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Updated on May 7, 2016

Chase Your Destiny

Chase Your Destiny. Three Simple Words. But Question is How ?

The Internet today is flooded with all sort of articles talking about life, destiny, God's will in you and so more. So much of rubbish is also on Internet that makes lot of youngsters wonder what they really want to do in life as if they were destined to something bigger than what they are doing now. But No offence to their dreams. I just have one simple truth : You are destined to Be Here Right now in this moment. And believe me No place will suit you better than this. The only way to know your destiny is by stopping to think about it and be in your present now. Not Future, Not Past, But your mind deserves the attention of Your present situations, present Surroundings. Destiny isn't something you get by sitting idle, you should be fool to dream without any effort. You probably will get that thing sooner or later but that will be only a probability. But if you Work hard for it, you will increase your chances of getting it and you will increase your probability of achieving it. By doing what you are supposed to do now by doing it the best way possible you can is the only means to walk on your destiny. Destiny has a way to guide you when you sincerely seek it by beating the metal. By treating your mind and body like your slaves and not your masters. People who make their mind their master are susceptible to many injuries. But people who make their mind their own slaves are bound to conquer what they believe in. Because whatever a human mind can conceive it can achieve.

Universe Guides us when we are active. We Bring ourselves closer to our destiny when we keep working. Flowing like water affirms that you will not stagnate like the still water in the pond but will be full of afresh clear water. The success lies in a simple mantra of Changing continuously like the change is essential for Life as Life is another name for Change. Anything that changes with time constitutes life in general. But what stays still is closer to non living things and lacks the zeal of life.

Chase your destiny by working Hard and showing the Universe that you sincerely want it.

“No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come " ~ Bhagwad Gita


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