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Religious writings for all humanity

Updated on September 14, 2016

Prayers of Reconciliation, Hub 24

You, angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation.
You, angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation.
We need to pray God every time we are concerned about anything; so that God could help us when we need help.
We need to pray God every time we are concerned about anything; so that God could help us when we need help. | Source

Religious writings and prayer

Welcome to hub (24), Religious writings for all humanity

May God help and guide me to write this religious article the right way?

In order to write these God’s writings, let us start with a prayer to God.

My prayer

In the name of the Father, The-Son and The-Holy-Spirit, to you I turn Father God Most-High and I humbly pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind. I am praying you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who said ask the Father in my name and it will be given you for free: So, here I am Almighty Father praying and asking you that through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, you would protect me from all sorts of curses that seem to follow me wherever I go, and also let the guiding force of the Holy-Spirit on earth help me to write my religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe, not only according to your will, but also in such a way that humanity would accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind. Father, hear my prayer and help me! Amen.

Now that I have prayed God I feel more confident, so, I can state again the reason why I am writing these religious articles; we are writing these religious articles in the hope that with this new religious way that we are suggesting here, if our suggestions are used and the public accept them, then, some belligerent religions that base their religious faith in fighting each other might not be able to fight each other in the future, as they might see the new religious beliefs in a new way; Reconciliation of the Universe is in fact, one of the many possible theories that could make this achievement possible. So let us see what we would like to achieve with these writings.


What we would like to do to achieve with these religious writings?

We would like to set the stage for the entire world to see.

And whoever will read these writings might have to agree.

That here we are trying to find a way to God for all humanity;

In order to stay in touch with God-life-force energies for eternity,

That is why, I am praying God to guide and help me.

So that, I would be able to write God’s writings for all humanity

People need God and pray to God

No matter what some people believe, the majority of us still need to believe in God and pray to God, because this seems to me that it is a human necessity.
No matter what some people believe, the majority of us still need to believe in God and pray to God, because this seems to me that it is a human necessity.

God's writings for all humanity

Here we are writing religious issues or God’s religious things for all humanity.

We are writing these God’s writings for all humanity, as you know, we have already written many religious articles, and also about these curses that occur in the Bible, so, here we want to say that after having written a prayer above and asking God to shield us from all sorts of curses, I am still a bit concerned and ask myself whether I am doing the right thing by writing what I am writing, just in case there are people that would curse me, because I am writing these religious articles and they don’t agree with their religious beliefs. So, while I am writing this religious article, I sincerely hope that somehow God-life-force of the universe would help me through the guiding force of the Holy-Spirit on earth, so that I would be able to say the right things and be able to reach the hearts of all human beings, and therefore they would be able to understand me and one day, they would accept and follow our religious writings.

Here I believe that I need to explain briefly how I see these religious things. You see, even though I believe in God who might not be exactly the God whom most western religions believe in, I still believe in the same God and pray God fervently, therefore, in my humility I am praying God to protect and help me, and at the same time I am turning to the whole world hoping that they would make an effort and try to understand what we are saying here, because what we are saying here is new, and it is not easy to explain and to understand. For this reason, I hope that our readers would be able to see what I see and feel what I feel, and therefore they would understand what I say. May God help me to write this article an easy way and help my readers to understand our religious views?

Life on earth and the universe

There are reasons to believe that God created or helped to create life on earth. Here is a sketch of the tree of life
There are reasons to believe that God created or helped to create life on earth. Here is a sketch of the tree of life

Common points of view

Because our religious views are a bit different from the normal accepted views, it is necessary for us to start from a common point of view that could or would interest everybody, so that, nobody would feel left out. We believe that it would be good if we could talk about life in general terms, since life is definitely the most common subject that would interest everybody, since we are living human beings. And then, from there try to show that life is the central link that links us to God and everything else in the universe, since God could be said that is the central life force of the entire universe, and God gives life to every living thing.

Now that we have explained that, let us try to explain how I see and feel about life itself, because I feel that life is the greatest mystery of the whole universe, and we human beings are the highest specie of life that exists on this planet earth, and for this reason it would be our duty that we try to find what links us to the rest of the universe and therefore God, or God’s life force, so to speak.

We have to admit that, because nowadays we do not know enough about the rest of the universe, we cannot prove if somehow over there are other life forms like our own in the universe, so, in order to study our living position, we are forced to start from what we know today, and by using our own imagination about our own life as the first link of all existing life in the universe, we have to try to explain to ourselves if there is any other existing life, ether like our own earthly life or as the supernatural existence of the spirit world, which is believed to exist in a parallel way with our own living world.

Here we need to say that, somewhere somehow we believe that deep within our subconscious we carry our own record from the beginning of our existence; this record is shown in the form of our instincts, which usually are able to guide us safely during our lives. These records or instincts within us are not very clear, as we do not get any clear signals from them, because they are all mixed up with our beliefs religious or otherwise, and also with our own emotions of love and hate and others things that we happen to be subjected to during our lives.

Therefore, we need to think about all these mixed up feeling and beliefs within us, and then, with the help of God try analyze them, in order to make sense of this entire situation of our existence.

So, let us pray God to guide us, so that we may be able to understand better our own life and how it is related to other things as well, and then through our own instincts, beliefs, love emotions and other things, we may be able to describe to ourselves our own feelings about love and life; and then how these inner thoughts emotions and others things might be somehow one and the same thing with the existence of God and life.


The way that we see it

Let us say a prayer to God, before we start writing some of the strangest things of our life, which come from our inner self and they may or may not make sense to everybody else; but to ourselves they do.

Almighty Father, I pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind to help me to say the right things about life and its' connection to thy eternal benevolent life-force, since we believe that you are the life giver of the entire universe, and carry the knowledge of the entire universe, so, Father, hear my prayer and help me say the right things in this religious article!

Let us talk about love, life, God and the mystery of life that some of us feel within our heart.

So, let me tell you how I feel about life.

I feel that life is love, and love is life itself,

And that one could not exist without the other.

Therefore, if life could not exist without love,

Then I better love, or I may as well be dead.

Dear readers whoever you might be; let me tell you about me and how during my life the love of this special woman has changed me. Sometime I believe that God has set me up with this woman love with no love happenings at all, so that, I could understand life and love and be able to express myself more clearly. So, I hope that you will believe me, because it may seem and sound strange that human love can change things so much, but the reality is that the love for this special woman has really changed me completely.

Of course I guess now that this must have been part of my whole destiny, because now I have reasons to believe, that through these emotional feelings of love for this special woman God did set me up, in such a way that I had to go back to Him and do his religious work to help humanity, since I believe that all this has happened to me for a reason.

Now if you want to know more about these love feelings without love happenings, you have to read another book that I am writing, where I will describe to you how God Almighty has driven me back to Him through this mysterious love for this woman in His own mysterious ways; because in this book that you are reading here I have to write mostly about religion and therefore God’s things.

Because of these intense love emotions that I went through in my life, I have become aware that there is a close link between falling in love and life and God-life-force as well, and so, I have also reasons to believe that God is love, and it can be described in a parallel way with my feelings of love for this special woman, since they may be somehow one and the same thing. So:

I feel that life is God and God is life itself,

And that one could not exist without the other.

Therefore, if life is God, I’d better believe in God.

If I don’t believe in God, I may as well be dead.

This is how I explain the mystery of life for myself?



Of course, life is still a great mystery to us all in many ways, as we are still not able to explain life fully how it all began; even when there are excellent explanations they are not perfect, as there is always a second explanation which contradicts the first. So when we think about life, we are led to continually ask ourselves: How did life begin and what is its driving force which makes life possible on earth? And many other questions we ask ourselves about this life issue.

My instinct and my logic reasoning mind tells me that there could be only one clear explanation to this question; there must be a life driving force in the universe and this life driving force is a supernatural life force that exists in the whole universe and we call this life force God; this God might not be exactly as the God described in the Bible, but it is there anyhow, so, we can say that God exists at least by definition, because God is the life force that created life somehow.

Religiously life and God-life-force can be said that it is one and the same thing; so, life existence can be explained thus:

The ever existing God-life-force of the entire universe,

From the beginning of times has created life on earth.

And even if life on earth now and then might change a bit,

Life will run in a parallel way with God-life-force for eternity,

Because life is God and God is life itself.


Some personal point of view

Some personal point of views

Dear readers, we need to say here that this article could be one of the last articles of part 1, of our religious writings of Prayers for reconciliation, which we have been writing for a while, and at the same time we have been trying to study more and more religious things, so now, I could say that these religious writings are really becoming a real study of religions, and this is going to be the main subject in part 2 of Prayers for reconciliation, (or we might call it prayers and discussions, because there will be many discussions taking place in part two), part 3 of course we will change the name to, Reconciliation of the universe, because there we are describing our beliefs of how the spiritual world could work, and how we are connected to it.

Now let us go back to what we were saying before. As we have already mentioned to you before, nowadays in the world there are many religions, which are different to one another and they argue with each other because of these differences, sometimes they are so insistent in their point of views and beliefs that they can even start fighting each other. We are sure that this fighting each other is not what religion is all about, because religion was intended to teach us first of all to love and respect our fellow man as you love and respect yourself: But this love and respect to our fellow man is becoming hard to achieve, because of our faulty understanding of the present system and beliefs of existing religions.

I feel greatly disappointed of our present day’s human understanding and achievements about religious matters, because we should have been able to do a lot more in a positive way. Nowadays, because of the electronic communication people should have found a way how to understand each other and love each other more easily; but instead it seems to me that they are fighting each other more than ever. Therefore, it would be better if a new way of understanding each other is found, so that the world might become a better place to live in.

At this point of time we are sure that you would be asking yourself; what can be done to fix this religious problem? And at the same time you would be asking; how come that this is happening now and not before? Or, has it happened before and nobody has taken notice of it?

Well, to answer those questions properly is not easy; but, we believe that we all have to make an effort and learn better ways how to live in peace with each other’s, and we also have to admit that people in the past did not have enough knowledge of the present situation, because they knew only what was happening in the neighborhood so to speak and not the whole world, so, the situation then was different and we cannot blame them for not fixing what today is becoming obvious that needs to be fixed.

Anyhow, first of all we want to say to you the people as a whole, that today it is very likely that the time is approaching fast, when changes would be required to the present religious system, because the present religious system as it is might not be adequate any more. Even though it is playing a very helpful role, today it might not be good enough to overcome all sorts of religious problems.

Therefore, we believe that the whole religious system would require to be updated, in such a way that the world future generations should not fight each other for lack of religious understanding. If we are able to upgrade our religious system today, then, the future generations could still believe in God and religions mostly unchanged, and so, use the continuity of God’s magnificent religious laws that our forebears have written down for us.

I believe that we have nearly written the most important religious things that we wanted to say, so we want to say only a couple of things, before we start part two, one is written here under about changing directions, and then we will be writing another article called, will god answer our prayer.

Closing and changing directions

As we have said at the beginning, with this article religious writings for all humanity, we are trying to close part one of our religious writings, but before we close and go in a different direction with our writings, we would want to say to the people that they have not done enough in the past, that there is still hope that they could do something useful for all humanity.

So, to all the learned people of the world we turn, and we invite them to make an effort and think about God’s things, and then do something about it if they can, because for centuries religions have been neglected and left behind the way they were, because those past learned people in their smaller knowledge of those days, they did not have the means of knowledge that we have nowadays, or was it because of their laziness they assumed that everything had been done for them, as they did not try hard enough to see that everything had been changing around them, and therefore they needed to change also with time to keep everything going properly.

This is how we are going to end part one of Prayers for reconciliation, but at the same time we need to add this explanation below:

My dear readers let me introduce myself again properly. You see, for safety reasons and other various important reasons I am calling myself ‘Menfranco Laws’. As you can see this name does not sound as a real name, as it is my second internet name, but I guess that you have already realized that my real name is not Menfranco Laws, but I want to use this name as a writer of these religious beliefs, since who I am is not important for religion, and sometimes I wish that nobody knows who I am at this point of time, because today even talking about religion may put your life at risk.

THESE RELIGIOUS WRITINGS ARE TO BE CONTINUED: with part two called, prayer and discussions. We will complete part one of our religious writings with this hub called, Does God answer our prayer? Because that is a question that most people would ask, and I have asked myself many times. And then we will start part two of Prayers for reconciliation, which as I said we are going to call, Prayers and discussions.

May God bless us all?



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    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 

      9 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      I enjoy, your mind, you are wise. GOD is the Glue that binds every dimension, universe, and reality. We are coming back together and with this the knowledge of man kind will come back together. Let us unite, every ancient religion from all across the globe, for each of us hold a mere piece of the puzzle. It is time we put the puzzle back together. With the discovery of America, the final puzzle piece has been obtained. The time is near. You are an Angel, and that is the meaning of life, we are merely Angels in training. Good luck and GOD bless.


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