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How thoughts create reality

Updated on January 24, 2013

Believe it or not you are the architect of your failure. You are not the architect of your failure in the traditional sense that you didn’t devote yourself completely to the job, or that you made only a half hearted attempt, or that you quit when you should have persisted. These are the reasons of failures that we all know. These are the reasons that you could take care of next time. That is because your thoughts create reality.

What I mean is that you are the architect of your failure in the ultimate sense. If you are living in poverty and despite your best efforts couldn’t break the chain of poverty blame no one but yourself for it. Not the circumstances or the economic down turn, nor your luck, nor the cruel society or the cruel God that you think are responsible for it.

Look deeper into the causes. Go beyond what you can see immediately. Go beyond your boss that took away your job. Go beyond the economic circumstances that slumped your business. Go beyond your nagging spouse or difficult neighbors that robbed away your peace of mind. Go beyond your toxic parents. Go beyond your addictive behavior. Try to find the thoughts you've had because thoughts create reality

Cogitate upon your mental frame. Have you been blaming others for your failure? Have you been blaming yourself for your failure? Have you been blaming yourself and the others for your failure? Is the negativity dominating your thoughts? Think coolly. Give a thought. See the pattern of your behavior. See the pattern of your behavior following the pattern of your thought. Every behavior is explained by their counterpart thought. It is true that the external forces impact your thought, but if the external circumstances impact your thought negatively you must concede that your thinking is too fickle. You must agree that you are swayed like feeble leaves under the impact of winds. Can you then weather storms? Yes, you can if you understand that thoughts create reality.

You are what you are for your THOUGHTS. It is true that your thoughts originate from your circumstances. The circumstances and the environment you are in, influence your thoughts. But remember lotus blooms in muck. Diamonds are formed in coal mines. Henry Ford emerged out of difficult circumstances. Thomas Alva Edison had no schooling to speak of. It is true that millions of others like in their circumstances and in their immediate environment might have lived and died according to the dictates of their circumstantial influence. If however, you think you are unique to brave odds and adverse circumstances you are the stuff success is made of. Your thoughts however must not be wishful thinking or day dreaming. Your thoughts must be tenacious and hardy because thoughts create reality.

If you can analyze, your one day’s thoughts, you may recognize whether or not there are blueprints of success in them.

Did you not think of your failure most of the times?

Did you not blame others for anything?

Did you not lose your temper?

Were you not worried of your future?

Were you not scared of misery or poverty?

Were you not scared of old age?

Were you not scared of visible or invisible enemies?

Were you not stressed?

Did you not have a nagging worry of some or the other kind?

If your answers to most of these questions are ‘yes’ remember you are drifting away from your success. As the time goes on you will only end up compounding your worries. Can you overcome your worries and fears? If you can say ‘yes’ to this question, you have already taken your first step to success. You might have earned or inherited lot of money. You may have found a very good job that pays you regularly, but you are still far away from success, if you are under the powerful grips of ghosts of stress and worry, you are ultimately scripting a story of failure in relationships, failure in health, failure in attaining happiness and moving rapidly toward the endless tunnel of negativism, worries, and frustration. Remember, success is an all round positive development. You never envy a millionaire that commits suicide or the one that is arrested under graft charges. Your idea of a success is not a rock star that dies of drug addiction and frustration. Your ideas are thoughts and thoughts create reality.

The success in any endeavor to be lasting and enjoyable must be built on the solid platform of ethics, mental poise, love and happiness. Earning lots of money is not success. You might possibly earn lots of money even if you decide to adopt wrong means – embezzle if you are in a position of power, cheat your clients or cheat on income tax if you are in business. You certainly do not want that kind of money. Or, did you say, what’s wrong with that? End justifies the means. In any case you can filch lots of money through wrong means but we are not prepared for the consequences and the consequences can be severe. All of us want to hear the rags to riches stories but there are hundreds and thousands of riches to rags stories. There are fallen heroes and angels that no one cares to learn about. That’s how the world is.

At the root of your failure and misery are your very own thoughts. You don’t know or may not be quite aware that subconsciously you have been scripting your story of failure, no matter how much you deny it. This is because there is an absolutely real law of universe – that universe responds to your thoughts. This law is as true as the law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you hit a ball to the wall, the ball comes back and it comes back with as much force as you imparted to it. The same applies to thought. Your thoughts are a form of energy that hit the universe and rebound to you in the form of manifestation according to your subconscious desires. That's the way thoughts create reality.

It is an altogether different issue that the world for all its intelligence and wisdom understands very little of this thought energy. However, the ancient wisdom of East understood the powers of thought energy very well. The 18th and 19th century science embarked on a journey to discover the powers of thought and mind. The works of Mesmer and a series of others had begun to barely discover the power of thought energy when their entire efforts were discredited. Freud and Jung explored the powers of sub-conscious and unconscious mind. However, we are yet far away from discovering and scientifically posing the law of thought. Nonetheless, through the centuries past magicians, philosophers, and scientists have cogitated and studied the unseen and invisible thoughts that has powers to manifest reality.

Thoughts are subtle, matter is gross. Yet, matter is composed of subtle particles or perhaps even subtler wave energy that the scientific opinion is veering on. In other words, matter is not what it might appear to us and is in essence similar in composition to thought or thinking – a form or different forms of energy. If matter is composed of energy, as is thought, is it then not possible to see that thinking energy can be used for material manifestation or possibly is being used by us. Only, we are not aware and possibly we are unconsciously using our mental energy for material manifestation any way, and probably don't understand how thoughts create reality.


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    • JOE BARNETT profile image


      8 years ago

      excellent! these are the ingredients for success. if you follow these rules odds are you will succeed but, without them , you are sure to fail.great and true hub!


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