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Astrology a Key Factor in Active Earthquake Month

Updated on April 26, 2012
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Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.


Last month I revealed two windows within which 6.7 magnitude or larger earthquakes (which I will be referring to as significant events) were most likely to occur (or due more to astrology than to randomness). One such quake fell within one of those two windows, but if I had known a month ago what I know now I would have given four such windows with a wider range of hours before and after the time of peak effect. Also, the windows I gave before would be about a day earlier for the first one and a day later for the second one (there would then be two other windows between them). When I compared my new windows to the occurrence of the six significant events in April, all fell within their boundaries. I tried my newer prediction method for the three months before that also, but since those months yielded only about an average number of earthquakes I either struck out (January, where there were just two such events) or only matched the expected statistical average (in February and March where three and four such events occured respectively). My methods work best during a month such as April was, one with around twice the normal number of such quakes, and not just because there would be a bigger chance of a random occurrance within one of those windows.

Astrological Chart for Earthquake that Occurred near the North Coast of Papua, New Guinea, Indonesia on 4/21/2012.
Astrological Chart for Earthquake that Occurred near the North Coast of Papua, New Guinea, Indonesia on 4/21/2012.

It is my belief that astrology on average is a factor 40% of the time, but in months of low seismic activity (of significant magnitude) it would have an effect of no more than 20% and in very active months it could be effective 60% of the time (the implication being that when astrology is more influential it conjures up more earthquakes than in the usual monthly tally). April 2012 apparently was a month where astrology played a very big roll, perhaps surpassing that 60% estimate. Following the general trend of earthquakes picking up speed since the beginning of the year and because I am seeing four windows coming up, May should also be a pretty big month for earthquakes (based on my projections there ought to be at least four quakes in the month; I am counting on about five). If there turns out to be five earthquakes in May and three fall within my windows, the result would be 1.29Xs the statistical average for that month (or similar to the 1.3Xs result achieved for April).

Here are my new seismic windows for May 2012 with possible locations for the 6.7 magnitude or larger events (all times are in Greenwich Mean Time):

5/3 at 4pm (+-42hrs) Japan:Niigata+Nagano, Taiwan, Iran:Kopet-Dagh (all three around 8pm on 5/2)

5/12 at 8pm (+-54hrs) Iran:Kopet-Dagh, Argentina:Mendoza, Japan:Sanriku (8pm on 5/11)

5/19 at 6am (+-24hrs) China:Sichuan, Peru:Lima;Callao, Italy:(Ionian Sea):Nar (same time/date)

5/25 at 6am (+-48hrs) Japan:Ishigaki Is:Yae; Japan:SW Honshu, Iran:Kopet-Dagh (3am on 5/25)

I usually wait till a month is over before I give the next month's predictions but, since the first projected window for May is so close to the start of that month and astrology doesn't appear to be a factor for the rest of April after the last quake of 4/21, it was thought best to get this out now instead of putting it off. In other words, if another 6.7 magnitude or greater quake does occur between now and the end of April 2012, it will have most likely been a random event. Also, If there is another significant event before the end of the month then my results will have been closer to what would be a result due only to chance or 1.12Xs the expected average for the window time period selected earlier.

Copyright © 2012 Joseph W. Ritrovato

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  • Alastar Packer profile image

    Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

    Awesome work here and on all the other new ones Joseph. I'm beginning to believe your a statistics formulating genius.