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Witchcraft/ Is not evil

Updated on November 11, 2015

Witchcraft is not evil

First and formost I want to tell you that witchcraft is not evil. Quite frankly it is just another form of prayer dare I say as well as a meditation. So we put our words in rhyme when we talk to our Goddess or God where is the harm in that? I ask you. Sometimes we will light a candle as well to help clear our mind, set the mood and clarify our exact outcome we would like. Again I ask where is the harm in that.

I know a lot of people who don't understand witchcraft may think it is what Hollywood has made popular through movies or television shows, while I myself do love some of those shows I am sorry to say that it is not like that. There is no potion that will whip you up the perfect man in a blink of an eye, although I do know a few women out there who wish it could I myself am one of them, ha ha, but seriously witchcraft all comes down to one thing and one thing only and that is intent.

Intent that is a strong but little word. For example I myself do a lot of candle spells, ( prayers) for those who ask. Even if I know I could do something to help someone out I will not do it without permission, because it comes down to freedom of will, choice or which ever word you want to use. So you see a true Wicca/witch will not just whip up something because they can. We are firm believers in freedom of choice as well as HARM NONE.

I will give you an example of say one of my candle prayers,(spell) that I would for a friend who has asked for the help. Let's say they have a bad cold or just not feeling like themselves. First I would ask what their favorite color is, and say they tell me blue. I would then go out and buy or make a blue candle. Then I would carve their name down the side of it with a toothpick or another instrument that I could use without hurting myself or breaking the candle. After that I would place it in the holder the whole time visualizing that person being well. I will picture them laughing or smiling or just able to relax. after that I would at this time say my spell,(prayer) in rhyme of course, first because it is easier to remember if you had to do again for someone else. Secondly it is fun to say things in rhyme. It helps put you in the mood for what you want and that of course is the true intent of the outcome of your desire. Then I would light the candle and let it burn all the way down or until I go to bed, whichever comes first. Now again I will ask, Where is the evil in that?

Now this is part of witchcraft not the whole thing. You must always have true intent of no harm to you, to animal or any other living person or thing. Now when I do my craft it is always with purity in my heart and a positive outcome. I do not try to send down a plague of flies to those who wish to criticize me or call me evil because that is not or way. We are very tolerant of people. We except people for who they are, what they believe. Never at any time do we try and change them or convert them to our way. Wicca and witchcraft is a choice, just like those who follow a Catholic path, Christian path or any other religion.

My last thing I would like to include is WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL OR SATAN!

Yes we know there is good and evil out there and there are those who practice good or evil, again it is the choice of the person, not some supernatural being whispering in the ears making you do what you do. You can hold a gun in your hand and point it, but it is still your choice if you pull the trigger or put the gun down, it is that simple.

Witchcraft is not evil. We will not turn you into a frog, although you know some people do deserve it. We will not judge you that is not our way. We will not harm you if you have not harmed us. At least not a true practitioner of the craft will. In fact there are a lot of us who welcome questions about our way. I myself am one of them. I would like nothing more to clean up the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Wicca/witchcraft.

I would close with blessings to all and peace, love, and light! Blessed Be


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