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Words and Water

Updated on April 17, 2019
Thank you
Thank you

The power of words

Sticks and stones can break my bones,

but words will never hurt me!

We used to chant this at school every now and then but the day I sat down and thought about the words, it occured to me - they're complete nonsense!

In fact, not only do I think words can do harm but they may even be capable of altering the physical appearance of something - perhaps even turn on those sticks and stones and break them. After all, it may be that everything on this earth has a soul.

I'm perhaps wondering into the realms of animism but I don't come out with these things on a whim. You see, looking at the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto's studies into water has rather opened my eyes.

Emoto conducts 'experiments' on water to see what effect words, thought and intention has on it. I don't know whether he was seriously expecting a result when he started off his water research but he certainly got one.

Once the water had been frozen the subsequent crystals were beautiful, odd, tourmented etc, according to the words, thoughts or intentions that had been expressed beforehand. Of course, it wasn't enough to tell the water 'I love you' and be thinking about your lunch - the intention is key here and the more positive it is, the better.

'The true nature of water' - that's how Emoto refers to his findings. I don't know about you but it sets me off wondering. Apparently our bodies are made up of 60% water and the earth's surface, 70% - just how much of an effect are negative thinking and negative words having on ourselves and our surroundings?

And does the power of words stop at water?

Of course, these are hardly new ideas - that negative thoughts can effect our health, our achievements, even our complexions is nothing new. But well, when we're having an off day at least we know that our thoughts aren't effecting those around us.

Or so it seemed.

If we consider Emoto's research we might have to reconsider other things.

For me, looking at Emoto's work gets me thinking more deeply about animism - the idea that every object has a soul. Well, how many times have I got angry with the computer and it's refused to work? In my defense, I haven't always maltreated innocent machinery - I admit, every now and then I talk to my bike and yes, it does me proud. Only when I forget to give it a pat on the handlebars does the chain come off at an awkward moment.

But ok, this is non-scientific nonsense. And as you can imagine, scientist aren't too keen on Emoto's findings. According to the 'New Scientist':

'Many scientists view all this fuss about plain old H2O as standard hippy-trippy nonsense with about as much credibility as crystal therapy.'

Not a terribly surprising response perhaps. After all we're on about vibes here and there's far too much mention of human emotions - 'love', 'respect' and so forth - naturally it's got to come under the mumbo jumbo category. And as mr Hippy-trippy himself, Dr Masaru Emoto says 'all I want is world peace.'

Well, who's ever heard of anything more mumbo jumbo than that?

But the surprises with water don't stop at Masaru Emoto. According to findings by the late Jacques Benveniste water has memory. Of course, when I say 'according to' I don't mean he just dreamt this theory up - he did the research and in the end it was 'according to' the water that this theory was established. The results he obtained from his tests, according to all phsycial laws, should not have been possible.

Again, the response from the scientific community was predictable and they insisted on trying out Benveniste's experiment themselves. This time different results weren't obtained - an investigative team of scientists observed the experiments and concluded that Benveniste

'fostered and cherished a delusion'.

Well, this got me thinking and as I'm not a scientist I can say all the mumbo jumbo stuff that passes through my non scientific head. The thing is, whenever the conventional scientists try out the mumbo jumbo experiments they hardly ever reach get the same results as the hippy-trippy scientists, do they?

And regards Jacques Benveniste's experiments - well, I was wondering - if I was water and a load of angry scientist were stomping around me hoping with all their heart that I came a cropper - might that influence my own outcome?

I say quite earnestly, if water is such a sensitive soul, as Emoto's tests suggest, surely it's going to perform best when it's surrounded by positivity and encouragement?

And according to Benveniste when the investigative team observed his experiments the old positive vibes were lacking somewhat.

One scientist had to be 'restrained from screaming at people' another man, James Randi (a renound mumbo-jumbo basher) according to Benveniste 'kept playing tricks all the time'.

Well, I know I clam up when I'm put under pressure so I can't say I blame the water here. I wouldn't be surprised if it sneaked off out the laboratory for an early lunchbreak.

Anyway, these are just my harmless ponderings and you can take them or leave them as you chose.

I say a little prayer for you

According to Masaru Emoto by sending out a prayer to our humble glass of water we can help water all around the world.

In 2008 Emoto performed a 'love and gratitude to water' ceremony at Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia. Now, as I studied Lake Baikal for Russian I'll just take a minute to bore you with my knowledge of it - the thing is, the Baikal is a fascinating lake with quite a few achievements beneath its glistening surface - it's the oldest lake in the world at roughly 25 million years old and it's also the deepest (over one and half kilometres /one mile deep). What's more, Lake Baikal is considered by many to be the most mysterious lake in the world.... (the dots mean I don't know the reason why but I'll try and find out). I could go on but perhaps I'll keep this for another day - the point is Lake Baikal's water, always noted for it's transparency, is getting polluted and as a lot of the world's water is in the same, well, boat, this is where we come in. By speaking nice words to our glass of water and through it speaking to all the waters of the world - now there's talking sense.

According to Emoto we should 'intend that the water in the glass is completely filled with the vibrations of Apology, Love, Gratitude and Respect.' And this is what we should say:

Water, We Are Sorry.

Water, We Love You.

Water, We Thank You.

Water, We Respect You.

And, as always, I've tried it out and can tell you that yes, the water tastes nicer this way!

I admit those around may look a little concerned to see you talking to your glass of water but well, until you start proposing marriage to it they won't worry too much.

And it's all in a good cause - because not only is speaking nicely good for ourselves, it's good for everyone.


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