep all the gold and share with no one.

I have a problem with big oil, who claims that they are taxed too much, and then jack up the prices of gas so that we pay for it instead of them. They raise the price of gas because they claim that the demand is greater than the supply. It's a con game. They could build more refineries, but they claim it's too expensive.


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Old Boys Network

The real "expense," is that more refineries would prevent them from claiming a lack of supply, and they would not have any reason to overcharge us as they've been doing for years. There's a reserve of oil in this country, but they lobby against its use, because that would cut into their bottom line. They lobby against cleaner energy systems and automobiles, because that would eliminate the old boys club that has been feeding on the public like leeches for decades.

We are using an antiquated system that is killing the earth, because a few robber barons make more money on the old system and their money is apparently more important than the environment we live in. They don't see farther than themselves and their greed, and could care less that our kids will be paying the price for their greed.

It's the same thing in the medical field. The wheelchair and ambulatory supply manufacturers lobby against things like the machine that was invented several years ago that would enable quadriplegics to walk. The pharmaceutical companies pay lobbyists to prevent natural, homeopathic treatments that would actually heal people, and continue to use them as guinea pigs in some great experiment of "let's see how much money we can make off of this person's ailment," treating only the symptoms and not actually the source of the problem.

They are in cahoots with the FDA, who continually approve both drugs and simulated "food products" that are unnatural, and continue to increase illness in this country, so that they can make their money from payoffs and the insurance industry-another set of robber barons.

The insurance industry robs us by selling us wholesale, cash value, life insurance, in which they claim to be doing us a favor, helping us to save money in an account inside the policy, but if the death benefit is $50k, and the insured saves $30k during the lifetime of the policy, their beneficiaries only get the $50k, and that insurance company banks the "savings" of that person, as opposed to paying out the $80k they made the insured think their beneficiaries would get. This is what greedy people do.

Passing The Buck

And as to this "renewable money" creating jobs and security for the rest of us, that doesn't wash either. The only jobs and security they are creating, is for themselves. The "renewable money," is renewable, because while they make the pretense of paying us, and getting us some sort of insurance, which most don't even want to do; it comes right back to them in kickbacks, and feeds the same engine - insurance companies etc.

All they have done is found a way to appear to pass us a buck, meanwhile, it has a string attached that enables them to yank it back into their own hands by means of this coalition of big businesses via their lobbying the government to make laws allowing them the right. It’s like dangling the proverbial carrot in our faces. They’re mad that they can’t play that game now with Obama.

But how many of these big business men have extorted money, been caught, and were not required to pay it back? Why? Because their money allows them to put their hands in certain pockets and sway the decisions made in the government to their benefit. Their personal property should be seized and sold off to pay back what they stole, but instead, they get off with a light little tap on the wrist, because they are part of the old boys network.

That network is certainly not going to come down on its own, because they all do the same things. If the threat of serious punishment and loss of assets were a reality, all of them would be in trouble, so they won't suggest such a "radical" solution and punishment. No. Let's just let the rest of the people outside "their" group pay for it, despite the fact that those people are already struggling to make ends meet.

The very fact that they can legitimately steal people's retirement after years of loyal labor; or fire people because they've earned the right through hard work to earn more money, and replace them with people who they pay less money....that is the perfect example of the "ceiling," that is used to keep the field unbalanced to their favor for their greed's sake.

The current economic situation is going to take a long time to fix and is going to test everyone. It’s going to prove us all, and be the indicator of who we really are. This nation touts itself as the “united” states. The world watches us and expects us to take the lead on all fronts. Considering this, the fact that charity begins at home should not even have to be said, especially in a “Christian” country. Charity should not be based on the profit of the donors.

It’s time for the “haves” to step up, because the “have nots” create the wealth they have by their labor. It’s just like the idea that light cannot be seen without darkness. How would we know the difference? Likewise, one group does not exist without the other, and mutual consideration should be given to both so that the bigger picture is complete. Both are a necessity.

No one is asking the rich to pay more than their fair share. They have dodged that, slipping through loopholes they've designed for years for their benefit, while excessively taxing those without to make up for their cheating the system. It's not punishment to ask that they pay their fair share in accordance to what they make, like everyone else has to. If the little guy fails, the economy will fail because they are the majority. It’s something to think about. Its also an rise to.


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