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Witches, Warlocks, Satan, and Our Future! Slavery of the Hidden Sort!

Updated on July 1, 2015
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Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Free All Slaves!

Armageddon, Ancient Technology! HAARP, CERN, 911, End of Days September 2015!!

Lessons in History.

We in America have become complacent; we in America have truly forgotten the lessons history so desperately tries to reverberate into the minds of men. If you are reading this then you are the resistance to the ruling elite. We in America have been served a great lie. We have been foolishly led to believe that bloodline rule is over, and that the British accepted final defeat in the War of 1812. If you believe this then you have been defeated and are a prisoner in the new war, the invisible war by the bloodlines of old.

If you serve in America as police, military, what have you, and you are told that the new war is going to be waged on American soil against the citizens of America then you serve a hidden master. America has been divided; this was the final battle plan after the war of 1812. While men like Edmund Andros were cross dressing to escape America during the Revolutionary War Americans were in a desperate struggle to remove the agents of the throne of Brittan. The men that ruled America during those times were ruthless tyrants of the world. These men sought to destroy children in order to create perfect psychopathic slaves. Cross dressing among the elite as well as the homosexual behavior has always been great tools for the blackmail trade.

The British Queens & Kings Want You Back! They want America Back!

When we look all the way back to the Knights Templar as well as the Freemasons and even the popes of the world we will see that blackmail is the cornerstone on to which they build their foundation. We are seeing interesting things in today’s age. We are seeing homosexuals being accepted in today’s society, this can actually help remove the grip of control by the ancient powers. To understand what is going on in the world we must open our eyes, we must be able to step into other shoes no matter how ugly and worn those shoes may be in order to understand how they are now taking America back to bloodline rule. These bloodlines hate America as we broke free from their oppression so long ago and to them the war has never stopped.

To these elite bloodline crooks getting America back has never been so close. Just ponder this; when men read history books 500 years perhaps even 100 years from now America and all we have done might not even be reflected. Going further you could say that perhaps in those future years America and the revolutionary war is written out of history entirely. After all why would they want people in the future to read that a group of Christians broke away from them and did the impossible winning their freedom ultimately creating America? Just put yourself in the shoes of another then take a look at what makes sense to them and then be sure to discard those shoes in the trash where they belong.

Elite Banker Telling President Ronald Reagan to "Speed it Up!"

Ancient Blood Lines! You Got it Or You Don't!

If you serve some government entity whether it be state, local, or county what have you and you do not have the blood of the ancient kings and queens running through you then you are a mere pawn to be disposed of. So every time you harass a local citizen, every time you spy on a local citizen you are actually helping create your own horrible enslavement. Just a thought for you, have no fear they are the ones who want you dead not us. They are the ones who shoot at you, they are the ones who seek you out and do all those terrorist things you read about not American Citizens!

Now I will get to why those powers and the ones in power hate us. We often hear how the people are dumbed down we often hear how the people are slaves running on a wheel living in a Matrix. Regan once said something to the effect of the trickle down effect. What is trickling down here really though? We see fear being trickled down, we see slavery being trickled down, and we see greed trickling down. I used to not like Ronald Regan I now see many men we think are bad are not necessarily bad they are just slaves. This is where we get puppets, however the word puppets is another word to deceive the public. For if we thought that people like Obama and Regan were slaves there would be a movement to free them. Yes I tell you now they are slaves and if we do not understand this right now then we are doomed to follow suit. We the people are not slaves, we the people are still free. Yes, they do wicked things against us; yes they tell each other we are subjects, however, this is just a great deception by the media. So how can this be possible? How is it possible that these people are slaves? Let us just take a look at Obama and see what we can find out.

When is My Birthday Again?

Hidden Slavery

First let us understand slavery as the practice went for African Americans. The white man sailed to Africa and kidnapped Africans. They managed this by corrupting the local Shaman or leader so they could go in without any fear of repercussions. When they were taken to America they were sold to the highest bidder. They had no Birthdays; one could not begin to tell you when a particular slave was born. Now here is the hole God has given to us in order to free mankind forever and ever amen.

Has Obama ever given his birthday? In fact Obama has even been accused of not knowing when his birthday really is. I just told you how this could be possible. You might say the man looks free but ask yourself is he really free? Just look at the videos I submit to you and then perhaps your eyes will really open.

So how could this happen you might be asking yourself? It has happened because good men chose to do nothing. We are now seeing good men dropping like flies, and all these men thought that they were “protected” because they refused to question what was really going on. This false sense of security is a vital role the slaves revert back to when in stress. When you really understand what is going on in the world then you will understand that now is the time to do something for if not you too will fall to slavery.

Forced Slavery of the Elite!

When we understand that the best way to take over America and the greater world is through forced slavery and now we unfortunately see this big dollar slavery is up and running picking up steam. This all started in Manchuria after WWII. The experiments played out in the area of Manchuria are despicable. The horrors of the world will be born in the area of Manchuria and all the deaths of good men can be tied back to this horrific idea.

I have gone over several things and you might ask how does this relate to witches and Satan? Well friends this might make you mad. I will first state this fact, the fact that billions and billions of dollars are now moving into the hands of small occult sects throughout the world. This funding can be seen and it is quite obvious to those who have studied the occult. If you look at Sandy Hook you will find an answer. The location of Sandy Hook is interesting as well as the energies of the peoples who perpetrated the act. They have received millions of dollars to perform a great trick on the people. Again if you do not understand I will show you.

Does this look like the parents of the Columbine School Shooting? Was Sandy Hook a Hoax!!??

She Does not Represent Change!

The Hook Brings You Back!

In the video you obviously see the parents and the child are not acting right at all. In fact if you even tuned into that day you will see it is an obvious hoax. This event was a cruel hoax explain to me how I predicted the event in another writing I wrote declaring the date December 14th would be the day that the first of seven trumpets would be blown. I am not going to say I predicted this event by no means, what I will tell you is there are more forces than just evil and on that day evil walked into an ancient trap. Because of this the great serpent will finally be exposed and our burden the great struggle would finally begin. Ironically it will be this event which will wake up the world to the corruption. We need to shout from the rooftops to the world the truth of what happened there so they will understand things like 911. Blow the trumpet so to speak.

Now the sides are being drawn and trust me we are many more than the chosen few who seek to create the illusion that they are many, do not be tricked they are few. The power they wield is only because they have the mass media that tricks people. When people wake up they will refuse to be brought back into bloodline rule, because they will refuse to submit to corrupt tainted blood. We are now seeing around the world the evil tricks these powers do in order to take over the world. People did not get 911, people did not get Oklahoma, and people will get the hook as it is the hook that will bring them back.

We in America should be concerned with the fact that we have trained men and tortured men who are going to be sent to America to cause destruction. When you hear how we are oversees training forces we should be concerned. We now see Isis and we know they are funded by the CIA we have funded all these groups, but why? The reason why is much deeper than the media would lead you to believe. The media are slaves as well. These bloodlines have now enslaved the elites of the world and this is why they hate us so. We are free while they are under fear constantly. This fear is from the kidnapping and torture of children. While this may be hard to believe these men are severally abused and beaten in order to create psychopaths. I will not begin to go over what they do to these children in order to control them what I will say is victims will victimize if they are not freed. The greatest struggle we face in this modern age is to free the hidden slaves throughout the world and deal with the so called masters.

Are the Elites Slaves?

Are our Politicians and Military Leaders Forced Slaves?

See results

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© 2015 Steven Miller


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    • profile image

      christina 2 years ago

      Wow thank you for sharing tbis. The fact that hat a lot of people are to consumed by TV material possessions or being a slave. No matter what they are caught up in they won't be able to see. They are going way to far now and were are all the ones defending the innocent people and children. I can talk about all the disgraceful thing they have committed and got away with all day. Wake Up People. We are running out of time. What are you waiting for the false flag attack of ISIS so our troops will be put on the ground here in America then the UN troops will come in and destroy all of your lives. Then will the masses awake?

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 2 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Please come back I have only begun this article it is bigger than this by far. This is only the beginning of the work. I felt publishing sooner rather than later would be good for this particular work.