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Witness your thoughts without getting involved into it.

Updated on July 9, 2014

The powerful thought process!

How to slow down the thought process?

All thoughts are not desires! Some thoughts become desire and they induce man to act. Once we perform an act, the results follow inevitably. But, while performing an action, one should not aim at the results. Then only the work will be done perfectly. Anticipation of results dents our performance. If one aims at the results even while starting the work, he will end in grief, if the results are not favorable. Hence, the best way to perform an action is to remain unattached with the results. Lord Krishna taught this way to Arjuna during the historic battle of Kurukshethra. The Lord assumed the position of charioteer to Arjuna. He has no hesitation to dawn that role.

A charioteer has to obey the command of the warrior who is seated in the chariot. The charioteer will be seated at lower level while the warrior will be seated at upper level. During the din and bustle of the war, it is impossible to shout at the charioteer. Hence the warrior will keep his toes touching the right and left brow of the charioteer for directing the course of the chariot. In this process, the iron boot will inflict severe wounds on the brows of the charioteer. Krishna is an incarnation of the Lord. He is worshipped by one and all. While that is the position, the Lord has condescended to charioteer Arjuna’s chariot because of his love towards Pandava brothers who were virtuous and adhering always to righteousness. Not only Krishna drove the chariot, he tended the horses after the sunset, cleaned their wounds, applied balm to their wounds. Such menial things were performed by the Lord for the sake of his devotees. Once Krishna addressed Arjuna and told him, “Arjuna! In the three worlds, there is no compulsion for me to perform works. But if I keep quiet, the world will come to an end. Moreover, if the lord himself performs all actions, people will follow the same ideals. If the Lord himself kept quiet, people will become lazy and forget the aim of life. The Lord sang Bagawat Gita, for the sake of entire humanity though Arjuna was the first listener to those immortal teachings. Arjuna was like the calf that drank the milk of teachings and the milk is used by all.

The world has no dearth of spiritual or philosophical literature. But the pity is, people reverentially read them touch the books with their brow but fail to follow the teachings contained therein. Hence there is no peace or morality in the hearts of people. They all became paper tigers! Sathya Saibaba used to tell, ‘one ounce of cow’s milk is superior to several barrels of donkey milk. The real meaning is ‘one ounce of practice is far superior to mounds of theory. In the world over, there are huge libraries where books are stacked in the racks. Several famous libraries boast kilometers of racks in their library which contains millions of volumes of books which confer knowledge. Though the racks accommodate all the volumes, have the racks become wise? Likewise, we stuff our mind with many theories and philosophies read from many books. Unless we put into practice at least one of them, what is the use of the reading? Hence practice at least one axiom.

Buddha taught his followers that the desires are root cause of evils and grief! As I said earlier, desires arise from thoughts. If one has to eliminate his desires, he should eliminate his thoughts. There is only one way to eliminate them. Do not react or respond to the thoughts. Let them pass through. Just observe them without getting involved. Yes, remain as a mute witness to thought process. In course of time, the thoughts will subside and you will enjoy real peace as a result of slowing of thoughts. In deep sleep, no thoughts arise. The mind merges in the Self. During waking, the mind comes out of the Self. This clearly shows that remaining one with the Self is supreme joy and peace. Hence we should practice witnessing the thoughts instead of getting involved into it.


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