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You Choose the Elements to Create Your World

Updated on July 9, 2018
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


Each of us chooses the materials by which he creates his world. I choose love, understanding, and smile.

— Sean Dragon

I can judge actions, but I have no right to judge people

Someday a student of mine asked me, "Sir, what is your opinion about the cops?". I replied, "My opinion is that they are people with defects and virtues like you and me. Individuals with the same right to make mistakes, with the same fears and anxieties as you and me. They are my brothers like you since we share a common Father Creator. That's why I care and love them like every other person, loving their diversity too. If you ask me about some of their actions, I can judge them, but I have no right to judge people because I cannot tell you how I would react if I were at their position. I can say that I have met police officers who were excellent people, and I have known, for example, priests who did not leave me the best impressions. So I would ask you to avoid the marks of people. It will help you become better in your relationships with others if you reach them without prejudice."

Generalizations, that curse


One of the things I disagree with is generalizations. To create groups with specific negative characteristics and to place people in them, being indifferent to the unique, beautiful elements that each one of us has. Cops, gays, blacks, gypsies, fascists, anarchists, Muslims... and the list is not over. How deceptive this is! First of all, for the one who makes this low ranking, as he states that he cannot perceive the peculiarity of his fellow man.

"The garden of God is beautiful because it has flowers of different colors."


A Native American leader had said, "The garden of God is beautiful because it has flowers of different colors." Amount wise! That should be our approach. Each of us can be found in specific groups but has different characteristics that can express. It does not matter which group you belong to, but what choices you make in the conditions that this group creates. What is important is the amount you will struggle to become a positive representative of this group. Having in mind, therefore, that we do not always make the right choices, to which group we belong, we should be tolerant of the choices of others. And do not forget that by showing tolerance and understanding you will get yourself the same.

A great choice


The most important of all is to seek within us the cause that leads us to these generalizations. We would never end up with them if we felt our unity with all people. But when we feel separate, then to fight the loneliness that this division creates, we need to belong to groups and to rank the others in the same. If we fight against our selfishness, which creates the illusion of separation from our siblings, then we will pass the boundaries of each rank, and we will all feel members of the same great group.

This is a great choice. I choose to live in a world that is all different, but all are my siblings. So I embrace this diversity with love and understanding, and I enjoy the gifts that choice has to offer me. And so the labels are shattered, and my brother's smile is left behind those labels.

Father, help me to judge the actions and learn from them, but not to judge my brothers for them.

— Sean Dragon

© 2017 Ioannis Arvanitis


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