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Zodiac Sign Scorpio Explained

Updated on January 29, 2013


Are you living upto your reputation? Apparently the scorpio character is one of a sex obsessed, possessive, jealous type. They have enough energy to fire a rocket into space and are so secretive the detective branch would welcome them with open arms. But when it comes to love beware a scorpio will will sting you to death if you hurt them, but if you remain loyal, they too will reward you by being kind, genourous and fighting to the death for their partner! You are a fixed sign, which pretty much means you are a stubborn arse, that won't move an inch if you know you are right, you will argue till you are blue in the face, or the other person finally gives in. You are also a water sign, which means you are highly emotional and a deep thinker. You Love passionately and also hate bittely, Every thing is black or white to you . Your perfect job would be a detective where you can uncover the truth and reveal secrets, oh yes you like to get to the bottom of things. science and medicine interest you and death you find interesting, not surprising then that your associated tarot card is the death card! Your birthstone is topaz and your ruling planets are mars and pluto. Mars is the planet of War and destruction! Pluto is the planet that has just popped out of the shadows to let us know that he has been watching us, even though we didnt know he was there untill recent years, the planet of cold ice, deep secrets and death.


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    • profile image

      conrado fontanilla 5 years ago

      I am a scorpio but am not fond of astrology. However, being fond of medicine, although am not a doctor, fits me, as well as that of getting at the bottom of things. Its nice to have a fellow Huber from England. I am looking forward to reading authentic English. I find that you incorporate a lot of antioxidants in your menu.