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Adopt a Simple Four-fold Attitude and Transform Your World

Updated on October 14, 2014

The Peace that Passes all Understanding

May the peace that passes all understanding dwell in your heart? Can you imagine living with the peace that passes all understanding in your heart? The bliss from this peace will radiate from within and dispel any gloom or suffering, misery and pain. The harmony from this peace will radiate and dispel any darkness.

Walking in such peace would cause your attitude to change immediately. Obtaining the peace that passes all understanding would require a change of attitude and that would require action.

Take action to walk in the light! To take action without a motive, or without reason and without attachment is to attain a balanced frame of mind.

Action is not a decision anybody can make a decision. Action is the knowledge to bring balance. It is the wisdom that the action will have, there will be no expectations, no desires, and there will be only love of light.

Can you love without the ‘if’ or the ‘because’, probably not, we are not saints but we can try to by changing our attitude and transforming our world. First and foremost is the command to ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.’

The peace that passes all understand will guide us to love the Lord without any ‘if’ or ‘because’ simply by our understanding the real, powerful and unshakable love. We need to look within our hearts and understand and love ourselves without hindrance and rejection, and then we will be free to love, to life and fill our lives with the peace that passes all understanding.

Friendliness to all equals – Part 1 of the four-fold

Is it difficult to be friendly toward everybody? In our society today, openness of genuine friendliness is missing. The friendliness should be beneficial toward everybody. Gracious, pleasant, responsive and sociable. Stop using selective friendliness. Do not show partiality and cultivate a high social status toward those considered inferior. Are you an elitist? If you do then change, become aware of whom you are friendly toward, and you will soon realize the beggar, the shop assistant, the boss and the government are not enemies. Show neighborly friendship to everybody and stop being selective. Demonstrate friendliness without hostility let your attitude radiate friendliness at all times.

Do not let your friendliness be bound to fear. There should be no fear of being friendly toward everybody. The only fear you will have is if you are afraid of people wanting to extend the friendship or ask you for something. This will mean that you are attached to the material world and not living in the blessing. This is no reason to fear, your smile, your kind word, your goodwill is sufficient.

Change your attitude and let the warm, comforting, affectionate and benevolent friendliness become the real you.

Compassion for those of a lower status

Compassion is the thoughtful concern for others. Why do we not have compassion, is it because of the judgment toward others that we hold in our minds. Show compassion by offering sympathy for the suffering of others and include a desire to help. The misfortune of others and those of a lower status should not be ignored. Compassion, the care, concern, sensitivity and mercy to all humankind is indeed a rare attribute among people.

More importantly show compassion to yourself, be kind to who you are and develop a sympathetic consciousness and cultivate a desire of warm-heartedness. Love yourself, understand who you are and then you will develop a compassionate nature that will radiate your love.

Give birth to compassion for the nearest yet unfamiliar aspect of yourself, as you do for the one outside who feels like a stranger. — Neil Douglas-Klotz in The Hidden Gospel

Big Daddy Weave - Redeemed

Absence of envy to those above us

Can it be said that jealousy stems from an immature mind? Is jealousy a disease, where love is a healthy condition? Can the mind mistake one for the other and assume that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy? These two powerful emotions entwined can produce unbearable turmoil.

Envy is the resentful feeling of another’s good fortune, success, qualities or possessions. It is the desire to possess something that one does not have. Envy causes resentment, an aggrieved feeling and a sense of being treated poorly. It is a strong feeling or emotion of grievance and displeasure.

There is no joy in being envious; this can make a person feel inadequate. Envy creates a feeling of not being able to reach a certain standard of contentment. The fear of lack, incompetence and hopelessness are consequences of allowing envy to control your mind.

There will always be people above us whether it is through higher education, social standing or creativeness. Why envy these people, they are who they are, and you are who you are. It is your attitude that can make a difference, just as it is the attitude of the people above us that can make a difference when they to show compassion. It does not matter where you are, or who you, it only matters that you obtain the peace that passes all understanding.

Total indifference to those who regard themselves as our enemies

Indifference can be a lack of interest, care or concern. Precisely, your enemies will provoke, slander and attack you, and by showing total indifference, you will emerge as the winner. The enemy will not be able to provoke you to the cause or occasion of an emotion or a response.

Indifference can be identified by being unresponsive, detached, aloof, unmoved and unconcerned.

Remaining indifferent will be choosing to remain neutral in a time of danger, struggle and especially by not making a choice to enter, a dispute will imply total control over emotion.

It is not to live a life being indifferent to all situations; it is about being indifferent to the enemy. Certainly, there will be indifference to governments or politics and that is not the enemy, unless you make them your enemy.

A person can love one person and be indifferent to others, and this is not love but the personality of selfishness.

The secret of how to live without resentment or embarrassment in a world in which I was different from everyone else. was to be indifferent to that difference.

Al Capp

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In Conclusion

This is the four-fold attitude of friendliness, compassion, absence of envy and indifference that can transform your world.

Remember the opposite of love is not hate – it is the indifference.

Life is simple; it is about walking in love, and not complicating matters. Life is about attaining the peace that passes all understanding. Life is not about changing the world, it is about being a better person, by letting your light shine and let others change their world through your impact of radiating light and love. Life is about how you respond to events, actions, thoughts and people. There is nothing to fear, life is meant to be happy and inspiring and guided by knowledge. Life is beautiful and to understand yourself and refuse self-rejection, principles, the choices and the change.

Life is about living, therefore, love life and life will love you back. Cultivate a love of life and gain clarity, coupled with compassion and your actions will generate the peace and love of a life lived abundantly.

Seemingly, man has learned to live without God, preoccupied, indifferent toward Him, and concerned only about material security and pleasure.

Billy Graham

The Four-fold Attitude

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    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 3 years ago from New England

      Beautiful hub. Love the way you weave the other media around the text, and enjoyed listening to the song. :0)

      You are so right about the role that attitude plays in how we live our lives. Gratitude is so important. If we focus on the blessings that we have known, and decide that we are okay the way we are because God made us and doesn't make junk, that we can be blessings to each other, then our lives will continue to be beautiful, and peace will be ours.

      Hope you are having a blessed day.