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Witches Convoked To Place Hex On President Trump, A Clue That He WAs Chosen By The Lord....

Updated on February 28, 2017

Witches Convoked To Place Hex On President Trump, Which Is Another Reason Why President Trump Was Chosen By Christ Jesus….

I attended a prayer meeting about a month or so ago, and one of the so called prayer warriors and pillar in my church, used her prayer time to laud the then recent march in Washington that featured those who wickedly believe that it is their right to murder babies through Abortion. What disturbed me is that there was another march that occurred in Washington, around the same time period, which represented those who opposed Abortion, yet the Christian sister, at the prayer meeting, only deigned and gave props in recognizing the march for the baby murderers. To that end, it seems that no matter what clues that the Lord provides to the Body-of-Christ, many of us -- who have been Christians for a generation -- still have no Spiritual Discernment.

How could any of us, who call ourselves Christians, be out there, tacitly or overtly, supporting the gays, the pro-abortion folks, and now the witches who came together a few days ago to curse President Trump. The fact that the witches convoked to place a hex on President Trump should tell you that he was chosen by Christ Jesus to govern. Now, one of the most misquoted Scriptures that those who supported President Obama would use was: God put up and He takes down, as gleaned from, Daniel 2:21. However, my Christian brothers and sisters who parrot this Scripture forget the free-will aspect of our choice to choose who is placed in authority over us. Case in point, what did the Lord say to the weeping judge/prophet, Samuel when Israel decided to choose a King? “They did not reject you, they rejected Me with their choice of King Saul (1st Samuel 8:7).” And, if indeed, the Lord put up and takes down, why are so many Christians doubting and cursing President Trump? In essence, is it not the same Word that was given for President Obama – has it changed now for President Trump?

We, as Christians, have our free will. This is so because the Lord has the power to force us to worship Him, yet He chose not to do so, but gave us the free will… so it is that we, as Christians, know the platform of the Democratic Party, yet we vote to support Democrats who believe that it is morally ok to murder babies via Abortion; that it is morally ok for same-sex marriages; and that it is ok morally for the partition of Israel. Look at the optics… that many Christians are siding with witches to oppose President Trump - do you not know your Bible? If the world is virtually worshipping someone (President Obama), you, as a Christian, should run away from such a person, especially, in light what he has done in the White House. Do you really believe that the denizens of Hollywood are going to love what Christ Jesus stands for? On the other side of the coin, a Christian should look upon anyone that the World and Hollywood hate and embrace that person (President Trump)! If the gays/lesbians hate this man (President Trump); if the Abortion folks hate this man; if the Hollywood elites and the media hate this man, should not the Christian ponder in their Holy Spirit filled heart and ask why?

I will tell you a mystery and whether you believe it or not, it is up to you. Last summer, I was listening a prophecy, via You Tube, by a fireman that predicted that Donald Trump would win the Presidency. In the middle of the prophecy, I heard a Gospel song, with music that sounded like the music they played in America in the 20s, and 30s… and the only lyrics that I could make out was: I am forever. Upon hearing the Gospel song between the voice of the fireman, I called my Christian, maternal brother, Wayne, to ask him to listen to the same broadcast and confirm if he too had heard the Gospel between the fireman’s voice. My brother told me that when he listened, he did not hear anything, but the fireman’s voice. I then replayed the You Tube broadcast and heard the song again, but when I tried to hear the Gospel a third time, all I heard was the fireman’s voice. I convey this happening to say that the Holy Spirit had telegraphed to me the winner of the Election, and moreover, that the Lord had chosen President Donald Trump.

I will say again that one cannot be a Traditional Christian knowing the vile and wicked contents of the current Democratic platform; and to show that the Lord is not partial, I am being reminded that some Republicans have adopted this same demonic Democratic platform. That it is why one cannot tell the difference between Democratic and Republican politicians in New York. What is the Lord to do with murdering babies; the sanctioning of sodomy; or going against the Lord’s admonition not to partition His land in Israel; or what is the Lord to do with necromancy, whereby now Christians are on the side of those who also practice witchcraft… then again, there are those in our churches who are Necromancers. President Trump’s promotion to the seat of power for this Traditional Christian is akin to a Hezekiah reprieve - but make no mistake, the days are nigh when they are going to be killing Traditional Christians right here in America like they do in certain areas in the Middle East. Maranatha!

I have used my favorite Gospel song - Amazing Love – as performed by my Oriental brother and sister in Christ Jesus, to help flesh out the themes of this blog. Drill down into the hyperlink and enjoy.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 12 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      There is no such thing as magic. Jesus accepted everyone and would not condemn anyone. Jesus uplifted Bronze Age thinking of a violent, warlike God, to a God of Peace. Please Renounce the old for the new.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 12 months ago from New York

      If you knew your Bible, you would not sprout such ignorance! Now, whatever the Lord does then and now, I am but mere flesh and blood to deem His actions as 'violent.' Go and read your Bible and know that King Saul commissioned a necromancer to speak to the dead judge/prophet, Samuel....

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 12 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      There are no witches and no hexes. Some people simply think so. They are Not real. Jesus did not do violence to anyone, but forgave everyone. We should all do likewise.

      Any story depicting God as violent or condoning violence or with negative human emotions is blasphemy. Grow up, mature away from such stories. Old stories depicting God as violent is from the Bronze Age, renounce them.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 12 months ago from New York


    • GlendaGoodWitch profile image

      GlendaGoodWitch 12 months ago from California

      Good article. Trump was/is Gods choice

      It is Biblical