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Zozo...the Ouija Board Demon

Updated on March 24, 2020

Don't Touch That Ouija Board!!

The next time you decide to make a game out of using a Ouija board you may want to think twice about it. No matter how careful you are, meaning no matter how many protection objects, spells, or prayers you use, they still will not protect you from things coming through that aren't those you are trying to communicate with.

Most people think that they are actually speaking to the person they asked to speak to but usually it is just a random spirit and not the actual person that they were trying to contact. Spirits are not like puppies, they do not come when called. You may have asked to speak to a deceased loved one, but odds are pretty high that you will not be actually speaking to them. Most likely you will speak to whatever is hanging around if anything. Sometimes however, other things that aren't so friendly can come through. Most of these spirits are harmless, but some not so much.

You've Summoned A Demon...Accidentally

During the past 10-15 years there have been more and more stories or cases of people who messed around with a Ouija board and ended up contacting a demon known as ZoZo. There have even been several haunting's and paranormal shows that have featured people who have claimed to have had contact with this demon. Some claim to have been scratched while others have had things like lights flashing, doors slamming and a very few have claimed to have had a curse placed upon their families.

How Do Things Come Through A Ouija Board?

For many people they will argue that nothing bad can come from playing with a Ouija board while others refuse to go anywhere near them. If you've ever wondered why this is I'm going to give a quick explanation as to why a Ouija board can be a dangerous thing to play with.

When you combine everyone's energy by touching the planchette, you are in a sense opening a portal because of the combined strength of everyone's energy. Once you open a portal anything can and most likely will come out. You can ask to speak to anyone that you want to speak to, but just the simple act of asking does not guarantee that you will get to speak to whomever you are asking for.

There is also the issue of the portal that you opened. Closing a portal is much more difficult than just telling the Ouija board goodbye as everyone else says is all it takes. Closing a portal once opened takes a professional and even then sometimes it can only be done temporarily.

Most people also forget that there are consequences for every action that you put out into the universe. Whether you believe it or not, things like this can haunt you well after you've stopped playing the game and taken that half hearted not working attempt to close the portal that you opened. I personally have experience with the after effects when you play with a Ouija board.

Boredom Leads To Stupidity

Just as the title of this paragraph states, boredom leads to stupidity, especially when the people involved 100% knew better than to do what they were doing. This is where the whole snowstorm and several glasses of wine all around come into play.

My brother, brother-in-law, and myself were all stuck at home during a snowstorm in 2009. We'd given up on trying to watch television or movies because the power was blinking on and off randomly. It was my brother who first suggested that we should make a Ouija board and try to use it. The effects of the wine had kicked in so myself and my brother-in-law agreed and we set out to light some candles. My brother and I being Pagans figured that we could cast a circle of protection and everything would be fine. None of us thought that anything bad was going to happen.

We sat around the living room coffee table, on the floor and placed our fingers on the upside down glass. It began moving almost immediately and even though we all tried to stay calm we could immediately feel that something wasn't right. My brother did the talking and asked to speak to our uncle who'd passed away in the house several years before. The glass slid to no and when my brother asked again it spelled out the word "blood". My brother then tried a third time and the glass immediately slid to the word "no" before it flew off the table and hit the wall across the room, shattering.

None of us moved because the candles had gone out and we were in total darkness. It took a moment for us to locate the matches that were laying on the floor next to my brother. As he lit the first match it promptly went out. It took nine matches before we were able to light one of the candles. I got up and walked across the room to turn on the lights, but the lights wouldn't turn on. My brother-in-law found a flash light and went to the basement to see if the breaker had been tripped because of the storm. My brother and I went to the kitchen to get another drink. The only lit candle was with us in the kitchen, but a few minutes later we smelled what smelled like burning wood. We went back to the livingroom because there was a glow coming from there and the coffee table was on fire with the homemade Ouija board on it. It took water and a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and by the time we got it out there was a burn spot on the carpet. The power remained off for the rest of the night, but we figured it was because of the storm and went to bed. That was a bad idea.

The Night of No Sleep

We all went to bed that night, but I don't think any of us really got any sleep. This was the first night we all left our doors open and ended up laying in our rooms talking back and forth most of the night. We could hear sounds and things crashing downstairs, but none of us were willing to get up and look. The lights went on and off a few times, but we tried to ignore things. I fell asleep around 5:30 A.M. and my woke up with my brother frantically shaking me. He'd gone downstairs because even though the power came back on around 6 it was still freezing in the house.

The house itself was wide open when we went downstairs. The windows and doors were all wide open and there was snow everywhere. The counters in the kitchen were cleared and the contents of the fridge was all over the floor. We cleaned things up in silence, nobody wanting to speculate anything. The only telltale sign of what we'd summoned was the word ZoZo scratched into the wooden floor in the dining room. Later after cleanup was done my brother and I spent the rest of the day cleansing the house and doing what we could to close the portal we'd opened.

The house never went back to normal after that and in the end my brother and brother-in-law moved out. The three of us have never touched a Ouija board again.


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