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You have to believe, Do you believe?

Updated on August 13, 2012

A little positive reinforcement

Yesterday morning church was amazing. And Then afterwards I went over to my brothers house and We took my nieces and nephew bowling. Charlie and Katie are by marriage, and Sheri is blood. I don't make a difference, just saying that to say that Sheri thinks like me in someways. She is easily frustrated, and when she gets frustrated she is whiny and gets a defeated attitude. So Normally when she gets that way I just try to coddle her and comfort her. But yesterday she was trying so hard to skate and couldn't do it very well. She started whining and went to the carpet. I said Sheri, do you know what it takes to do something? Do you know the first thing you have to do? And She said what? And I said, you have to believe you can do it. I took her hand as she skated on the carpet. I said can you do it? And she started whining and telling why she couldn't, I said, No. You CAN DO IT! Then I said, Can you do it?? And she stubbornly said Yes. And I said then do it, and let go of her hand and pushed her on just gently. She got in the rink and she slowly started skating, half way around she started dancing while she was skating. Me and my bro were cracking up. She had gotten some confidence. I was thanking the Lord that He allowed me to help using what I had been learning. So then last night at church, it was an amazing night. I went to the altar. Pastor asked if someone wanted to get prayed for and I started making my way through the crowd and ran over some poor guy only to find someone had stepped in front of me. So we all prayed for them. Then He asked who else came up. And I said me. He told everyone who I was and Made me tell them who I was. Anyway, He prayed for me and then I kept praying and this lady came up and took me by the hand and started praying with me. She whispered in my ear and said God had told her to tell me that He wanted me to walk out of there in total freedom. That He wanted me to be free. But I had to believe it. She said, Do you believe it? God told her to ask me the same question I asked my niece. I lost it. I just started crying my eyes out. She asked if I had the holy ghost and I said yes. She said to cry out to Jesus and start speaking in the unknown tongue. I immediately thought what if I can't. But I opened my mouth and out it came. She said to do it loudly, and I did. For the first time in my life, I didn't just sit at home and praise the Lord. I opened up in front of everyone and praised him in the Holy Ghost. It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced. Just letting go and letting Jesus take over. I walked out in freedom. Because I knew nothing and no one would ever stop me from reaching out to Jesus with all my heart. I don't care where I am at or what I am doing. If I need the Lord, I'm gonna call on Him. If I need to speak in tongues I'm going to do it. If I need to fall out in the floor so be it. I'm gonna Praise Him. With every part of Me. In the words of a song we heard last night "Savior Here's my heart". I'm never looking back.


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