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Updated on July 14, 2011

Life is full of choice.It is said that an average person makes between 300 and 1,700 decisions everyday-from little decision like when to wake up;to major decisions like choosing a life partner.Whatever the decisions are,they add up to make our lives.But how do we make the choice?It depends on individuals and the situation in which we find ourselves.We can trust God and His Word for help in wise decision-making.On the other hand,we can rely on our own wisdom,or still trust other people for our decisions.

Decisions once taken,turn around to make us.And sometimes,they break us.Some of us are presently faced with the unpleasant consequences of the decision we took or failed to take some five or ten years ago.Sometimes we would enthuse,'' i will never forget the day i took that decision-it was the wisest decision I've never taken''.Eve was faced with a choice.She had to make a seemingly harmless choice-whether or not to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden.She made her choice along with Adam.The rest is now history.Eve was created ''the mother of all living''.But by that singular choice,she became '' the mother of all dying''.Eve was a flawless woman in a flawless world with a flawless relationship to her creator and to her husband,until she took that flawed decision-outside God.Since then,blame replaced trust and love.The human race was now divided.Her choice gave rise to eternal consequences.

The paradox of being created in God's image is that we are free to put our will above God's will.Ever since Eve made a decision about a piece of fruit in that long-ago garden,people have had to make quick decisions in life.One of such people was a prostitute in the bible named Rahab[ Joshua 2].Like many of the split-second decisions we make,Rahab's decision came out of who she was and what she believed about herself,about her word,about God.What she believed gave her the courage to go against her people and government.Against all odds,Rahab chose to put her bet on Israel's God.It was a choice that grew out of faith[ Hebrew 11 vs 21].Her split-decision change her life from bottom to top[ James 2 vs 25-26].

Remember,that whatever the decisions you take today,turn around to make you positively or negatively in future.


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