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Your Moon Sign; Astrology Meets Instinct

Updated on February 15, 2016
A Super Moon lights up the Night
A Super Moon lights up the Night | Source

What is a Moon Sign?

In an astrological chart there are three main influences on how a person develops. The most commonly known influence is the Sun Sign. This is the astrological position of the Sun at the time of birth. It sets your character. Next is the Ascendant Sign. This less commonly known sign is the sing that is at the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. It is your personality. The Moon Sign is the sign that the moon was in at the time of your birth. It shapes your inner being.

It wasn't too long ago that a person's Moon sign was considered to be as important as their Sun sign. In Old Astrology, the Moon sign was treated as the most important of the astrological influences on a person. Some still believe it to be the more important of the three. The Moon represents emotions. It is the inner self, the instinctual reaction to every day happenings. Those who know their Moon sign will often see themselves in it far more than in their Sun sign.

Your Moon:

  • Controls emotional response, your intuition, your true inner being.
  • It shapes instinctual responses and colors memories.
  • It develops in infancy and childhood and is often 'hidden' from the public as you mature.
  • It influences home life.
  • It permeates romantic relationships.
  • It is who you are with loved ones.

Learn About Moon Signs

Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life
Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life

A classic work on understanding your Moon Sign.


Know Your Moon Sign, Know Yourself

A person's Moon traits will often come out most when they are with those who they are comfortable with. Those who have a sun sign and a moon sign that are very different may hear others say that they are a 'different person' when dealing with close friends and family then they are when dealing with more superficial relationships and tasks.

This is quite noticeable when a Sun sign and a Moon sign are in opposition, such as a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon. The normally placid Taurus becomes emotionally complex. This results in a Bull who will run the emotional gauntlet in love and life. He'll be serene one moment and off the charts intense the next. For this Bull, earthy delights may play second fiddle to their rich inner life.

Those whose Moons sign is more closely aligned will have traits that compliment or more easily align. A Taurus with a Moon in Cancer will find herself at home in her home more so than other Taureans. This a Bull who will excel at building a home and hearth with the Bull's eye for beauty and a Cancer's fine social graces.

There are some whose Sun and Moon signs are the same. These are known as 'Doubles'. They are generally very consistent personalities whose inner and outer personas are in complete agreement. A 'Double Taurus' for example, will be a patient type whose sensual nature and love of beautiful things will know few boundaries. They will also be infamously stubborn and stable.

Moon Energy Effects

Those who have found a balance between their inner and outer selves will thrive. They will have a more positive home life with good relationships with their friends, family and lovers. They may have a more sensitive approach to life. This is to say, their intuition will be working for them.

Those who have not been able to reconcile their inner selves with their outer selves will not be as lucky in life. They may continually pick romantic partners who are not 'right' for them. They may feel uncomfortable in their own skins. Some may suffer from anxiety or worse.

Find Your Moon Sign

The Moon changes signs every two and a half days. This swift progression may be why most people do not know their own Moon sign. Luckily, easy to use calculators make this information easily accessible.

You will need to know the approximate time of your birth and the location.

See the Calculator!

Your Elemental Moon

Different signs treat the Moon differently. The always changing nature of the Moon lends itself well to reflecting the inner nature of the star signs. The elemental nature of the Moon can be said to be one of the strongest influences on a person's temperament.

Fire Moon

When the Moon is in one of the Fire signs ( Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) is is a font of energy. It gifts enthusiasm, true passion and a bit of a brash nature. The Fire Moon is not naturally inclined to be delicate and sensitive. These are big, bold and bright personalities, infectious in their love of life.

Air Moon

The Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) lend an air of aloof intellectualism to a personality. These are people who will think out their emotions. It is not to say that they are cold fish. They are simply able to think before they react. These are people who are curious about life, able to put into words what others cannot.

Water Moon

The Moon is a body that rules water. In astrology, it is at home in the Water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces). Those blessed with a Water Moon will be far more in tune with their own feelings and the feelings of others than other Moon types. They feel deeply and truly; so deeply and truly that from time to time they may loose themselves in feeling. These are people who are often gifted beyond the ordinary.

Earth Moon

A taste for the pleasure of this world marks those born under an Earth Moon (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo). This is a Moon that knows that happiness can be found here on Earth. As a result, these Moon signs are often skilled lovers, great chefs and talented artists. These people are able to charm others with pleasures of the hearth and home.

The Wheel Of the Zodiac

Astrological Clock, Bracken House in London
Astrological Clock, Bracken House in London | Source

The Sun And The Moon, Together

Reading your birth chart will help you to understand just how in sync your Sun and Moon are. Each planetary body is thought to have influences on each other body. The Sun and the Moon are no different.


This means that two planetary bodies are within ten degrees of each other. This means that they are in close orb. If they are within one degree then they are in exact conjunction. This is the most powerful major aspect.

If your Sun and Moon are in conjunct then your Sun will empower your Moon. Your sense of self will be strong and your ability to actualize just as powerful.

Trine or Sextile

This is a positive coming together of planets that forms when each planet is roughly three signs apart on a chart. These formations are believed to be in harmony, a place of natural talent.

A Sun and Moon in a trine formation offer well being and great confidence. Generally, the Sun and Moon will be in the same element. This just smooths the personality.


A square is a formation that occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart. It is a source of tension and a snare for energies. It helps form a challenging aspect of personality.

The Sun and Moon in a square can lead to discontentment. What is needed by the Moon will not be what is wanted by the Sun. Only time will release the energy.


This formation occurs when planetary bodies are roughly 180 degrees apart. It is stressful since it can draw energies in opposite directions. At the same time, it is a stabilizing force that can offer strength.

A Sun and Moon in opposition leads to extremes of personality. This is a person that can be and feel many things, authentically. If balance can be found, this makes for a powerful persona.

Are You Solar or Lunar?

Are You more Solar or Lunar?

view quiz statistics
Carved Man in the Moon, bone ring.
Carved Man in the Moon, bone ring. | Source

A Day or a Night Person?

Typically, the Dominate planet of a person's chart is the planetary ruler of their Ascendant sign.

This is not to say that a person can be more Solar or more Lunar. This just means that they resonate more with one aspect of their personality more than the other.

An easy way to figure out a if someone trends Solar or Lunar is to look at the time of birth. A night birth tends to resonate with their Moon while a day birth will resonate more with their Sun.

Create Your Astrological Chart

A more complex understanding of your Sloar or Lunar tendencies requires a full chart. Toda, these are freely availbe.
First, create your chart for free, here!
This website will allow you to run a complete complex chart. If you scroll down, it will allow you to redraw it with all information needed. You can even save it the text, if you like.

This site will allow you to save a drawn out chart HERE. The visual chart makes for a nice display.

Now you can use your data to answer the following quizzes:

How Strong is Your Moon?

How Strong is Your Sun?

The Moon, from a Tarot Deck

The Moon has long been understood to have a powerful influence on lives and fortunes.
The Moon has long been understood to have a powerful influence on lives and fortunes. | Source


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