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Zombie Apocalypse | The Drug Called Bath Salts Associated With Real Life Zombie Attacks.|Hopped Up Homeless

Updated on January 31, 2013

The Recent Zombie Attacks in America.

The 2012 Mayan Calendar has now been disproven to be the cause of the apocalypse because the calendar goes past 2012. So, we can all rest easy until the polar ice caps melt or until Christ returns, right? I would not be to sure of that because it looks like the Zombie Apocalypse may be on the horizon.

Bath Salts are causing zombie attacks?

On May26, 2012 one homeless man by the name of Rudy Eugene attacked another homeless man named Ronald Poppo and ate his face all the way to his goatee. Apparently, Rudy was hopped up on a drug called Bath Salts. This story does seem to have all the elements needed to start a Zombie Apocalypse. You have the homeless being the possible agents of infection, which is perfect because nobody keeps tabs on the homeless. Nevertheless, the homeless would not be the only potential spreaders of the zombie infection. Illegal drug users could also become zombies and start the zombie pandemic; however, the man bitten by Rudy Eugene did not turn into a zombie.

There have been more zombie attacks in America

I would not issue a sigh of relief just yet, because there have been more zombie attacks. A Maryland college killed and ate the brains and heart of his roommate. Also, a porn star in Canada (Canada has porn?) tortured and killed a man, then ate his brain and heart.

Furthermore, claims that there have been two more recent zombie attacks. One incident happened in New Haven, CT, involving a beauty supply storeowner who was punched, kicked, and bitten by a woman trying to steal a wig from the store. The suspects name is Lowpel Davis (a female zombie?). Supposedly, surveillance footage of the incident shows the 70-year-old storeowner, Jongyol Lee, chasing the suspect down the street as the zombie femme fatale continued to attack him.

The sight of the other incident was in Louisiana, where the supposed zombie bit off quarter sized chunks of the victims left cheek. Again, the bites of the supposed zombies did not cause the creation of new zombies (unless there is a massive cover up going on), but it does appear that zombies may become a reality soon, and history tells us that zombies might have visited us in the past.

Zombies in medieval Ireland?

There seems to be proof that zombies were roaming around in medieval Ireland. In the web article they talk about, "Two early medieval skeletons were unearthed recently in Ireland with large stones wedged into their mouths -- evidence, archaeologists say, that it was feared the individuals would rise from their graves like zombies." There has even been a movie about zombies in the middle ages and it was called Army of Darkness. Most people (okay, some people might) say that the movie was much too realistic to be anything but true. Bruce Campbell has been trying for years to warn us about the dangers of the evil dead (zombies), but most of us ignore his warnings and call it entertainment.

This what I would do,

So, what should one do to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse? First, do not take bath salts (they will really screw you up). Secondly, buy yourself a Zombie Survival Guide. There are many different guides to choose from. Thirdly, get in shape and start running a lot. Fourthly, get a slow friend and hang out with him/her a lot (you only need to run away from the zombies faster than your friend does). Fifthly, buy yourself a machete because as the zombie expert Max Brook says, "You do not have to reload a machete." Finally yet importantly, read my Hubpage about the 2012 Apocalypse in it I tell you how and when the real zombie Apocalypse begins.

In closing, I would enjoy reading what you have to say about "Bath Salts", Zombies, or this article.

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

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    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 6 years ago from North Florida

      Actually, send the smokes! In New York, they're about $100 for a carton! I roll my own for about $10 per carton. And I like creepy stuff, so the chicken head will fit right in!

    • pmorries profile image

      pmorries 6 years ago from Golden, CO

      Georgie, I am cutting off a rubber chicken's head and sending it to you in the mail!!! Darn you, you probably wrote another Hub while I was writing this comment! Also, I am going to send you a carton of cigarettes, so that the rest of us have a chance (well eventually).

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 6 years ago from North Florida

      I'm home all the time . If it weren't for Facebook and smoke breaks (we smoke outside) I'd be able to write even more. I have a goal for my first payout by the end of the summer, so I have a lot more I need to post! I do write fast, though. I can write a 400 word article in ten minutes if I don't have to research.

    • pmorries profile image

      pmorries 6 years ago from Golden, CO

      Georgie, you are a writing machine. How do you do it?

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 6 years ago from North Florida

      I actually thought that bath salts were really bath salts. I felt like an idiot when I was enlightened!

      I hope we do have a (minor) zombie outbreak. I'm a member of the Zombie Survival Crew and, if the zombie SHTF, I get to blow stuff up!

      Great Hub!


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