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Your Divine Reality

Updated on May 3, 2011

Spirituality of Wholeness

It is a privilege to seek our Divine Reality in our own way, in our own time, for the betterment of humanity. Health is wholeness. Having a Wholistic Lifestyle means the basics of life are being discovered in a balanced way. When we seek a spiritual awareness of who we are and our purpose in life and how we are a part of the Universe/God and Creation, then that basic aspect is covered. When we seek knowledge for improvement of who we are and what we need and how to be of service to humanity, then the mental aspect is being fulfilled. When we seek understanding of our-self and others and ways to relax or connect with others, then the emotional aspect is being fulfilled. When we seek how to care for our physical body, then that aspect is being fulfilled. When we seek to connect with nature and care for that aspect of life, that is our responsibility and an important aspect of creating our health, then the wholistic lifestyle components are covered.

It is a never ending journey, to attain the concept of wholeness in life, because we are always dealing with some new situation or someone different in our lives. It is a part of my belief system that it is our purpose and responsibility to grow and expand while we care for and nurture our self and others and the natural world of Creation.

I hope my last hub on the spiritual aspect of wholeness touched someone, made someone question, or inspired someone to seek their own understanding of their divine reality. After thirty five years of raising children (and myself !), living life's ups and downs, I still feel that sense of awe and surprise of new awareness that I really don't know all the details of exactly who I AM and why I am here. I AM growing daily. I feel the greatest attribute I was able to pass on to my children and grandchildren is that awareness, and to be confident in pursuing it while being of service to life.

After twenty five years of studying philosophies and religions and the mystical aspects thereof, I found a picture (below) that describes for me, the unity, to a great degree, of what I believe is our divine reality.

Remember the levels of inner guidance I talked about in my previous hub? and how the use of particular words can vary, though still trying to define the same concepts. The link below takes you to a picture that shows the unity of those words from different spiritual systems of understanding.

The top figure in the rainbow spheres is the Mind of God, the middle figure is the Christ Mind (Higher Self) and the lower figure is the soul consciousness (i.e. your soul, my soul or another's) in levels of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awareness of daily experience.

There is a link for more information about this picture at the bottom of this page.


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    • Ashley Ryan profile image

      Ashley Ryan 

      11 years ago from Canada


      Thank you for your comment on my hub, I agree whole heartedly. It must have been very challenging being a single parent. I couldn't Imagine....

      Looking forward to reading your hubs,



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