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The Fruit of the Spirit for Children

Updated on March 17, 2015

The Fruit of the Spirit Is . . .

Children spend much of their energy growing. Every parent will tell you they have to buy new clothes at least twice a year, and sometimes the growth comes so fast that it causes physical pain. As children's ministry leaders, it's up to us to make sure their spiritual growth keeps up with their physical.This is the third set of lessons I created for the children at Sycamore Tree Church. It's a Nine Week curriculum (although if you add some holiday lessons it will easily fill an entire quarter.)Below you'll find details of how to get these lessons and even download a sample. I hope this curriculum helps hundreds of kids discover how to grow fruit in their lives!

The Brief Overview

This curriculum includes nine lessons, one for each fruit of the Spirit, plus an original song to help the children remember them.Each lesson has an overview for the teacher that includes the supply list for the week. Teachers can choose from a game, craft and up to two memory verses every week. Some lessons will have additional resources such as skits and songs, and American Sign Language signs for each of the Fruit of the Spirit are included.

While I recommend that all teachers spend at least 10 minutes every day for at least five days preparing for the lesson, these were written so that a busy teacher can get everything ready in a very short time. In fact some teachers have stepped in on Sunday morning to lead one of these lessons as a last minute fill in.

Watermelon might be a good representation of LOVE - It might be the biggest fruit!
Watermelon might be a good representation of LOVE - It might be the biggest fruit! | Source

A More Indepth Overview of the Curriculum - 9 Lessons to help kids learn about the Fruit of the Spirit


  • INTRODUCING THE FRUIT - In this first section each week, we'll create a piece of "fruit" out of construction paper to give some touchability to the Spiritual fruit. Optionally, you could have a large paper tree in your ministry area to hang the fruit on. At our church, our teachers asked to put the tree in the sanctuary so the congregation could see what the children were learning.
  • PLANTING THE FRUIT - Here's where the children will hear the Bible story for the week. You'll find a child friendly version of the Bible lesson or you can tell the story yourself.
  • GROWING THE FRUIT - Each lesson has at least three activities to reinforce the Bible story. You'll find a craft, a game and a Memory Verse in each lesson. We'll look at Galatians 5:22-23 every week for the full nine weeks. Each week the children will learn one of the American Sign Language signs for one of the fruit as well as review the past one. By the end of this series, the children should know this verse well. In addition each week we'll have a verse that reminds us about the fruit we've talked about. Depending on the lesson, you may find a song or a skit to help reinforce the fruit also.
  • HARVESTING THE FRUIT - It's very important that the children learn to clean up after themselves. Don't skip over the harvest each week. Another even more vital part of your harvest time will be your prayer time. Each week you'll find a prayer you may read or you may choose to pray spontaneously. If you have time, you could ask for prayer requests. Plus don't forget to give the children an opportunity to make Jesus their Savior. Children as young as three or four have been known to make a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ, so don't ever feel as though they are too small to understand salvation. We don't need to know all the details of the Bible to be become a disciple of Jesus Christ. We must simply understand that Jesus loved us enough to give His life for us, know that we are sinners in need of a Savior and accept Jesus' sacrifice for that sin. If we continue to show the children the love of Christ as they grow, they'll discover the rest of the details in their Bible classes.
  • TO REINFORCE THE LESSONS - To give a visual for these nine weeks of lessons, use brown butcher paper or construction paper to create a "tree" in your ministry area. This tree can be one dimensional (against a wall) or three dimensional (if you have a pole in the middle of your area that can be used as the trunk.) Have a marker available (be sure it won't seep through to the wall), and each week, you may write the "Fruit" that is the concentration of your study on the trunk while you allow the children to hang their "Fruit" on the branches.Other ideas for your tree:You could allow each child to have their own tree and add fruit to it each week.Your tree might have no leaves. There is a memory verse each week. As the children arrive each week you could ask their memory verse and they could add leaves as a reward for remembering, or they could add a leaf for every day they read the Bible or had it read to them.If your children return to the service each week, your tree might be in the sanctuary. The children could add their fruit to the tree as they enter.You'll also find a song to go with the series on Page 6. The chorus reinforces the first three of the fruit and the verses remind us of the last six.Here are the themes of the Nine Lessons

  1. LOVE - Jesus showed us how to use Agape Love
  2. JOY - Jesus teaches us how to have real joy
  3. PEACE - Jesus has everything under control
  4. PATIENCE - The Patience of Paul
  5. KINDNESS - The People of Malta were Kind to Paul
  6. GOODNESS - The Samaritan knew how to show Goodness
  7. FAITHFULNESS -A Lesson from a Faithful Widow
  8. GENTLENESS - Jesus was gentle to the children
  9. SELF-CONTROL - Self Control is the hardest fruit to grow

The Fruit of the Spirit is . . .
The Fruit of the Spirit is . . .

Kids need to learn about what the Spirit offers. These easy to prepare lessons are perfect to help them!


Available on Amazon

This curriculum is available in as a reproducible printed book on Amazon. Feel free to buy only one book even if you have more than one leader.

If you prefer a PDF instant download, it is also available on my store. And while you're there check out the other curricula and Bible Studies you'll find there.

Free Children's Lessons

From time to time I'll create a lesson for a special occasion and give it away.

Below you'll find a lesson from this Curriculum to use as a sample, but click that link to my store above to find even more free lessons for your Children's Ministry.

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