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Yearly Forecast for Gemini 2018

Updated on February 8, 2018

With 2017 finally behind us, we have all welcomed 2018 with open arms and on a positive note. 2017 was particularly not an amazing year for the entire living beings on the planet earth. However, it did leave some pretty awesome memories. So here we are already in the second month on 2018, hoping to be our best selves, to get inspired and to be a motivation for others.

All the people born between May 22 and June 21 fall under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini are usually sociable, quick witted, expressive, fun loving and easy to communicate with. Some of the famous Gemini celebs include Naomi Campbell, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

The year 2018 is supposed to be the year for Gemini, it is high spirited and shuns positive energy only. Your life will turn around completely, you will excel in all areas, you will notice a positive change in your physical and mental health. Plenty of opportunities are coming your way so you need to grab them by the horns and jump in. now is the time to believe in yourself and do the unattainable.

You need to be careful and identify false promises, do not fall for them. This year, you will be getting all the right favors in your professional and personal life. Imagine all the hard work that you have put in the last year, finally brings you the reward and it is time to collect that reward with your head held high. Before we get into the different categories, let’s state some predictions for Gemini in the year 2018:



1. Looking to Settle Down

Each year, we present you with some predictions based on your star, planet movements and overall change in the universe. This year, you will be searching for someone to settle with. Generally a Gemini cannot function without others around them. So let's assume that you were stranded on an island without your peers, chances are you won't be able to survive a week without people. You function with people and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it.
Gemini desires to settle down, whether it is permanently or even for the time being. It might be interesting or adventurous to go out on a quest to find the unknown but if you look at it from a perspective, you won't find the peace and smile you were looking for in the first place. It is good to be courageous but sometimes all you need is steadiness in your life.

2. Taking the Right Path

While it is obvious that you are set to walk the right path, but haste decision might put you down. As a Gemini, you do everything with dedication and passion so you need to make logical decisions as you can get hurt during the process. You might be tempted to reach the mountains but Gemini you need to stay firm on the ground in order to reach the heights you desire.

3. Your Lucky Number for the Year 2018
Number four is going to be you magic number, it will most definitely bring luck to you. By this we do not mean that you start doing everything around the number four like buying 4 pajama sets. We are suggesting that you consider the power of number four and remember that it may bring positivity and luck your way.

4. You Will Care About Your Expression
In this year, you will be cautious of your facial expressions. You are ready to be in the spotlight so you might be willing to alter your facial features. However you should know that your smile is your best friend. It won't cost you a dime and yet set the mood right for everything. You should also consider talking in a polite manner when required.


Now that we are done with the predictions, let’s get down to the obvious. We all know that Gemini love talking and to be honest you have a way around words. You know how to convince people and make them believe whatever you are saying. You are never the one to stay quit, so you always blurt out whatever you have on your mind.

However, during 2018 you need to be mindful of what you say as you will be facing some communication problems during 2018. By the end of March or until mid-April, Mercury which happens to be the planet that guides you will be going retrograde in Aries. So, you need to be careful of what you so because one wrong statement to the wrong person will leave effects on your coming years.

You will get plenty of time to strengthen your natural skills and talents in the coming months because the Sun will be spending May till June in your sign. So make sure you make the most out of it, sharpen your communication skills and public speaking. During leisure time go for manicures or work with clay and dough.

Mid-November Mercury will turn retrograde in Sagittarius which means that your urge to speak your heart/express yourself will most definitely increase. However, you eager and optimistic self might lead you to some extremely awkward situations. You know those little moments in your head that sound cool but once you start talking it doesn’t even make sense? Yes, that is exactly what you need to avoid. We aren’t suggesting that you go silent completely and sit in the corner but make sure that you think carefully before saying anything.

If you are looking for a remarkable year, then we are afraid that this isn’t going to be the one. However, besides some ups and downs and a couple of dark patches, you will be fine in fact you will have a smooth year ahead of you. You will survive the dark phases without major fallback and you will emerge from the disappointment about not doing enough.

You will face challenges in terms of letting go of addictions, detrimental attachments, carnal relations and power. Some of you might not take the old age well, might face related issues and will suffer at the hand of superstitions. This year indicates lots of romance and creativity but both of these will require effort and time. As far as your money spending habits are concerned we would suggest that you don’t spend unnecessarily, stay calm, have a positive attitude towards life in general and maintain a good relation with your close ones.

You will be connecting with a ton of new people and you will engage with then in different situations. You will be offered new projects and you’ll be given opportunities to explore your life. Just one day before sun makes it into Gemini, Venus will make its way into Cancer which is charming and popular. Uranus will enter Taurus, the materialistic and methodical star, while Mars will find its way to Aquarius which happens to be clear headed followed by huge dreams. So you can expect a lot of change in your life in terms of career and social interactions.

Life will become slow because Mercury retrogrades three times this year, every time in a fire sign. So we would suggest that you work on your presentation and stop self-promotions especially around the spring time. Let this summer be fun and games, lay low on risk taking and make autumn your official thinking time.


Love Horoscope for Gemini 2018

It is expected that you will have a good year in terms of love and building relationships. If things haven’t been exciting lately then you will most definitely rediscover the missing element. If you are single you will be meeting new people who will have a lot in common with you. If you want your chances of meeting someone new to increase then we would suggest that you start going out more often. Be completely honest about your desires and feeling especially in a relationship.

Venus will enter your sign around April which will give you a huge edge over flirting. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, your smooth conversations and charming personality will take the charge. This is also a time where your brain power is super strong and sexy. So if you feel that you aren’t connecting with someone on a mental level then you are probably with the wrong person. Remember, it isn’t easy to stay with someone that you aren’t able to connect with, as the time passes sign become evident and it makes the situation worst.

At the start of June, Gemini Sun will be joined by Mercury which will enhance your mental powers. If you are single, your social skills will easily get you a date. If you are in a relation, you need to let your heart out and say whatever you feel like to prevent future misunderstandings. Also, if you have petty arguments with your significant other then you would want to spend more time with other people because you are tired of tears and arguments already. You can also increase communication if your loved one doesn’t seem to understand. Use all sorts of media platforms, leave sweet little messages here and there.

However, after mid-November, you will notice a downfall in your communication because Mercury will turn retrograde. This will create a lot of confusion and may become a hindrance in your decision making capabilities. As you are a passionate and hard-working individual, not doing anything when you get an idea might be difficult. But the good part about this time frame is that you get to relax.

Career Horoscope for Gemini 2018

Listen carefully, by the end of May; Mercury enters your sign which gives you a huge advantage to play it big. Everything will fall into its place smoothly, in terms of your career nothing can stop you from creating a new success story. If you’ve been looking for the right time to follow your dreams and do what you want to do for a living, this would be the right time. People will be envious of you, it wouldn’t matter to them how you got there. The only thing that will matter is that you reached the heights that you wanted to.

At the end of August, retrograde Mercury will turn direct so it’s safe to say that this will be your time frame to initiate new projects. If you have been confused about certain things, now is the time to clear them out. Put your best foot forward, prepare yourself and get ready for presenting to the world. Schedule meetings and wow people with your words.

October end will be the time when Mercury enters Sagittarius, so your spontaneity will have an impact on your professional life. While many people are light hearted during the holiday season, there is a lot of work that needs to be done as well. If you a responsible for anything then make sure that you keep the budgets in check so you don’t get into trouble with your boss.

You might find it difficult to find job during the holiday season because of the Twins. So you can either relax at home and play with clay or send online resumes. Either way, don’t stress too much.

Health Horoscope for Gemini 2018

Overall you will enjoy good health the entire year however because of work load there will be times when you will get stressed and tired so taking care of your health during that time is important. Make sure you eat properly and at the right time. You friends and family will bring you joy and they will stay around. With Jupiter in your health and fitness house, you will feel more pumped about going to the gym to workout. You will also find peace near water so we’d suggest that you start swimming.

This was our yearly forecast for Gemini for 2018. Overall you will have a good year with many opportunities and new people coming along the way. However you need to be careful of your wordings so make sure that you don’t get over confident, only speak after thinking it through.


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