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Ascension Tools

Updated on March 13, 2014

Tools to Aid the Ascension Process

This is an introduction to ascension tools and how they can assist you in the ascension process. While the path of spiritual ascension is an inner journey of finding, healing and loving the self, in order to overcome ego, fears and blockages, there are a number of tools and methods which can help you on your journey and contribute towards raising your vibration.

This page serves as an introduction to these tools, which include high vibrational crystals, sacred geometry, crystal skulls, meditation and animal medicine.

If you are undergoing the ascension process, or wish to know more about it, you will find lots of information here on ascension tools for your personal spiritual development.

Photo Credit: Used under a paid license from Fotolia

What is Ascension?

Ascension refers to a spiritual process whereby we raise our energy vibration or frequency and learn to live in a state of unconditional love, in the present moment, thus raising our consciousness to a higher level.

It is a process that leads to what is often termed Christ Consciousness, allowing us to experience reality as 5th dimensional rather than our current state of 3D reality.

You can find a more detailed overview of what the ascension process is below:

The Ascension Process As we enter 2012, more and more people are talking about something called the Ascension Process. But what is it, truly, and what does it mean for you?

10 Ascension Tools

for Spiritual Ascension

Ascension Tools 1: Meditation

The most important thing you can do when on the ascension journey is to learn how to still your mind on a daily basis. Meditation, when done properly, allows you to connect to your higher self and God/Source, or your God Self, giving you insight and clarity on your life purpose, creative flow and much more.

It also provides the opportunity to experience bliss, love, gratitude and the present moment, freeing the mind from ego chatter and allowing your true soul essence to come through.

You don't have to spend immense amounts of time on this. Just 15-20 minutes a day of stilling the mind can greatly help you in raising your vibration.

Meditation Resources

This video on The Quantum Pause is a superb technique to help you learn to quiet the mind and cease mind chatter. It worked for me right away when I first began meditating.

The How to Raise your Vibration blog by Sabrina has a great range of Meditation Exercises here along with a list of benefits and background to why you should meditate.

I will be writing further pages on meditation shortly. For now, here is a list of the best crystals to aid meditation:

Crystals for MeditationWhich are the best crystals for meditation? Learn how to choose stones for meditating with and which crystals are best for stilling the mind and helping you meditative techniques and experiences.

Ascension Tools 2: Soul Shrines

When working on ascension, it is sometimes easy to forget the earth-based practices that can help us, choosing only to focus on the more "spiritual" ones. However, an integral part of ascension is balance - balance of the masculine/feminine, balance of dark/light, and balance of Earth/Spirit.

Although we are aiming for a more spiritual consciousness, we are still human in this incarnation, and the Earth is as important and sacred to us as the spiritual. We need to be grounded to Earth when reconnecting with Source.

One lovely aspect of Earth-based religions, such as paganism, is the use of the altar to focus intent, gather objects of meaning, represent and attune to the changing seasons, honour a deity or the ancestors, and so on. On my altars I use what I call soul shrines - small shrines that represent what I am focusing on in the present moment.

This could be a current fear that you are working through, or an aspect of your spiritual path that you are working on, such as connection with an ascended master, balancing your masculine-feminine energy, activating a chakra, working with a particular goddess or angel, and so on.

Ascension Tools 3: Ascension Crystals

Crystal healing can be very beneficial in assisting with healing, energy blockages, meditation and much more. There are numerous high vibrational crystals, such as Azeztulite, kyanite and moldavite, which are sometimes referred to as ascension crystals because they specifically aid in matters relating to ascension, such as stilling the mind, living in the present moment, becoming more self aware, loving unconditionally, letting go of fears and so on.

There are also crystals that specifically help activate the transpersonal chakras that allow Source energy to flow through us.

I will be covering these crystals in detail over the coming months. Here is the first in the series:

Crystals for MeditationWhich are the best crystals for meditation? Learn how to choose stones for meditating with and which crystals are best for stilling the mind and helping you with meditative technique and experience.

Ascension Tools 4: Ascension Wands

Crystal wands and chakra wands, are powerful tools to use in crystal healing because they focus crystal energy towards the directed area of the body or chakra.

Ascension wands are such wands made from, or integrating, crystals that specifically aid with ascension issues.

I create wands for the purpose of raising vibration and balancing Earth and Spirit. Most of my wands are made from the fallen wood of English trees (Earth), tipped with an ascension crystal (Spirit) and charged with other totems of power relating to either Earth or Spirit elements, depending on the purpose of the wand (such as feathers, stones, shells, colours, symbols, geometric shapes or spiritual images).

Ascension Tools 5: Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are incredible guides and helpers on the ascension journey! The property of the specific crystal is amplified within the carved crystal and the wisdom of the stone conveyed often telepathically from skull to guardian (we do not "own" these skulls, they choose us for temporary or long-term guardianship).

All skulls have wonderful energy and lessons to share, but particularly useful are those called ascension skulls, which are made from the purest quartz, so clear that you can see right through them.

You can learn more about the ancient skulls, and how to work with contemporary skulls, in the article below:

Working with Crystal SkullsDo you want to learn how to use a crystal skull, or learn more about the crystal skulls legend? Have you been drawn to working with crystal skulls? Learn about their energy, wisdom and power here.

Ascension Tools 6: The Crystalline Grid

The Crystalline Grid surrounds the Earth, and is a complex energy field along which all energy beings, ourselves included, are connected.

One way to connect with the grid is via crystal skulls, who are extremely adept at helping you connect to the grid, through which you can call upon ancient knowledge, draw on the energy of the ancient skulls, or even manifest desires.

I highly recommend the Crystal Skull Meditation to Connect to the Ancient Crystal Skulls, which introduces the Crystalline Grid and connects you to it, in order to absorb the knowledge of the ancient crystal skulls around the world.

Ascension Tools 7: Lunar and Solar Energy

Whilst not technically a "tool", in terms of energy we are strongly affected by lunar and solar activity, such as lunar eclipses, full moons and solar flares.

During intense periods of lunar or solar energy, we may extremes of being, such as extreme fatigue or a desire to "hibernate", or increased bouts of motivation and creativity.

It is worth keep up with solar and lunar activity so that you can harness the energy to your benefit during your spiritual journey, thus knowing when to rest and when to manifest, for example.


Solar and Lunar Activity relating to Earth

News and Information about Sun-Earth Activity

Moon Phases

Ascension Tools 8: Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry refers to geometric shapes that form the basis of nature and the universe - everything is made up of the most intricate patterns, structures and designs from often miniscule particles.

Certain geometric shapes are sacred and thought to be imbued with sacred energy. They are used in the design of sacred buildings, art and much more. From the simple single point or sphere of unity, to the star tetrahedron, to more complex patterns, sacred geometry is also used by the ascended masters, offering healing and shifts in energy vibration and consciousness.

Learn more about Sacred Geometry:

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry Art & Workshops by Charlies Gilchrist

Sacred Geometry - the Numerology of Metaphysics

Ascension Tools 9: Magic and Ritual or Miracles and Manifestation?

There is often argument about whether magic and ritual has a place in one's spiritual journey, when the aim is for co-creation with Source in terms of instant manifestation and miracles.

However, remember the need for balance in Earth and Spirit, Masculine (Sky) and Feminine (Earth). Magic has its place. When first embarking on a path of spiritual growth and ascension, grasping the concept and allowing the belief of miracle manifestation is not easy. Using magic in the form of intent, spells or ritual is a bridge to reaching a point where magic is no longer needed, because you have reached a point of being able to co-create effortlessly.

Ritual still has its place, however, be it in terms of meditative ritual, rituals to connect to the Earth/seasons/nature and so on - they keep us grounded and connected to Earth, and in the present moment, conscious and aware.

Ascension Tools 10: Animal Totems

Finally, we come to the subject of Animal Medicine - the term used to describe the meaning, symbolism and energy of animals in terms of them as totems, guides and signs.

We each have one or more totems who are with us throughout life, and animal medicine can help us understand the attributes we have or lessons we need to learn through those totems. There are also totems who either choose to work with us for a time, or whom we ourselves choose to work with. Again, animal medicine teaches what the soul needs to learn and observe from the animal.

Lastly, animal medicine acts as an oracle of sorts, discerning messages from nature when we experience synchronicity through animal appearances. You might repeatedly see a bird that you don't normally see, or an animal might leap out in front of you. Or, you might keep seeing a type of creature in terms of repeatedly reading about it, seeing pictures, noticing it on television or in art, and so on. This means the animal in question has something to tell or teach you.

Best Animal Medicine Resources:

Totem Animal Medicines from Morningstar

Speaker for the Animals

Spirit Walk Ministry Spirit Guides, Totems & Familiars

Animal Spirit Totems Dictionary of Animal Totems A-Z

Animal Spirit Totems Dictionary of Bird Totems A-Z

Animal Spirit Totems Dictionary of Insect Totems A-Z

Now Is The Time! 2014 continues to shift in energy and help you raise your consciousness...

Don't fight the shift, work in harmony with Mother Earth and raise your vibration and consciousness!

Visit my other articles for more on how to work through your personal lessons, issues and experiences during the ascension process. The energy shifted in 2012 and continues to do so - 2013 was about purging, 2014 is the year to go for your dreams!

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      Richard 6 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom

      Interesting to learn about ascension tools, something that is new to me.

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      I am a crytal healer among other things so it was lovely to visit with you.