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You and I Have Spirit, Will The Clones?

Updated on December 5, 2011
Books don't tell us yet.  Will time tell?
Books don't tell us yet. Will time tell? | Source

Ponder this one. Let me know what you decide.

For many religions the question of when men and women become endowed with "Spirit" is already settled; perhaps not for politicians and justices still debating when life begins and the cruelty of abortions, but settled religiously and least for some.

A new question arises from such beliefs, and it is this: "Will human Clones, if created, have "Spirit," and if so, when and how will it come to them?"

Now don't get upset. I am not advocating there should be human Clones. At present any action on that idea falls into the area commonly inhabited by Mad Scientists. Then again, some modern scientists, physicists, geneticiists, biologists, and others trained in the sciences, already speculate mentally on the subject of human Clones, and the saying goes: "What man can conceive, man can achieve."

The sheep named Dolly and her clone already exist, and science fiction writers have already populated galaxies with "humanoid" Clones, so they too have already been mentally conceived; conception by some other method might not be some distant, future eternalism.

For those who believe in God endowing man with "Spirit" the moment of such endowments vary. Some believe that man was created spiritually in heaven before he was created physically, otherwise who was it that fought the war in heaven? [Revelations 12:7-9] Some believe that man's "Spirit" is endowed at birth, or even in the womb. Others believe that their version of true "Spirit" is the indwelling of the Holy Ghost conferred at the varied times for the practice of baptisms; and there are probably variations of each of these scenarios and have been ever since man began to think spiritual thoughts. (So tell me when that was!)

If endowed with "Spirit" in heaven, what happens when a fertilized ovum divides into twins or triplets? Some would say that twins and triplets, especially the "identical" variety, have an inborn sharing that is tantamount to a sharing of "Spirit", while others might say that it was simply "God's plan" that each person's physical "tabernacle" was intended as the dwelling place of their own unique "Spirit". To them the question of how the physical body was created and came into being was a separate, natural mechanism.

But, under any existing route for putting physical and "Spirit-uall" together, we seem to be lacking a route by which one or more Clones might be blest, or cursed, with "Spirit".

Having raised the question, as raised by a discussion with a good friend today, consider what your answer might be.

Then let us know, would you?

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For starters.....

Does "Spirit" have a special meaning to you?

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    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      When I was working I would have liked my clone to do my housework,was just a strange thought.