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Boost Your Psychic Ability and Learn to Trust Your Intuition

Updated on January 10, 2014
Embrace your thoughts and feelings
Embrace your thoughts and feelings

I believe we all possess a certain amount of psychic energy

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Did you know that we are ALL psychic? Well you must admit that it’s an intriguing thought. Now, I’m not talking so much about predicting football games or knowing the winning lottery numbers. That would be awesome. But this article is geared more towards awakening our internal guidance system. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if you could trust your “vibes” to make the right decisions every day? What if you could influence reality with your mind? It sure would take some of the worry out of life. Less worry means less stress. And less stress means a more peaceful day; a day that is heading in the direction that YOU want it to.

Born into this

How many times have you slammed your fist on the table and said: “I knew it!

You made the wrong choice and were “burned” but mostly it hurt because you knew it was wrong before you did it. Or remember that time you were thinking of an old friend only moments before they called you on the phone? It was just a feeling, right? Or more than that, it was completely subconscious. What made you think of that person at that time? Well that, my friends is called “intuition”. And the first step in developing these intuitive or “psychic” skills to a razor sharp edge is to understand that we have possessed these innate abilities all along.

Some believe that our being is composed of many energy fields, something like a cosmic onion. And when we meet other people those energy fields interact. Maybe you’ve noticed this in the past when you’ve met someone and really seemed to have had a “connection” right out of the gate.

In most cases, however, we in the west are not raised in an environment which supports trusting our feelings and listening to our gut instinct. We have simply overlooked the fact that our “feelings” produce a language all their own. They speak to us. It’s true if you think about it; don’t our words really just cheapen reality?

Our separation from divine contact continues the older we get and the more our “livelihood” and family depends on our choices. We want cold, hard, facts—Google, for God’s sake! We don’t have time for nonsense and feelings. And by all means don’t flush your life down the toilet on a “hunch”. I’m saying let’s have some fun with it. Test it out, play around and see for yourself that there is something to this. The answers to most of your questions are right in front of you. All we need to do is “tune in” with a little practice.

How to connect

Here is a list of a few easy ways to get in touch with your psychic feelings and develop your intuitive strength. Try some today.

  1. Meditation. This is a big one on the list. If you’ve never meditated before, it is an amazing practice that can be used to calm your mind and body to such peace that you find your true self—your spirit. I highly recommend you learn any one of a million different techniques, they all work just fine. Your life will change dramatically.
  2. 2. Strengthen your intuitive muscle. Play on your hunches a little bit more during the day. Start slow with this one and see how it goes. Left or right, this door or that one, good feelings or bad feelings, learn to listen to your inner guidance system. Trusting your gut instincts is a big first step towards building your psychic muscle. Understand that those instincts are just as real as any of your five senses.
  3. 3. Visualization. This is something almost everyone has done at some point when they have “wished” for something. Take it a step further and really picture it happening. Squeeze your mental focus so hard that it seems to burn through time and space until you can ultimately stand in your vision and look around with all five senses. It’s powerful stuff! Use it when you pray for some added “juice”. Have fun with it and practice often and your visions will become clearer and clearer over time.

Try it for yourself and see

I believe that we are living in an age now where psychic phenomenon has become more widely accepted. An important factor in continuing this growth is acknowledging the fact that there is more to our existence than our mere physical bodies. We are energies, vibrations, frequencies, bones, muscle and spirit!

Still, I think that most people need to see it to believe it. There is certainly nothing wrong with that idea. I’ve known plenty of people who thought the whole concept was ridiculous and completely insane. That was until they came across a person with abilities that seemed out of this world. After that, there mind was changed forever. So go ahead and find out for yourself.


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