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You live your life, your way and not anyone else's way.

Updated on November 12, 2014

Never feel guilty about living your happy life :)

You get to choose your way of living, not anyone else.

When you pay your own bills and take care of yourself, you should be allowed to live your life the way you want to live your life and that is your way.

It doesn't matter if people like you or not.

Basically when you get up in the morning and go to work, you are the one controlling how your life goes because you pay your own bills, put a roof over your head and put food in your fridge.

It is a great feeling when you earn your way in life by working hard and actually earn a living.

There is no shame in working for what you have in your life.

When you go out in the world and work a full time and even if your working on dreams and goals and have to work a full time job to work towards your dream job to become your full time job, that is a truly awesome feelings.

When you get up in the morning, you feel like you can walk around with your head held high because when your in control of your life and working everyday with a sheer satisfaction that your doing it your way, well you should be proud of yourself.

An honest day's work is fulfilling.

When you go to bed at night, you can sleep very peacefully knowing a great job you had.

Any day working is better than a day sick in bed or just being a bum.

Nothing is better than earning your paycheck and earning a way of life.

There is much pride and you gain a lot of self confidence when you work for things in life.

Sure anybody can be handed anything in life, but people have much more appreciation when they hear people earn their way in life.

I think most people are not handed things in life and can truly understand when someone actually works for something.

Sometimes it might take a while to achieve a goal or to save up to pay something you been wanting to do or something you want.

It maybe take a lot longer to get even tiny things in life when you have to pay for things on your own, but even a new pair of shoes or boots, or anything when your holding it in your hands or wearing that new pair of boots on your feet you feel that extra smile and satisfaction knowing you deserve what you work for.

It isn't bad to treat yourself once in awhile and you shouldn't feel guilty for earning a living and paying for things in life.

Working hard everyday does boost self confidence and it makes you feel good looking in the mirror and loving what you see in the mirror. What you see in the mirror looking back at you is a hard working individual who earns their way in life.

Sometimes in life, some people do become successful more later on in life than other people.

I think success comes later for some people because that might be the right time they can handle their successful, in which they are probably wiser.

If you follow a path with goals and the mindset of working hard and going after what you want, you will feel very content inside your soul.

Believe me, if you sit back and just say I wish instead of actually planning and taking the steps of climbing up the ladder of your success you might look back in your life and feel regret.

Sometimes we will fail when taking steps but then that's when we just dust ourselves off and keep moving forward.

When you fail at things in life, you aren't actually a failure because you are just finding out what doesn't work for you and what actually does work for you.

Try and fail is ok, but it is when we don't try, that really is not ok.

At least taking action and trying is better than watching other people succeed at life.

If you sit back and complain about other people's life and your sitting back and doing nothing, but complain about the people who are actually doing things in life, it is no one's else's fault but your own that your miserable when you look at other people's success.

You can become successful with just the thought of you can do it and take tiny baby steps.

Everyone has to find a way to start moving in their own path towards their success.

You can't let anyone stop you.

So you might have haters along the way that aren't happy with what your doing in life.

Basically they can not stop you from living your life because you are the one that gets up everything morning and goes to work and pays your bills.

If you have haters there is a saying or two and I know one is the saying where the haters hate you because you are the person you wish they could be.

So let no one who talks about you, stop you from your goals or dreams.

You live your life your way and guess what? That is all that matters.

Getting up in the morning and not sitting in bed is really the first step.

Sometimes it could even be that hard for people just to get out of bed, because they might be stuck and don't know how to go forward.

Maybe you just got to sit back and just sit and mediate and just think for awhile.

There could be a few ideas that can cross your mind and you have nothing to lose, but to try the ideas that come into your head.

It is ok that your fail, because once again you are not a failure for trying.

You would be more of a failure when you sit and complain about other people's happiness, when you aren't even working towards a goal.

So keep going and live your life the way it was meant to be and that is your way.


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