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Zeitgeist Movie

Updated on April 6, 2009

From the Movie

I got a call one day from the Terry woman I knew and she said, "Would you like to meet one of the Rockefellers?"

I said, "Sure, I'd love to!" And we became friends. And he began to devote a lot of things to me.

So he said to me one night, "There's gonna be an event, Aaron.

And out of that event you're gonna see we are going to go into Afghanistan so we can run the pipelines from the Caspian Sea, we are going to go into Iraq to take the oil and establish a base in the Middle-East, and then we are going to go into Venezuela and try to get rid off that Chavez."

And the first two they've accomplished, Chavez they didn't accomplish.

And so you're gonna see guys going into caves, looking for people they never gonna find.

You know, he's laughing about the fact that you have this war on terror and there's no real enemy. He's talking about how by having this war on terror you can never win it 'cause it's an eternal war, so you can always keep taking people's liberties away.

I said, "How you're gonna convinced people that this war is real?"

He said, "By the media. The media can convince everybody it's real.

Zeitgeist movie is a non-profit movie distributed for free. (You can find the links to watch online or download at the bottom of the page)The movie sums up how the human population is enslaved in three chapters. Religion, Terror and Money. Zeitgeist tells the story of a minor ruling class controlling whole world from the first ages by religion. When we come to near future we see the effect of terror for making people fear and making them easier to rule. Then more important the movie tells how they did take control of money by manipulating markets.

This isn't a conspirancy theory told over and over. This is the reality we are forced to live. This is the reality that they are making us watch from TV's everyday. This is the reality how young people are sent to wars and killed just to make some people rich. They control the media, they control the money and they control our minds. It's frustrating to see how they do this and this is how exactly we should be. FRUSTRATED. The crazy theories stated in sci-fi books like 1984, Brave New World or V for Vendetta is coming to reality. They have done this before, they are doing it now and they will do this in the future.

You should watch this movie and you should make people watch this movie. Internet is the only media medium they aren't in total control and you can spread this movie. They have already deleted Zeitgeist Movie from Wikipedia.

They have published a fraud movie called "American Zeitgeist" and forwarding people to this one instead of "Zeitgeist Movie". It's a suprise that the movie doesn't exist at such a big movie database; IMDB. They are also forwarding you to fraud "American Zeitgeist" at IMDB. A movie wathced 5.000.000 times in GoogleVideos doesn't worth a word for them.

Open Your Eyes..

The men behind the curtain know this and they also know that if people ever realized the truth of their relationship to nature and the truth of their personal power, the entire manufactured zeitgeist they prey upon would collapse like a house of cards.

The whole system that we live in drills into us that we're powerless, that we're weak, that our society is evil, that it's fraudulant et cetera and so forth It's all a big fat lie.

We are powerful, beautiful, extraordinary.


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    • QualityContent profile image


      7 years ago

      WATCH all the movies, just open your eyes.

    • profile image

      Sam Hinton 

      7 years ago

      i love you article so much

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      you americans are crazy even to let muslims live in america and practice their old triblaa barbaric practices.why dont you look at the lives of christians and other religious groups that have been overpowerd by muslims dut their sheer breeding ability(one man-4 wives-4 children each)dont let me even start on human rights..

      amerca would experience in the near future something that uk has already got a taste halal meat in fast food outlets,no more beacon,,even the piggy bank is banned.all this for starters.wait and day u will have to cover ur ladies from head to toe and will be beheaded for a one night stand

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This article refutes and disproves claims of Zeitgeist movie, from the part of Christianity:

      I suggest to read the article

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      wanted 2 check whether critisizing comments r also pasted!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      bad movie

    • adorababy profile image


      8 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      An eyeopener! Everybody should watch it.

    • norbit profile image


      8 years ago

      very instructive film

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I watched it, looks good to those who dont know anything and thats exactly the foundation of the "show", but it has a huge amount of holes, that it doesnt back up. So I would say it is an immature, and puff of hot air going nowhere. Much like 9/11 you suck it or you blow it. Still a load of KAK.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      the movie is not deleted from wiki and the movie is in imdb database both movies are

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      The movie's attempt at debunking the Jesus story by comparisons to ancient God's was the film's weakest area.

      However,it successfully made the link between organised religion's attempt at controlling the belief and behaviour of society throughtout the history of civilisation to the present day influence of the media.

      The real substance of this film that should precipitate a global debate and paradigm shift in awareness is in how it explains that the actions of our governments for the past 100 or so years have been directly influenced by a few extremely powerful international finance clans.

      The message of this film is empowering to us the people and although it is at times alarmist and rather sensational it does give a very convincing explanation for the events of the past few years.

      Without doubt the most crucial element of the film was its stunning revelation that the World Trade Centre had been rigged with thermite in a pre-arranged staged demolition.

      Whatever you might think about all the other conspiracy-theory material about sinister world-bankers ,there can be no doubt

      that what happened on 9/11 was an appalling blood sacrifice of American lives perpertrated by a fifth column within the u.s. administration that had gained control of the the u.s. defence strategy and enabled the attacks to happen.

      Whether or not the former vice president was the real culprit is still unclear but undoubtably he played a crucial role in enabling the attacks to happen through his grossly inept handling of Americas defense systems.

      As for the 'war on Terror' we in the u.k. are being governed by the last remaining global power that fully supported the invasion of Iraq.

      It is utterly unfeasible to assume that Britain's Intelligence services did not know the truth about the REAL cause for the collapse of the Twin Towers and therefore every single anti-terrorist law that has subsequently been passed has been done so on false pretences.

      Here in the U.K., since 1997 3000 new laws have been added to the statute books and the ancient right to 'Habeas Corpus' (trial by jury)and no detention without charge has been staedily eroded by the last remaining neocon-supporting government in power.

      It is time we stood up and defended the honour of the brave generation who valiently defended this nation's freedoms against the nazis in the 39-45 war.

      3 Million of us marched on February 15 2003 to tell the government that we did not want our forces used in an illegal invasion of Iraq.

      They didn't listen to us.

      London is the hub of the world financial system ,hence why our police were ordered to turn on peaceful protesters at the G20 meeting last month

      Countless millions of hard-working people have been bancrupted because of the greed of a handful of unscrupulous governments and banking institutions.2- 4 trillian$ dollars of taxpayers money has been pledged to shore-up the banking system and provide 1.1 trillion $ of funds to the IMF - the same International Monetary Fund that has been known to loan money to developing nations in Africa and then gain control of their mineral rights and resources by imposing interest rates as high as 30%.

      It is no wonder that Africa has had some of the most corrupt regimes on the planet.

      Rather than give the poorest people on the planet the money interest-free to kick -start the economy,they have been giving the taxpayers funds to the banks who will then,so the reasoning goes,loan the money to cash-strapped business and families.

      Our Prime Minister calls it the cycle of virtue!


      And all the while there has been the steady encroachment and whittling away of our basic civil rights.

      We must defend our freedoms and ultimately we will win.

      Jesus' life is our inspiration and in him we trust-'God's will be done on Earth as in Heaven'.

      Hope and righteousness walk hand in hand and with the word of God as our weapon of attack WE WILL WIN!


      Let's pray for courage , strength ,patience and endurance ,forgiveness,mercy,compassion,justice and above all ,LOVE!

      In Jesus' name,amen!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I can tell you from the inside that about 70% of this movie is correct.

    • livelovecoffee profile image


      10 years ago from Georgia

      I remember seeing this movie for the first time, and had to watch it over and over to see all the little details. Great article!

    • WeddingConsultant profile image


      10 years ago from DC Metro Area

      bloggerdollar, I'm a fan of yours already, but I'm disappointed with this one. Unfortunately you have succumb to the very propoganda-filled media you so readily curse!

      While I openly admit (and have so in past forum threads) that this movie was QUITE well done, I'm not so ready to jump on the bandwagon. In fact I wish I could create a movie HALF as motivating as Zeitgeist, but unfortunately they stretch way too many truths to fit their theories.

      Personally I could write a novel about the inconsistencies in the video, but for sake of my fingers, I'll save myself.

    • CorruptionAmerica profile image


      10 years ago from Rhode Island

      I like how the movie went into detail on things other than 9/11. It focused on everything from the origins of religon to how we use religon as a weapon today. This movie was overall a great movie the adendum was good to but after a while it started to drag.

    • bspilner profile image


      10 years ago from Altanta, Ga.

      They did a great job of presenting the movie in a way to open peoples minds up to think. Although I do agree with everything this movie states I can't deny the logic to question those we give power to. I love movies like this because you can really find some interesting facts out and discover some pretty interesting questions. But I agree with those who take information with a grain of salt.

    • artfuldodger profile image


      10 years ago from Earth

      This movie was awesome. Everyone should watch it. Enough Said.

    • JazLive profile image


      10 years ago from Decatur

      Recently, there was a digg story that suggested a member of the Bush should be prosecuted; I did a search and found an article that suggest an employee died via mysteriously movement of her car that crushed her to death.

    • Ray Saunders profile image

      Ray Saunders 

      10 years ago from Raleigh

      It's an interesting film but I usually take these films with a grain of salt. I've read plenty of books and films on the material and I only believe about half of it (if that much).

      The second Zeitgeist film was better. At least they offer solutions in the end.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Reply to James' Comment: "I think we need to really do what the movie says... be critical thinkers.... I see some errors right of the bat... No scholar will tell you christains think Jesus was boarn on Dec 25th.... It was spring or summer... We celebrate Dec 25 cuz they replaced a pagan holiday... Also, there were never 3 Kings that visited jesus... they were "Magi/wisemen... and it never states how many..... From this alone I can see they (makers of movie) didn't do THEIR research..... I hope you all are doing yours.... Don't just believe cuz it tickles your ears.... or feels right... or justifies what you already believe...... think... challenge"

      I'm sure the people who made the movie knew all of that and possibly more. That is just what is widely believed by most people christian or not. Most christians I know for a fact haven't read the bible. They just turn to the verse that the preacher or pastor or minister wants them to and then they are told what it means and how they should use that verse to stay closer to God. I was a christian most of my life because ofy parents but I eventually started doubting and doubting because of the countless hippocrisies in the bible and the way you can interpret the verses to many so many different things. It took 14 years to question it and now I'm 19 and I've studied it more not to get closer to God but the truth.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Ninety percent of New York City dwellers think 9/11 was an inside job. When I say I think it was, around"normal" people, they look at me like I'm the terrorist! Most people can't accept that what the government say's isn't true, it just too.....horrible to think of the alternative. We all need to keep prodding our fellow earthdwellers to start waking up from this matrix like dream state and kick these crooks to the curb. My town had George Bush visit and they only let card carrying republicans into the function....protesters were contained in a small "protest area" is this now part of homeland security? Do we not have the right to protest anymore? Maybe someone can help me with this ...anyways...sigh....

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Now Im wondering if I have watched the "real" Zietgeist movie or tha fraud one ...

      also, the subtitles for this movie is really hard to find without thousand of errors

    • Blackbird profile image


      10 years ago from San Diego, California

      this is interesting.  If you study early civilizations it is apparent, more in certain civilizations, that religon especially dominated society.  Egypt is a great example of how religon controlled society.  The Egyptian pharoahs, for example, were believed to be anthropomorphic, or gods in human form.  In this way, they achieved unparalleled and undisputed control.  Its incredibly interesting, but I also see examples of this in everyday life.  Look in politics, while we have a "seperation of church and state," religon plays a large part in our presidential election.  Remember, it was Bush who claimed that "god told him to run for president."

    • profile image

      R E H 

      10 years ago

      I think that people have to see other things like the History and nat geog channel on sky to see that lots of things tally up in the film. Also read the papers , anyone nocvtice JP Morgan made a bid for Beare Sterns Bank coincidence or what

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I think we need to really do what the movie says... be critical thinkers.... I see some errors right of the bat... No scholar will tell you christains think Jesus was boarn on Dec 25th.... It was spring or summer... We celebrate Dec 25 cuz they replaced a pagan holiday... Also, there were never 3 Kings that visited jesus... they were "Magi/wisemen... and it never states how many..... From this alone I can see they (makers of movie) didn't do THEIR research..... I hope you all are doing yours.... Don't just believe cuz it tickles your ears.... or feels right... or justifies what you already believe...... think... challenge

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I've watched zeitgeist numerous times and one question keeps popping into my do we know that this is the truth? Even though it makes sense, the pieces of the puzzle fit, how could we truly that this is the reality that we are faced with?I should add that I do believe most of the movie and that some facts cannot be refuted, yet I am still skeptical. Maybe this is exactly what the film intended to do, get people to think critically about the world around them, not just take everything we see on television and the paper as the truth. In an age where multinational corporations and the mass media have the influence and power to actually influence legislation with their "information", should we not ask such questions, such as where do these organizations acquire their sources? Think about it, if people had the means to acquire information from the source, it would be impossible for peoples' perceptions about what is going on in the world to be twisted in some way.Ps. Zeitgeist the movie is actually one of those movies that change lives, and we should salute those behind the movie. Their message is simple, we can still change things, there is still hope...

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Uhmmm actually, the other one is being deleted because of a grammatical error in the title, see here,,_the_Movie for the actual existent wiki page!! People are so paranoid...

    • ReidMcCarter profile image


      11 years ago

      I watched "Zeitgeist" a few months ago and right away sent it to everyone I knew to check out. A little bit later I got emails back from people doing the same thing and I was so happy to know that the film was catching on by virtue of word of mouth. Although I take everything like this with a grain of salt the movie will make you question what you think you know about the world all around and, especially if you're a North American Christian, shake the foundations of your way of thought.

      I'm glad that it might get more exposure from this Hub.

    • bloggerdollar profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      It is quite easy to think that our society lives in a world where the information is free.What most of people don't realize is the fact that you have to make the right questions BEFORE getting the answers. So, the information is not that free as we wanted it to be. Only an inquiring mind (with skeptical proficiency, I'd say) will be able to obtain a larger view of the main picture.Zeitgeist is, as a documentary, something that approaches to Michael Moore's style: Conspiracy I saw and you were not able to say so until I told you what really goes on.And it was sucessful in its purpose because it shows us that we don't have the information to refute what they say. And what they say? They say we are stupid and ruled by few. Why? Because we don't have information. They say war serves to secret societies formed by nazi-bankers that imploded the World Trade Center and killed JFK.And I say : why not? It fits. It works. I buy it.But what will I do with this information? Did I asked for it? Will it make me happier, more productive, healthier? I will run for president and change the world's black fate, shall I?This kind of formula with no propositive idea is not new. We saw the Protocols of Zion used that way.And the truth is only one at all:The only problem is that people just don't care...And it is quite clear to everyone of us around the Globe.Americans don't even vote anymore.With a good argument you can prove whatever you want. Especially when you are the only one who talks. The order, the system, whatever, is an ideology more powerful and subtle than a master plan of evil masons. Wake up you all and make the questions by yourselves. The point is clear, "who controls the past now controls the future, who controls the present now controls the past."The truth is outside ... ... of the television, the newspapers and even the internet.PakkattoPS> Sorry for the bad English, I am from Brasil (we wrote with an "S").

    • MrMarmalade profile image


      11 years ago from Sydney

      i like the sound of that, I will follow through

    • Sqoo Media profile image

      Sqoo Media 

      11 years ago from Brighton UK

      Didn't know about the fraud movie, but not surprised!



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