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Works of the Holy Spirit

Updated on May 3, 2015

A Stranger

Like dust blown by the wind

A stranger did appear

Lifting up, building up, exhorting,

Fullfilling hearts desires.

Gentleness of heart,

Sweetness off love,

Warmness of spirit,

Fullness of trust,

Seasons in the sun

Now that things are done

The stranger disappears.

Like dust blown by the wind.


Ponder the path of your feet

And let your ways be established

Do not turn to the right

Or to the Left

Remove your feet from evil.

NOTE: God is a king not a democracy. He has sets His guidelines for us and has given us a free will to chose whether we will abide by them or not. His laws are not negotiable. They are simple and strait forward. He does not demand our love but asks us to give it to him willingly and from our heart. He is a king and his agenda is love. When we practice love, we stay within his glory and he is happy. Leave only love to stay in the brain. Do you not know that life after death could be a lot worse than that here on earth?


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