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A Perfect Witch's Dozen

Updated on October 19, 2014

Blue & Purple Flowers In The Garden


Lucky Thirteen

Once I started thinking about witches, witchy, and Wicca etc., I found I couldn't stop. Power of the witch indeed. That's the kind of thing that grows of its own volition. And soon, there were 13 pages, a proper witch's dozen.

A perfect witch's dozen is 13, the same as a baker's dozen. It is very simple, after all, 13 is just a number. To many it is a sign of bad luck. To me, it is a sign of generosity, giving, and protection.

Witchy Traveler Mug

Lang Feeling Witchy Traveler Mug
Lang Feeling Witchy Traveler Mug

Always I am feeling witchy.


Power Of The Witch


It's all about the symbolism. Symbolism takes many forms. Brooms and witch's hats are two of the more common and visible symbols.

Historically, though, it's not been safe for witches to be overly visible. Jealousy or fear always got someone talking. And let's face it, smart women have always pissed people off.

Kitchen Witches

Cayenne Chocolate Snickerdoodles


These are a great favorite with witches - Cayenne Chocolate Snickerdoodles. I know I love them.

It has to do with that whole opposites attract thing. You've got your luscious chocolate snickerdoodle combined with a quick bite of cayenne pepper. Truly a brilliant combination.

Hedge Witches

Call us what you will, we go by many names - healer, hedge witch, kitchen witch, shaman, and more.

© 2013 Linda Hahn

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