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All Things Paranormal (bigfoot, Ghosts, Ufos)

Updated on April 24, 2016
captured with a trap camera at a hunting camp
captured with a trap camera at a hunting camp

Sasquatch (Bigfoot)

I believe in most things paranormal. That includes Sasquatch. I do not believe easily; though I do keep an open mind. My brother and I saw a Sasquatch around 1977. It was while we were driving along highway 2 eastbound in Minnesota late one night; so, my belief is based on experience.

There have been thousands of sightings of Sasquatch just by non-natives. The Native Peoples have stories of them going back centuries. There are hundreds of pictures and videos of these creatures available for view; the most famous, of course, is the Patterson film.

Footprints, hundreds of them, have been found and cast. Some people tend to think these are faked, and some probably are. But, there have been way too many in way too diverse locations and over way too many years for all of them to be fake. That would mean a conspiracy that would be over a century old. These footprints are interesting for another reason, though. They seem to be, for the most part, individual prints or only a couple together. Any good tracker should be able to track an animal that leaves 15 or 16 inch footprints. They must leave a trail that should be easily followed even through thick brush, but they don't seem to.

This all leads me to a couple of conclusions. One; that Sasquatch is real. There is too much evidence to deny it. Two; that Sasquatch is another type of paranormal or mythological creature; a shape shifter. I have come to this conclusion because, it seems to me, that the tracking part just doesn't add up. Most times Bigfoot is spotted by experienced outdoors people (hunters, anglers, naturalists and government forest workers). These people would be somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to tracking, yet there has never been a documented case of a Bigfoot being tracked any great distance. Crazy? Maybe, but it does make sense to me. It is a valid reason why a Sasquatch has never been captured or even one occupied den or lair has been found. I am sure I am not the only person who has wondered about that.

As for shape shifters; every culture and/or society has stories and legends of shape shifters. Europe, The United Kingdom, Israel/The Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Russia and, of course, North America. All over the world there are stories of werewolves, vampires and other shape shifting monsters. We call them legends and myths because we are too advanced and modern to believe in such things. But, one has to think that the legends, somewhere along the line, are based on fact.

Shape shifters, little people, demons, angels are all the stuff of legend and myth. We easily believe in angels and demons because they are so well written about in books such as the Bible, the Torah, the Talmud, the Quran and others. But, we don't believe in shape shifters or little people because they aren't? An Imp is a little demon mentioned in Holy books. A Broxa, from Jewish literature, is a shape shifter. We can either dismiss out of hand all the stories, but then we would also have to discount the stories of angels and demons, or we can accept them as fact because of their source. So, these stories are true, but Sasquatch can't be? Shape shifters and little people, such as Leprechauns, can't be?

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Almas, Yeti, Yowie; they are all names for a large human-like creature and they all from different places in the world. They have all been seen, yet not captured. Nor, do we know where they make their home; other than remote, heavily forested areas. I know there are a couple of stories out of Soviet Russia of captured Almas'. One story says that the Soviet military captured one during WWII and, thinking it had been sent by the Nazis, tried to question it. When it could not answer their questions they apparently let it go. Soviet military intelligence, under Stalin, letting it go? Another story says a female was captured and held as a house maid. The Almas, apparently, was attractive enough for the master of the house to have sex with it several times; creating children. I am not totally discounting either story completely, though I do wonder about them. I still believe that they are shape shifters. When they sense or know they have been spotted, they move into heavy woods and shift into another animal such as a wolf, bear, wild cat, or bird. At that point they just fade into the woods. This is the best explanation for the phenomena.

As for no body or bones ever being found? This can be explained easily by the fact that the creatures either have someplace where they go to die, they have some sort of burial rite amongst themselves and/or the bones are scattered by wild animals.

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and we have a lot of Sasquatch sightings. The Anishnaabe (Chippewa and Ojibwa) believe so strongly in Sasquatch that he is one of their sacred animals.. Families of Sasquatch live in sacred areas of the forests. Yet, again, no Sasquatch has been captured and no den found.

So, yes, Sasquatch is a real creature that exists in our physical world and within the paranormal world as a shape shifter.

Just to add to this part and finish it off. Almasty, Bigfoot, Kapre, Rugarou?, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Swamp Ape, Yeti, Yowie; different names, different countries, all the same creature. How can anyone deny the existence of a creature that has been spotted and is legend in so many different countries and regions around the world? If you know of any other names and legends from other places, please let me know.


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