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World needs a major surgery!

Updated on September 5, 2016

We are...

Science vs spirituality!

The powers conferred on human beings are limited. Of course, human beings alone possess thinking and discriminating faculties compared to all other species on earth. Though human brain is capable of tracing the entire history of mankind by DNA sequence research, yet only a minute part of genome research has become successful. Science is like the letter “C” which always depicts a gap, spirituality is like the letter “O”, full in all respects. This is the reason behind the scientists who are neither able to decipher the secrets of creation and cosmos, nor could they surmise anything about the creator!

The world and the myriads of human beings who are different from each other is the greatest miracle of God! The mysterious secret is, god is hidden behind the creation! Creation is a projection of his will. Creation is part of god. One must possess the intuition and intelligence to look beyond the seen universe! Our vision is superficial and not real. When we look at others, we simply look at their external features, color, complexion, mannerism and behavior. The real power behind all human beings is immanent in the inner self of beings. It is not visible to the external eye and vision. When we look at the milk contained in a vessel, we are not able to visualize the butter! In fact, butter is in every drop of the milk. There is a special process by which butter could be segregated. Heat the milk and let it cool for few hours. Add a teaspoon full of curd to the cooled milk and stir it vigorously and leave the vessel without disturbance overnight. The next morning we will see only curd in the place of the milk! When the curd is churned for half an hour, butter will form on the surface of the curd which could be separated and kept aside. Though the milk contained the butter, it was not visible initially. Only by subjecting the milk to a process of boiling, cooling, adding a little curd and kept aside can turn the milk to curd. By churning we can get butter!

How Vivekananda believed Ramakrishna?

In a similar manner, god is not visible to our eyes in the external world. There is a special process by which we can discern the presence of god in the universe. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa enabled Swami Vivekananda to realize this truth. Sri Vivekananda never accepted anything on the face value. He was rational in his thinking. When he came into the presence of Ramakrishna, he simply asked him, “Sir! Have you seen god? To this Ramakrishna replied, “Verily, as I see you and others here, I see mother goddess clearly. Yet Vivekananda is not easily convinced. One day, Sri Ramakrishna touched Vivekananda. Instantly Vivekananda was subjected to a trance! He blurted out, ‘what you are doing? Let me be my own self. I have got my parents and family. Sri Ramakrishna smilingly touched him on the head and Vivekananda was restored to his original condition. From that day Vivekananda realized the power of the touch of the Master! Slowly he developed faith in the words of Ramakrishna!

Spirituality is ethereal experience. None can explain the state of the supreme experiences. When we taste a sweet, we can only say, it is sweet in taste! Otherwise, we cannot explain the taste! These are all subjective experiences which cannot be explained in words. Spirituality cannot be subjected to logic and arguments. It can be experienced only in silence. Without realizing this, persons all over the world argues and fight over spiritual truths. Most of the wars are fought bitterly since people do not understand their own religion. When they understand their own religion, they won’t fight. It is misunderstanding which is the cause of all conflicts and strife. All religions are teaching the same truth in different tongue albeit in their own ways. Hence religious tolerance is the need of the hour world over!

Corrective surgery

The world needs surgical correction!

Incarnations of the Lord happen in every two thousand years approximately. In between sages, saints and prophets come into this world to guide the erring humanity. Jesus was a major One, preached the truths of Wisdom to the ignorant lot around 2000 years ago. Krishna came into this world around five thousand years ago! Likewise, in every era, there are powerful forces assuming human birth to guide the people who are treading materialistic path! The world survives today in spite of much evil because of the presence of holy people among the evil. Because of the holy people, rainfall happens! The evil one also enjoys the rain due to the merits of good one!

There is always a balance between the good and evil. But unfortunately, in the present day world, evil has gained upper hand and threatening the survival of humanity. In these circumstances, we can understand intuitively that god won’t allow such imbalance to continue forever. He is waiting for the opportune moment to correct the imbalance by surgery! Yes, Surgeons never perform surgery once the patient is diagnosed with some serious health problem. They administer certain medicines and test the condition of the patient by conducting certain vital tests. Only after ascertaining the condition of the patient, they undertake surgery. Sometimes, the boil must grow to correct size before it is cut and removed. Similarly, the present condition of the world is turning from bad to worse. The surgeon god wills a time for the surgical correction of the world. Though we have no power to predict the time, we can safely say that the time is fast approaching! The ;multitudes of earthquakes, floods and other disasters in several regions of the world portend the possibility soon!

scientist and spiritualist


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