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Wine in Islam

Updated on September 9, 2020


Wine has always been a human’s means to get rid of sorrows or just to calm them, and in another case, mankind used it to have the euphoria of rising above this world.

In this article we will see the opinion of Islam on drinking wine.

The first wine drop :

It is told that Adam was the first to plant the vine, and wine in ancient times, was associated with this tree.

As for the first who drank wine, there is a difference :

  • It is said that when Cain killed his brother Abel, he felt remorse and that sin was chasing him. Only the accident was striking his mind. So the Devil came to him and showed him a way to alleviate that, which is to pluck the fruits of his parent's tree, ferment them, and then drink.
  • And the second saying: The discovery of the fermentation process is traditionally attributed to Noah because this is the first time that alcohol appears in the Bible. As it is mentioned in it: He drunk Noah from his wine when he came out of the ship (Noah's ship) and lay naked in his tent where his youngest son, Ham, discovers Noah asleep and "sees Noah's nakedness." Noah learned about this the next day and cursed Canaan Ibn Ham.

Alcohol among the ancient Arabs :

This is due to the spread of the wine trade at that time. The wealthy people used to spend on their joys and on other social occasions ... where they drank alcohol. Historical references, also Islamic ones, confirm that Muslims who used to drink alcohol before Islam, continued to drink and trade in alcohol after it, taking it to their battles even ...

The drinking of wine created big problems among the people such as :

  • Wine was permissible without denying it before its final and decisive prohibition, but it led to many problems due to its corruption of the mind. After Saad bin Abi Waqas drank wine, he said that immigrants(They are the ones who migrated with the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina)are better than supporters( They are the ones who received the Messenger and the emigrants in Medina), and he is correct in this word, but every position has an article, so one of the men was angry. It appears that he was a supporter, He hit Saad on his nose with a bone (what is suitable for slaughtering camels), and wounds his nose.
  • It is said: A woman offered a man between drinking wine, murder or adultery, and he chose to drink wine, so that leds him to the rest of options.

Why Islam forbade alcohol?

In the beginning, the Qur’an praised the sources of wine: "And from the fruit of the date-palm and the vine, ye get out wholesome drink and food: behold, in this also is a sign for those who are wise". Surah Al-Nahl, verse 67.

  • One of the reasons for the prohibition of alcohol is that it corrupts minds, destroys morals, weakens healthy bodies, and is a reason for wasting money. For a person who is addicted to drinking alcohol is inevitably destined to poverty, disease and corrupt morals, and drinking alcohol may lead him to madness.
  • One of the reasons for the prohibition of alcohol is that it leads to fighting, rivalry and hatred among people, so whoever drinks alcohol and gets drunk loses control over himself and acts without awareness or reason, he insults, curses, hits and harms people, and he may attack women and fall into immorality. As Allah said :" verily wine, that intoxicates and overcomes the mind, and games of chance, gambling, and idols, and divinatory arrows are an abomination, an evil deemed vile, of Satan’s work, which he adorns; so avoid it, this abomination consisting of the things mentioned, do not do it; so that you might prosper". Al Ma'idah, verse 90
  • One of the reasons for the prohibition of alcohol is that it makes a person forget the remembrance of God Almighty. He who is addicted to alcohol and gets drunk loses awareness and becomes outside human consciousness and outside the framework of the mind that governs religion and the system of life.


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