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Scruples ..anyone?

Updated on April 30, 2011

Who can you really depend on..

My father use to say "you can't trust anyone on this earth,no one means as much to you as you do yourself,and if not careful you'll let your own self down". I have let me down a great deal in life. Have you ever loved enough to put someones well being ahead of your own? A mother with scruples and a great maternal instinct will do this. A man is taught he is the main provider as head of the house he must keep his family safe,Now days both parents live by this same unwritten "by law".

I have known brothers one gave his life trying to keep someone from shooting the other to no avail in a robbery. A tornado came thru this town when I was young, a mother held a steal beam off of her child until the fire dept.could get her out from under the wreckage, exhausted she dropped it knowing she would die, she loved enough to give up her life for this child so that she may have a chance to grow up and have a life. The wonders of the world and the power of love never cease to amaze me.

I had a pair of cousins ,the family could only send one to college(no grants at the time) the brother and sister each wanted the other to have the opportunity for an education, finally the sister said to the brother you need an education so that you may provide for your family I will marry a provider. She had scruples and also the power of love.

An older couple owned a local shop in town they made a deposit one time a week,one night they left the door unlocked by each thinking the other locked it, A teenager riding their bike stopped looking thru the door window and it opened,he used the phone to call the owners so they could come and lock the store,had he not had scruples he could have absconded with all,who would have known.You do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and you have to live with yourself.

I believe what goes around comes around someway somehow. I believe in God though I am not active in the church as my mother would say.."the Good Lord and I have an understanding I try to do the best I can,and he allows me too."

If you believe in yourself you can also believe in others. If you are self motivated You may also instill motivation in others.

There isn't anything you aren't capable of learning ,doing ,achieving it just requires the right tools to work with .Even a failed attempt is an accomplishment for there are those that didn't bother to try.

I have always said living is hard. I find you must have faith in something or someone in order to have the necessary tenacity to persevere when the going gets tuff. For some of us we are our own worst enemy, and other times we are the driving force behind anything we set out to accomplish.

I love the saying that a man never stood as tall as when he stooped to help a child.

One tends to do a bit of reflecting as you realize your own mortality..


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    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 

      7 years ago from Australia

      Really great hub jorja. I know sometimes I think the world is just full to the brim with bad and evil people and then I realise that the majority are good people it is just that the bad get all the attention and publicity. I like your line "if you believe in yourself you can also believe in others" very true.


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